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Posted by I W O A stands for:

Posted by Gonzo:
heheh such a silly little 14yr loser. Nope im 25 Noises, so your wrong there. Not married either but your Mom doesnt mind. Seems you know an awful lot about Garth and Metallica... you fall off those band wagons also? And you still havent convinced anyone just why and how Slipnoise is just the greatest band in the world still, other than quoting some lame lyric directed at me. And its funny you ans "What the F(u(ck have a lot in common comparing "ball hair". You 2 "down" on each other looking at ball hair? I'll give you my address you lame excuse for a fan, whats your e/mail address and I'll gladly forward it to you so I can see what a typical fan of slipfag looks like when you show up at my doorstep to laugh at you. can picture it already, probably some wanna bee former goth looking 15 yr old, hair long on one side and butch on the other and dyed black huh? Yeah your a hard ass... ppppttttt yeah right. Next time you need to talk about ball hair, keep it between you and What the F(u)ck cause everyone in here doesnt need to hear about your closet fag fantazies. nice try 

Posted by Gonzo:
heheh such a silly little 14yr loser. Nope im 25 Noises, so your wrong there. Not married either but your Mom doesnt mind. Seems you know an awful lot about Garth and Metallica... you fall off those band wagons also? And you still havent convinced anyone just why and how Slipnoise is just the greatest band in the world still, other than quoting some lame lyric directed at me. And its funny you ans "What the F(u(ck have a lot in common comparing "ball hair". You 2 "down" on each other looking at ball hair? I'll give you my address you lame excuse for a fan, whats your e/mail address and I'll gladly forward it to you so I can see what a typical fan of slipfag looks like when you show up at my doorstep to laugh at you. can picture it already, probably some wanna bee former goth looking 15 yr old, hair long on one side and butch on the other and dyed black huh? Yeah your a hard ass... ppppttttt yeah right. Next time you need to talk about ball hair, keep it between you and What the F(u)ck cause everyone in here doesnt need to hear about your closet fag fantazies. nice try 

Posted by People=Sh*t:
How can you say that Slipknot is not metal. What the hell is wrong with you. They are definetly metal, a nu-metal, but metal nonetheless. If you actually read this interview then you would know that Jim #4 even admitted that they are metal. But you're right, all that matters is that they are Slipknot and they kick a$$.

Posted by JIMEE:
Slipknot is not metal. But that does not mean that's a bad thing. did we care thta they are metal? I don't they are Slipknot and that's what is impoertant!

Posted by People=Sh*t:
Slipknot is the best metal band out there today. Nobody else is even close. If you don't like them then go back to your crap Limp Bizkit. O yea that's right Limp Bizkit is done with because Wes left. Yea. Maggots rule.

Posted by death:
Gonzo: I do believe that you've insulted generations of metal lovers. I myself have spent years supporting bands such as Metallica, Pantera, Machine Head. There is a very simple message for all those slipknot haters or indeed the Metal Haters: If you don't like it, don't listen to it. See simple. 

Posted by Death:
Claudia: Your quote is from Pantera

Posted by max:
this is really wierd its a site 4 slipknot fans and u ppl are just slaggin em off y dont u go and find a nice christina agiulara album and leave the real fans 2 there own stuff but respect 2 the real fans

Posted by What the F(uck):
Right on noises! Gonzo is in denial of his ball hair falling out, his wife is F(uckin) ugly as S(hit) too!

Gonzo-(let me elaborate). What kind of music do you listen to? Afraid to say? Are you an ex Metallica fan, gone punk rock? Or maybe listening to Garth Brooks makes your panties wet. You asked why Slipknot is the greatest HARDCORE band to date; here is your answer. While other bands tend to do make music that is accepted, and "cool" Slipknot tends to do things there own way. Sure you may say, "What about GWAR, Kiss, Blah, Blah, Blah," they sang about partying and having fun, and GWAR's costumes were pretty stupid. Anyway, why dont you hang out at Garth Brooks websites? Or whatever the F(uck) trend you may be in at this particular time. Go away old man, nobody wants to read what you have to say. Why not give me your home address??? Is your hair falling out? Enough of you, Ill leave with a quote from Slipknot. "Do you wanna feel pain, takin my name in vain, anybody else got pride, do you wanna take my life. Maybe Ill reverse my ride, who the f(uck) are you? F(uck) you! Better get away from me, stay the F(uck) away from me." Hey Gonzo, is that your wife calling you? shes f(uckin) fat

Posted by AJ THOMAS:
no one compares to Slipknot.There has never been any music so intense,and motivating.The band members are people to look up to in f***** up times(everyday)thanx Slipknot 

Posted by mr.slipknot:
spit & out!!! yeah!!!

Posted by mr.slipknot:
they are fabolous

Posted by Basauri85:
Seguid asi, sois muy buenos, haber si os pasais por España mas a ser posible a Bilbao. un saludo para vosotros y en especial a Jim, el n.4. came here please!!! 

Posted by Wasted Space:
what, you people got tired of marylin manson and now you think slipnot is the greatest? Gonzo is right, you all are bandwagon trend following kids. Get a life and a clue !!!

Posted by Unwise:
Im not a big fan of slipnot but Gonzo does have a point 

Posted by francisco:
I writing spanish:cuando escribiran canciones en español y siempre sigan siendo "COOL" 

Posted by satan :
JON KRUM is the biggest fag in THE WORLD AS HE SAID "IM NOT A MINDLESS FOLLOWER BUT I LIKE SHEEP. AND WEARING MY MOMS DRESSES TOO. AND HIGH HEELS MAKE ME FEEL SEXY" he is the biggest fag got u mums c*ck ps my minons will kill u

Posted by jon is hated:
jon, you are really fuc*ed up

Posted by What ???? :
Jon you Queer !

Posted by JON KRUM:

Posted by Gonzo:
Slippuke is hardcore??? hahah ahah now thats good. Slippuke is about as hardcore as "NOISES NOISES PEOPLE MAKE NOISES" post! Please you people in here sound about as hard core as little mindless bandwagon trend following 12-14 yr olds can get! Let me guess, you "used" to listen to KoRn and now since they suck you've moved on from your other "LAME" ass band Limp Bizkit to this piece of sh!T ! This band has about the holding power of maybe 2 years and then you mindless sheep followers will move onto some other "trendy" band thats popular at the moment. Your not true fans. You all post like little bytch Backstreet Boys followers by saying ... oooo the the greatest band in the world and follow it up with little immature f words every other word yet, I've still have not seen anyone post just why and how that they are the greatest? Cause he can drum??? big deal every band has a drummer. Cause they wear masks? Big deal, Kiss has been doing it for decades and GWAR did it YEARS before these lame asses did it. Only difference is these lame homos need to do it to draw attention to themselves over the fact that their music BLOWS and no one would give them time of day if they didnt have a gimmick! You know why people come in here and bash you little grown up Nsync former fans? Cause youre a joke. And "NOISES NOISES PEOPLE MAKE NOISES" yeah this is "panty waist" music cause its very far from being hardcore. YOu'll wake up soon when Slipwaste goes mainstream and finally gets radio play and you'll move on again to some other trendy sh!t you can mindlessly follow 

Posted by slipknothater:
you are all "krank" in the brain!!!!

Posted by Susanne :
You're all ill.

Anyone flapping their loose p(u)ssy lips about slipknot, is in denial of Slipknots greatness. This isnt music for panty waste little b(i)tch boys! F(u)ck you! A word to the wise; dont talk sh(i)t about SLIPKNOT WHERE OTHER PEOPLE CAN HERE YOU, chances are a real psychotic fan like me will see your lips moving and, TAKE A BITE OUT OF THAT SH(I)T YOU CALL A HEART.YOU F(U)CKIN MAGGOT!

Posted by Preach on Maggot!:
I think Gonzo needs to drop his Britney Spears CD and grow some balls. Anyone that is anti-SLIPKNOT has a problem with real hardcore bands everywhere.

Posted by ???:
Why is this place full of Slipknot haters, if its at the bottom of an interview page??? Somebody needs to get a life-Gonzo. Its past your bedtime LUSH!!

Posted by JON KRUM:

Posted by Gonzo:
hey remember kiddies, when your done taking a crap, dont forget to wipe your SLIPKNOT 

Posted by screw you all:
Slipgarbage licks the sweat off of Panteras balls!

Posted by Hey Killer:
you piece of sh!t the only props im giving them is for having the courage to out themselves and announcing that they are homos. When are you going to quit denying and come out and tell everyone that your a BUTT PIRATE ? 

Posted by your kidding ??:
not only do they SUCK but now their FAGS also ? 

What the f(u)(c)(k) since no one knows just what the fuk hes even saying. you poser

Posted by What the f(u)(c)(k):
Did anyone invite backdoor boy fans in here; Know this. SLIPKNOT is the only band that is true to themselves and their fans. Without SLIPKNOT, mainstream music/mtv would be pumping f(a)(g)(s)with the same old jigga what what s(h)(i)(t) that they still havent gotten their fill of. Nobody wants to here, "I like their music, but I'm not a fan. Ga, ga, goo, goo, mama breast fed me in the ghetto till I was ten!!" If you dont agree your still in denial. Stay (S)ic Maggots!

Posted by phonz:
they are d best!!1

Posted by Thug Monkey :
Slipknot f*cking rules keep up the work way to go all f*cking nine of you oh and i luv the new masks 

Posted by David Lozano:
Thanks Corey for making such a kick ass music. Slipknot Rules!!!! Bolivian Magot

Posted by David Lozano:
Thanks Corey for making such a kick ass music. Slipknot Rules!!!! Bolivian Magot

Posted by Nate:
Im a fan from bolivia and I think tha Slipknot is the best band in the whole world, Thanks Corey for this kick ass album.

Posted by killer:

Posted by told you :
see, i knew they were butt pirates !! fugging queers!

Posted by hah aha hah:
Backstreet ... I mean Slipknot is the bestest f^*&ing band in the whole wide world! Nsync..err rrr... I mean Slipknot rules! 

Posted by Rumor has it...:
that their in a predominit "gay" San Francisco magazine talking with Joey and he has quoted in there saying that the group other than one band member, consists of all gay men. So ladies I'd reconsider your comments about how bad you want to do what band mate

Posted by Austin Anderson:
Slipknot is the best band in the world! I really wish that they would make a cd that is only their kick a$$ music. No lyrics. Just music. I want to see them in concert but I will have to wait till they come again.

Posted by Mrs jordison:
joey jordison is the best drummer in da world and the fitest slipknot rule.

Posted by MarryMeJoey:
i love joey and my m8 loves James!!SLIPKNOT RULE!!!!

Posted by No You Got It Wrong:
the word "plaguemira" is really just another word for saying that you have the runs, or the Sh!ts 

Posted by IS IT ME OR..... :
does the word plaguemira sound like that green crusty stuff under the rim of the toliet bowl? Just wondering

Posted by plaguemira:
Im still a Whiney Puzzy 14yr old baby who thinks is a bad ass. Im really just a tready bandwaqgon follower and I think Limp Bizkit and Nsync are better then all you fu**ers in here 

Tim... your a moron

Posted by Tim:
Just wanna say your all nuts. I'm of the old fashioned philosophy of liking music because I truly like it. So many of you slipknot fans seem to listen to it to be cool and trendy, saying sh*t like "SLIPKNOT WILL KICK ANY MUTHERFU*CKERS A$$ES!!" and mindless drivel like that. Like it you want to, not just cos its the 'cool' thing to do. All you guys mocking the Slipknot fans are also stupid dumbasses, let the maggots like what they want and get over yourselves. Personally, I think Slipknot are pretty good, although I wouldn't call myself a fan. Some songs are awesome, such as surfacing and Disasterpiece, songs like People_Sh*t and eeyore sound pretty stupid to me though. I like Tool and System of a Down much better, but hey, make your own decision and half of you should SHUT THE F*CK UP!! you know who you are

Posted by Weasel:
Slipknot is going to personally butt-F$ck every Sh$t talkin W$gger that posts messages against them.

Posted by BrAnDoN:
slipknot is the sh*t...the best metal band ever...i can't wait to see them live

Posted by maggot.leinad:
I was just at the P.O.A. tour and it kicked my ass!!sicests thing i've ever been to 

Posted by Dan:
slipknot is the best nobody can deny that not mushroomhead,limp bizkit or other pussy ass bands thats all i got 2 say about that.

Posted by andrew:
you are the best band that ever existed

Posted by Morticia:
Hah, vitun kusipäät ette tajuu mitään, mä voin sanoo vaikka että haistakaa pitkä paska ja voi vittu perkele saatana helvetti jumalauta! Okey, now don't think I'm crazy y'all. Actually all I have to say is that this might sound really f*ckin' fanatic 'n' all, but Hey Slipknot, please f*ck my brains out! I mean, I've always had a thing for masks...

Posted by plaguemira:
Us maggots are here to look out for each other so all you talking trash to my fellow maggots watch your selfs cause I aint no pussy a$$, YOU LOSER!!

Posted by plaguemira:
Us maggots are here to look out for each other so all you talking trash to my fellow maggots watch your selfs cause I aint no pussy a$$, YOU LOSER!!

Posted by Sickness:
you wont belive.i was on my board and a towny hit me off my board i milled my arm and they f***in kicked me in the b***s 

Posted by $am:

Posted by sicfreak_07:
you are all poser faggot hoes. 

Posted by you loser:
yeah your right (sic) MoP.. Slipknot is sh!T...a big pile of it. Dorks like you that buy this crud is what fills the pockets of losers with cash to create more cow dung. And I would love to meet your 14yr old ass anyday to kick it for you being so stupid you lame ass. You sure act pretty tough in a web site but I bet in person your a little dweeb who wets his pants if someone yells at him. Phoney mutherfukker 

Posted by (sic) MoP:
yeah you tell them plaguemira. hey we should meet up sometime and we can blow each other!

Posted by HUH?:
nmnl lk mlksm l alg'm 'amgm mhk akmtgkhblrei oajgm pa,m a agh,hmmlh plsah shkshl s,h;'a ghmhl

Posted by monik:
wenas,si me entendeis pos bien y si no,pos na,porke no tengo ganas de tradusir,pos a lo k iba,mola un wevo de miko y teneis k venir mas amenudo por españa si no me voy a kabrear

Posted by louis:
i realy liiiiiiikeee your music so mutch i wanna thank joey for his so damn good drums. i have the new cd "IOWA"and i love it it's so damn loud...and i like it

Posted by plaguemira:
Slipknot kicks A$$! and will rock for ever in your minds. Destroying your f*cking dreams and you cry for your God B*TCH! All you hating f*ckers can just suck the inner juiceist part of my a$$hole.

Posted by eds sanjose jr:
make more alternative songs

Posted by edsmake more alternative songs:
make more alternative songs

Posted by (sic) MoP:
SLIPKNOT IS THE SH*T!!! Thats all I gotta say.. oh and by the way, all of u Slipknot-hating motherf*ckers better watch ur f*cking mouths cause for the most part, Slipknot fans are some crazy motherf*ckers (including me) and if I hear you talking trash about SLipknot, Ill make sh*t out of u! *who cares what these idiots think anyways.. Slipknot is on every front cover of every magazine and hopefully, theyll remain there for a LONGASS TIME TO COME!

Posted by SLipcrap:
you guys sound like Backstreet Boys fag followers. OOOOOO Slippuke are the bestest band in the world blah blah blah... GROW UP 

Posted by Sean:
Slipknot r the best band in the world! mick kicks ass!

Posted by HOBOJIM:

Posted by HOBOJIM:

Posted by Frank :
Man oh MAn i just bought their cd IOWA, i am gald i cam and visited this site becaus i LOVE lipknot i am 13,male. i checked out all their songs on IOWA,i think my fav's are skin ticket,leftbehind heritic song and my plaugh and most of all of the CD. i just have to give props and stuuf to SLIPKNOT!!! Sincerly, Frank.G PS. SLIPKNOT rocks 

Posted by annonymous:
Slipknot sucks for the most part. The only good people in the band are Corey, Mick, and Joey. Those three are the band. The others just stand around and bang their heads. I mean, don't get me wrong, they have a kick ass sound, but there are like 6 people up there that get paid for doing jack crap.

Posted by nathan:
if you don't like slipknot you can suck my dick. No Habla Espenol kicks ass ! so does slipknot !

Posted by No Habla Espenol:
Blah Blah Blah ... no one understands you puto 

Posted by JUANO :

Posted by witd:
kuten jo aikasemminkin sanottu eri kielillä slipknot on ihan helvetin hyvä bändi.. so keep on going.. those who say that SlipKnot isn`t good, well they haven`t realised what is good music.. `KNOT play it on! 

Posted by bob:
slipknot is the best band 

Posted by 6(sic)6:
id just like to say keep phuckin sh*t up guys, you know your a killer band, so go out there and KILL MAGGOTS!

Posted by chupa mi vegla you puto Corey#8:
in other words... you suck Corey

Posted by _SlipKnoT_ Corey#8:
sois los putos reyes y ojala dureis hasta que os murais, cabrones!!SlipKnoT rules!!!!F*CK YOU ALL!!!

. speak english dummy

Posted by 6(sic)6=faith:
Slipknot is the f*cking gods of metal and no 1 can f*cking touch them.

Posted by H-M-666:

Posted by sounds to me :
like this board is a bunch of little 12-14 year olds who've outgrown Nystink, and Backdoor boys and have upgraded to Slipjunk. Sh!T upgrade more this band isnt going to be around that much longer like Nystink and you'll be looking again 

Posted by Grind:
Leechmaster is about this not true and whats true metal iced earth, pantera, soulfly, sepaltura,canniable corpse,six feet under, thats true metal now don't get me wrong slipknot metal too but trhere just starting to become hard against the american grain of metal music and i myself am a big slipknot fan even with MFKR came out

Posted by Malice:
Slipknot is the best band ever!I love them!slipknot rules!

Posted by killers:
well I saw Slipgarbage in LA and they SUcked bunghole. They were trashed and booed off the stage. I hope they never come back and as far as "Iwoa"? I traded it on for something better cause it blows also. I used to be a fan but now.. fuk them they suck! 

Posted by 6(sic)6:
I just saw Slipknot in dallas at ozzfest 2001 and all i can say is F*CKING BADA$$, you guys kick a$$, your music changes me into a different person when i step into that pit....hehe...peace


Posted by UK Metal Fan:
Thanks for all your comments - I enjoyed reading the page. May I separate fact from opinion? Fact: Slipknot are inventive, heavy, lyrically impressive and great for banging your head up and down too! If you don't like them that's fine, but to those who post about pantera, fear factory and like, then proceed to lay into slipknot, read the interview more closely and you'll see Jim respecting those musicians. I'm sure slipknot would not be the only 'new metal' (hate that term) band who recognized the debt they owe to earlier metal bands (those who lit the torch that slipknot have now taken up). Anyway, respect each others opinions and the world will be a nicer place. Peace :)

Posted by joey (out of slipknot):
i got tickets to 1in november its gonna be a mosh pit

Posted by Sin Of Society:

Posted by SlipKnot Sk8er 3763:
what up, yalls latest cd kix a$$ keep up wit da sh*t if u can mail me back aight, peace out

Posted by Jessica:
I need some backgroud on Slipknot for a speech. If anyone has info on their lives email me at

Posted by Aidan:
congrajulations guys on making yet another totally f**king amazing album, SLIPKNOT F**KIN' RULE!

Posted by jason:
the new lyrics have saved me once more from doing something stupid "again" ! I almost worked the fries at McDonalds and instead I worked the grill thanks to Slippuke! Thanks guys! 

Posted by anyone can play what they call downtuning you fag! :
that and its all digitalized so playing three cords really fuzzy and loud is not music "joeywannbefag" 

Posted by joeyjwannabe:
if yall stupid a$$es could play like joey or mick or paul, you wouldn't say some of the stupid s*it that you do. get your head out of your a$$es and realize this is not just a passing fad. i originally wasn't going to even listen to slipknot because they were wearing the masks. but then i decided to actually listen to the music that they had to play and not just the costumes. there is some real talent there that you people don't recognize. just listen to the music and don't concentrate on what they look like. you can't see their faces on the album, just listen and stop being such judgemental mutherfockers

Posted by jason:
the new lyrics have saved me again from making another mistake. slipknot is gospel.thank you corey for going through hell. youve saved me many many f*ck-ups. right on.

Posted by Nick:
u guys rip i love your work slipknot so keep it up but if u could please email me back at machinehead02@hotmail.comthank keep it up 

Posted by Sic_Magggot_#8:
I just got IOWA. It rules! Keep it up guys! Stay (sic)!

Posted by Slayerizer:
ok no name man im not gonna sit here and bash slipknot. i actually like them. but i will tell u one thing. fear factory fags? for your information if it wasnt for bands like fear factory and slayer slipknot wouldnt exist. dont take my word for it. look in their interviews and magazine arcticles and etc. when u call us fear factory fags u call slipknot the same. chew on that f*cker.

Posted by Anthrax:
ummm Boo Boo I was just making fun of the avgerage slipcrap posts that the losers down below post. If you feel you need to us the Fuk word every other word to make a point just shows how immature you really are. Second, if you think Slipcrap controls the way you think, then your no worse than those religous fanatics who sue artists right and left saying that their music caused their kids to kill and or commit suicide. Third, if your going to bash me with "Big Words" that you dont even know the meaning of, at least look it up and learn to spell them before posting them, for it makes you look like a 14 year old bandwagon trend following sheep. Is Boo and Kris you and your boyfriends names together ? How High Schoolish, grow up and come back and post when you have something intellegent to say and can form sentences 

Posted by Boo and Kris:
I'll be very intellectual anthrax. You are an absolutely pathetic imbocile. I love slipknot and they are more than you are in the scheme of things. when you can control peoples way of thinking like those guys can then you can judge them.

Posted by Anthrax:
fukken see fuk fuk and fuk and you can fuk fuk all of you and fuk fuk me and you all and fuk fuk. sounds like a typical slipcrap fan! slipcrap fukken sucks 

Posted by Leechmaster:
Ok mr no name person i hope u dont call urself a metal fan. cause slipknot is not troo metal and fear factory is metal to the bone.

Posted by ............:
all i got to say is it dont get better than slipknot so f*ck all you fear factory fag*ots that say otherwise cough leech master cough i see that f@g finally left well i got to say i am the original fan i even have the bottlegged studip version from way the hell back when so KEEP PUMPIN OUT THE SH!T SLIPKNOT WE ARE ALL WAITING FOR MORE

Posted by twiggy666:
this is not the real twiggy but that is what people call and slipknot kick a$$ so fuk you if you have a problem with that slipknots mask are cool satan rules 666

Posted by You Dumb Ass ! :
thanks for the e/mail addy, Im sure you'll be getting a ton of mail now! 

Posted by Bandwagon fag:
as just another sic f*ckin' maggot stated "I used to listen to KoRn" and now his current trend is Slipcrap. Whats next when they get old... Limp Bizit? what a loser

Posted by 666:
SLIpKNot!!!! u guy fu*kin rock a*s fu*k u guys are so fu*kin bad sorry for the banck out its fu*kin sucks but ummm good job on iowa and keep it upp U GUY FU*KIN ROCK A*s

Posted by (SiC) Fan from the begining:
hey, i'm sick of all these people jumpin on the bandwagon cause "the masks are cool" they don't know the real truth behind SlipKnoT. all the true fans, including myself, were there on the first day the self-titled came out. greatest day ever. f*ck all of the poser rap/rock fans.

Posted by Psychokiller666s xgurlfriend:
Psycho killer 666, theres no way u can put bruises on ne ones as$ when u get errections in less than 5 minutes! and plus ur penis is only 3 inches at max length! so stop being a little poser or ill chop off ur little whinky when ur sleeping and take a sh!t on ur slipknot cds. ps leechmaster is awsome in bed and his dick is more than 3 times ur dick size!

Posted by Leechmaster:
So as max of soulfly would say: "grow tha f*ck up u waste." bumbklaatt little b!tch boy!!!!

Posted by Leechmaster:
i bet u listen to all that fag blink182 sh!t and offspring and all that skater wannabe bull. real metal fan there let me tell ya. 

Posted by Leechmaster:
Ok this is a forum discussing music not stating ur sexual fantasies psycho faget 666. so u think ur some kinda metal fan? i bet u havent even heard of pantera or sepultura or nothingface. real f**ken metal there!

Posted by Leechmaster:
Ok this is a forum discussing music not stating ur sexual fantasies psycho faget 666. so u think ur some kinda metal fan?

Posted by just another sic f*ckin' maggot:
by the way, 'a metal fan', right the f*ck on!

Posted by just another sic f*ckin' maggot:
about 4 years ago, i heard korn: follow the leader for the first time. I was like" these guys are f*ckin cool" . For the longest time, they were my favorite sh@t to headbang to. In the summer of 1999 while doin' community service work, i was in AVEntertainment at the mall i was at and heard Wait and Bleed, like most people it was the first Slipknot song i heard. I imediatly bought the C.D. and put it in my walkman. The second SIC started playing, one phrase kept repeating over and over in my head ... "It's about f*ckin' time." Ever since i have not bought anything having to do with korn, and slipknot has become an idol, a religion, a f*cking way of life for me. Im sure as f*ck not tryin to compare slipknot and korn, because they are totally f*ckin' different (plus slipknot's way better) but to all u freaks who think slipknot is a trend, or listen to one song and say "i cant hear what he's sayin, they suck', or say that they're not heavy enough (wtf?), SLIPKNOT IS NOT A F*CKING TREND, its a gþdd/\mn revolution and it has tattooed the f*uckin' Earth, it has changed metal and will continue to change metal, but its always going to be f*cking metal. Slipknot f*ckin rules, and they're going to continue ruling for a very long time. If u dont like that, please send your comments or concerns to any maggot on the planet, and they will gladly take u out of your whining existence, and put u out of ur misery. Ur all f*cked and overrated and its about time u learned the meaning of the word SIC, f*ckers. MaGGoT CorPs FoREvEr

Posted by SelfDestruct:
Well f*#k all you f*#king people who think slipknot suck. They f*#kin rule. Could you write lyrics like theirs? I bet you guys have perfect little lives, you don't understand. Why bother commenting on the band if you don't like them? And the f*#kin person person who wrote bout "14 yr old nsync fans" (and i know thats not what you meant)...what, do you think you're all mature and sh!t, well, judging from the heaps of f*#kin sheep sh!t you wrote, you're nuttin but a f*#king a$$wipe trying to sound all that. Slipknot is like religion, you don't diss it just coz you're not into it, like i don't diss my christian freinds coz they believe in some dude floating in the don't f*#kin diss slipknot just coz they're not your thing. No one gives a f*#k if you'd prefer to listen to boy bands, us slipknotters will get you into rehab, don't fret! Slipknot don't need a gimik to sell records, i heard their music and loved them, and thats before i knew anything about them, so SUCK IT!! What you're saying anyway, sounds like its been rehearsed round the school playground a few hundred times. Those of you little c0*ksuckers who don't like slipknot can f*#kin lick me. No one here gives a f*#k what you gotta say bout slipknot if your dissin them...f*#kin grow up a for any abusive emails or whatever...check yas!

Posted by P.:
"And just so we can get this out of the way, ladies, we can put the ten foot poll away for this one. Hes a keeper . . . if you know what I mean." I know he's a keeper. He's very much taken too ;)

Posted by Evil Icarus:
erm....if you dont like Slipknot why post here? What is the point of telling people that you have never met (and proably never will) that you hate SlipKnot? no one cares wether you think they suck!? and its not going to make any difference by using the word "Fu*k every other word either. grow up

Posted by "Psycho Killer 666":
Hey leechmaster, tell your girlfriend that she left her anal beads over at my house! , and tell your mom to get her panties out of my bedroom, because they're startin to piss me off. Everytime she comes over she makes me put on SLIPKNOT mask while I'm bangin her from behind. She was tellin me the other day that you were masturbating with baby oil, listening to the back street boys. I told her that's probably not an abnormal thing for a faggot to be doin. P.S. Tell your dad that I'm sorry for puttin those bruises on your mom's ass!

Posted by Chris Kirk:
Slipknot r the best band ever

Posted by impromto:
Hrm. I have never read a so much crap in my life. First off, let's try to be not so 12 and avoid using any profanity when expressing opinions. Second, you need to look at music straight at the talent aspect. Nobody cares what anybody's opinion is, state facts and people will listen. Slipknot's percussionists (did I spell that right?) are excellent. It's great to see a band not use the standard drum set. Lyricly, Corey is fantastic. I have heard many bands say "F*ck you" but none of them can ever find a synonym for the word "f*ck." Slipknot has proven otherwise. Anyways, before you go bad mouthing a band, look at them from a diferent perception. Eric Clapton is a f*cking great guitar player, but do I care to listen to his music. Not really.

Posted by MaGGot Of ThE KnOt:
Slipknot F$&kin rock. Check out a mad slipknot site at

Posted by SphericalApparatus:
WTF is wrong with everybody and criticizing their opinion. If they don't like a band doesn't mean anything... It's just that they may not like the music. I sure that no one here likes every type of music, and every band and whatever.

Posted by in other words....:
we suck major ass ! thanks for wasting your money- Slipknot 

Posted by keko:
son los putos amos tio!!! la voz del pavo es la hostia me molaria verles la cara algun dia...

Posted by TerminalSiCness:
F*ckin Gently owns my ass right now.,.,., When am I going to get to meet this f*cking band?

Posted by Leechmaster:
hey psycho killer 666. u obviously didnt read wat i said right after "i dont care wat u people think of me." i said i like music like sepultura, pantera fear factory, and so on. if u say those bands are crazy town sh!t u obviously are the pussy here cause u cant handle that heavy of music b!tcha$$ little trendy poser. that music is a hell of alot more than this trend they call slipknot is. and cannibal rights, nu metal is in no way sepultura or pantera or any of them bands. but if it werent for them their wouldnt be any new metal bands thats for sure. 

Posted by Fred:
I'd say something, but I'm listening to slipknot right now and I'm speechless. I don't know how to describe their's so surreal and emotions converted into sound. Incredible.

Posted by SphericalApparatus:
I think slipknot it a friggin' awesome metal band and all. I love their first cd. But someone wrote that slipknot is the best progressive metal band. So I'll just say that I think that Tool is the best progressive metal band. But that's just my opinion and all.

Posted by Tom from cardiff wales (uk):
iowa rules i love it. one of the best songs on the album has 2 be people=sh*t.i hope u will keep the good heavy style of music coming.ONE MORE TIME MOTHER-F**KER 

Posted by Psycho Killer 666:
I think SLIPKNOT is the ultimate metal band! Leechmaster is a pussy, I think he is the one who is trendy, he is probably smokin a dick right now listening to crazytown or some other pussy band. Lechmaster is a PUSSY!

Posted by metallica7:
hahahhah no shyt no shyt !

Posted by HUH?:
sLiPKiLL what the fukk are you "trying" to say? You little 14yr olds are worse than Nsync fans. OOOOOO Slipcrap rulz the world "Cuz" they are so kwel and they rule "cuz" their the best so thats why they rulz. hahahha your too funny. I've yet to hear a valid arguement just how Slipcrap rules and why. And I mean musicly not cause they wear mask not for the fact that their ugly, but for the fact their music sucks and they need a gimick to get a fan base and sell records! 

Posted by metallica7:
thank you Cannibal_Rights you've summed it up perfectly

Posted by sLiPKiLL:
whats is my fu@kin comment bouts slipknot well first they rock and rulz and they are Gods cuz man fu@k they are the best eva and eva and always will be and those rap asses and Fred Dick fans cuz wake the fu#k up and listern to the pain the real music is SLIPKNOT,and IWOA album rocks.And all those slipknot fans rocks to.

Posted by ThecrazyBast@rd:

Posted by New Aortion:
I can not put into words how great slipknot is. Iowa is f*ckin awsome and anyone whos got a problem with slipknot can f*ck off!

Posted by Ty - Stick:
IOWA is the greatest album!Better than the first!Screw the people who say Slipknot is poser metal.People=Sh*t! 

Posted by ?????????????:
u guys kick lots of ass, just keep on blowin us away

Posted by Cannibal_Rights:
"fear factory, slayer, sepultura, soulfly, pantera" sorry bud, but those are the bands that are responsible for Nu-metal, no offence I love Pantera, but do you know what their first album was like ?, if anything they took the heavy music trend to sell more records as hair metal was starting to die... Slipknot do something for me that no other band does, I can't describe that feeling or expect non Slipknot fans to understand, but I'm not going to deny it because Slipknot is getting a horribly trendy fan base, Slipknot are a perfect example of a great band getting their dignity hurt by the media. Music is a reaction from your heart, not your mind... whatever band you feel like this is fine, and you don't have to justify liking anything to anyone. But anyway, argueing about music is pointless... so why do it?

Posted by slipknotdude:
slipknot is the ruling band in the world iowa blows u away if u h8 them i doubt u have ever heard a song they wear their masks 2 stay confidential they don`t want 2 get harrased on the streets neway their masks rule and all of them rule in their source of music let the (sic)ness continue

Posted by chil:
let me outline something slipknot r the best band ever thats all u have to know

Posted by Jonathan Davis is a God:
Iowa blew me away and Slipknot are definatly here to stay.

Posted by Shyt Snot Sucks:
how can you even say these guys are good ? Their as trendy as the backstreet boys and will be around about as long... another month!

Posted by RanmaSolo:
What's with the pointless bickering? "Slipknot sucks!" "Slipknot rulz!" Blah blah blah. I like Slipknot. Only One, [sic], Eyeless, Disasterpiece, Skin Ticket and Heretic Anthem are some of my favorite songs. But I also like just about every other band mentioned on this page so far. Pantera to Slayer to System of a Down to even those mainstream media b*tches Limp Bizkit. (Wes is cool but f*ck Fred Durst.) It's music people! Turn it up or turn it off, just shut the f*ck up about what "sucks" and what "rulz." If you wanna have a civilized debate about the finer points of Slipknot's music, great. But mindless squabbling from people who hate the Knot and FANS OF THE KNOT alike is just more sh*t polluting a society and world too full of it all ready. In other words, we don't need your garbage! Keep it for yourself. Keep it in your elitist "underground" cave and keep it in your preppy, sell out "crib," but just keep it. And while you're at it, shove it too you sheep. Think for yourself, like what you want to like and f*ck everything else!

Posted by yudy:
slipknot is brutal band

Posted by numetalhed:
I've only gotten deep into metal recently, but know enough to appreciate slipknot. I'm down with the standard sh$t and can say that slip is on the same level as any other band out today, if not on a higher level. Anybody who would take the time to listen to this bands albums, and still not give any fu@kin' props is obviously afraid of change. (In my opinion of course.) Get it fu@kers!!! 

Posted by Slayerizer:
Leechmaster, i wouldnt say something like slipknot is like that. i agree that they arent a slayer but their pretty kewl.

Posted by Leechmaster:

Posted by Leechmaster:
Slipknot is not a band for metalheads its a band for posers and skaters. their too trendy to be a pantera or slayer and theyll never be as good as them.

Posted by my_name_is_jesse:
Slipknot is the only metal band that maters anymore to me.

Posted by Chris Cummins:
All right, I'm only 10 but I think slipknot f**king rule! I've got the album Slipknot, but should I get Iowa or should I get Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP (just remember I AADDOORR Metal Music and havn't actually heard much of Eminem)? Send messages to 

Posted by A REAL FAN:
That new album iowa really rules i mean for the heavier music but also for all the lyrics that to my opinion really rules. It was my second favourrite band putting children of bodom first but now with iowa it came first. Slipknot attitude rule

Posted by Leechmaster:
pooki moomba on the chinese chicken on the dingel appel nezxt to the go go gadget on the bannana patach go pluky.

Posted by JURGIS:

Posted by JURGIS:

Posted by JIp:
slipknot rules. slipknot and the ninja turtles

Posted by TheSolution:
I think that people need to quit bitchin if u dont like slipknot or system of a down i really dont care and your opinion doesnt matter to me since u must not no what good music is but yes i hate when ppl put they like slipknot and like papa roach and stuff they've surpassed those kind of bands. dont be a cack i dont need u to write on here that sliknot r posers what the f**k yes that makes total sense.....ha slipknot rules


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