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Day In Rock 6/18: Paris Hilton Rap CD- New Weezer in 05- New York Dolls Rip Off- Congress To Repeal DMCA?- Linkin Park- Jacko Miffed Over Leak- Ray Charles- Elvis- Randy Rhodes- Six Feet Under- Insolence- Nick Oliveri- Jet- Hendrix- GNR Fan Ripoff- Less Than Jake- Beastie Boys- more

Day In Rock 6/17: Johnny Ramone Not Dying- Velvet Revolver Beat Usher- Candlemass- Dr Bob Dylan- Queen Aid Africa- Madonna No More- Pearl Jam Unplugged- Coheed and Cambria- If Geoff Was Queen- Dragonforce in Bus Crash- Social D- Modest Mouse- Sonic Youth- Hot Hot Heat- My Chemical Romance- The Roots- more

Day In Rock 6/16: Johnny Ramone Cancer Battle- Durst Denies Avril Dis- Testament Axe Breaks Leg- Nightwish- Prince Sues Fan- Rivers Cuomo- Ray Charles- Amy Lee- Alanis- Stevie Ray Vaughn- Chimaira- The Revolution Smile- (hed) games- Bono Teams With Bon Jovi- Rocket from the Crypt- Jacko Payoffs- more

Day In Rock 6/15: 2 Die at Concert- Love Tour Canceled?- Ray Charles Movie - Velvet Revolver- James Brown Pleads Guilty- Aerosmith- Fear Factory- Chimaira- McCartney Bans Meat- Sevendust Nonpoint- Kittie- A Perfect Murder- Children of Bodom- Papa Roach- (hed)- Million Band March- Baghdad: The Musical- more

Day In Rock 6/14: Stapp Sues Strip Club- More Satanic Metal Murders- Sean McGrath RIP- Love Is the Devil, Says Her Dad- Good Charlotte- Donnas Dropped- Rage- Meshuggah- Metallica- Grateful Drunks- Smokey- Ozzy's Secret Breakdown- Melvins + Jello Biafra- Staind- Hoobastank- Beastie Boys-more

Courtney Love Surrenders To Police for Felony Assault Charge

Sparta Replace The Vines, Plot July Release

The Pixies Release 1st New Song in 13 Years

Eddie Van Halen Interview

R&B Pioneer Ray Charles Dead at 73

Dave Chappelle As Rick James For Big Screen Bio-pic?

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    John Frusciante Rejoins the Red Hot Chili Peppers  

    Red hot Chili Peppers fans have reason to rejoice, Guitarist John Frusciante is once more in the line up. He replaces Dave  Navarro, who left the band in  early April to devote his full Attention to  his band Spread.   

    Frusciante, the bands second guitarist, left the Chili Peppers 1992. He appearing on  Mother's Milk (1989) and  Blood Sugar Sex Magik. (1991).  He spent the years after leaving the band recording and release two albums Niandra Lades and Usually Just a T-Shirt and  Smile from the  Streets You Hold.  

    The bands spokes person confirmed that John has rejoined the group and states that the band is hard at work writing music for a new CD that should appear in 1999.  


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