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Posted by Iowa citizen:
I live about 40 minutes from where slipknot plays and lives. I have known many of them since long before the albums, and i must make this very clear.....CONTRARY to many of the posts on here they are excellent musicians. If you say otherwise you simply know nothing about instruments or musicianship. Sad sad world when a band doing new and inventive music get bashed. They jammed for a big new years party and i was there for it. Great music, and they will be making it for years to come. Not as the band slipknot but in other forms. (yes they aren't going to be together permenantly) Enuff about that. The only reason they wear the masks is because they want to be known for their music and not who they are. Kiss? LOL come on. Just like the average person puts on a mask for society. They are just normal guys, making killer music. I laugh at how some people idolize them now like rockstars....I don't condem them however its just funny. 

Posted by leftbehindisthenewwit&bleed:
to the people who say they h8 slipknot, y r u even here if u dont like slipknot? u must hav sum kind of respect 4 them to come and read an interview from them personally i dont know much about 'metal' all i do know is i like wat i know and i know wat i like, and i like slip i think there new album is my favorite album along with life is peachy by korn

Posted by Leechmaster:
i dont care wat ne of u jokes say about me. i listen to real metal like fear factory, slayer, sepultura, soulfly, pantera, the list goes on. not poser metal like slipknot.

Posted by soulwound:
congratulation, iowa is a bomb, death metal rulez and long life for them

Posted by albtras:
Slipknot is the best f**king band around and I agree that IOWA is a much heavier album that the first. Also Mick F**KING RULES!!!

Posted by shaw:
i agree with the first comment. joeyjordinson is the best f**king drummer ever. he amazes me and slipknot is the best band ever

Posted by Vo0Do0:
slipknot kicks ass, they are the best metal band in the world, from a drummer's point of view it doesn't get much better

Posted by UK (SIC) DUDE:
Iowa ain't what ur expecting but it shows a much more experienced band and yes agreeing with jim the have evolved!!! Leechmaster F**K U (SIC) 4EVA!

SLIPKNOT IS SO FU*KIN AWESOME! iowa is so awesome! i agree with SICFAITH - SLIPKNOT 4-EVER!

Posted by SICFAITH:
Leechmaster...F*CK YOU... Slipknot rules ! Mick nr.7 is MASTER ! IOWA is a bit different from the "ussual" Slipknot sound, but hey... listen to it ones and think :"HUH?" listen to it twice and say:"Let me hear that one more time..." 3th time, you're infected with the new (sic)ness! SLIPKNOT 4-ever ! Stay (sic)...

Posted by Leechmaster:
Slipknot has like 2 whole good songs. besides that they suck.

Posted by A metal fan:
In fact SlipKnoT isn't black metal or death metal, they're just metal, the new sound, i love new things that's all, the things change just get it... Thank you and all the people that have been here

Posted by A metal fan:
I was talking about their music is the same thing, we need a change and I think that's SlipKnoT

Posted by A metal fan:
you are right DusksEmbrace123, they're brutal death metal bands, but Cradle of Filth is Black Metal and of course Venom 

Posted by DusksEmbrace123:
"Morbid Angel, Deicide, Six Feet Under, that is very black, and we know it" just to clarify, none of those bands are black metal. You've named all death metal bands, who are infact very good, with the exeption of six feet under who is infact repetitive

Posted by Tony:
Dude, this interview wus the sh*t! its so sic to see that slipknot are real people and not monsters, i wish i could've been that guy interviewing Jim.

Posted by Jesus Timaure:

Posted by a metal fan:
Thanks to for this Inteview, have been very cool, thank you very much and congratulations for this Website, it's so cool and very educative, thanks for all the people that work in this website... It is very good to see that SlipKnoT has the feet on the earth, the humility is a quality of very few, and when I was reading this interview and when I saw how Jim behaved, its gives me since a great satisfaction, now I know that I am fan of a band that is worth the pain... This space is called FAN SPEAKS, and it's to give a opinion about the article... I can say that this interview is cool, but nobody's been saying somethin about the article i am the first... In spite of everything... for all the people that have been writing your opinion, thank you very much (FOR ALL), it's cool to see how are you wasting your time in blame a band that is different, and isn't the musical style that you like... To you: (if there are girls or sensitive people, please excuse my explicit and vulgar vocabulary, it's just a reciprocal thing) Hey Anthrax F@ck you man! Are you happy now? Why are you in here bothering? you are just a little sh!tty girl, but the point is that is an insult calling you like that band "Anthrax", Slipknot is just the best band in the world at this moment, that's all, and this place is for followers of the band, or rockers, you are just a techno-fan, this isn't your place, so GET THE F@CK OUT HERE, didn't you read the title "FAN SPEAKS" it's clear... I am sick of the same old sh*t all the time, and now Slipknot came up, and I enjoy their music, and you can say that metal is a sh*t if you are a MACHO MAN fan you know, Disco Music, Anthrax, go away man! Support your music and let us "THE FANS" talk about our favorite band, get the f@ck away from here, that's all folks! It's that simple... And d3vnull, you are so empty... Black Metal or Death Metal are other things, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Six Feet Under, that is very black, and we know it, but they are the same old sh*t, they are so monotonous, same voices, same rhythms, never change, who cares? You are just a guy that says "alive the death" thoughtless... We need a change and that's Slipknot, they are the band in this moment, they are evolution it's a new movement, the things change. I LOVE THE ROCK MUSIC IN ALL ITS EXPRESSION, and the music needs an evolution, we need it, and now we got it with Slipknot. JUST LISTEN TO IOWA THAT WILL BE THE PROOF OF WHAT I AM SAYING, THIS IS THE METAL EVOLUTION... Anthrax, listen to your music, you know Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, they are your gods... Shinji, and all the others... go and eat sh*t... Slipknot are just metal no more no less, forget it if you think they are pop, the chorus have been all the time in the rock, and now the rap music is too into this, cool music... Rock rules, Metal rules, I LOVE METAL and i love everything called Metal my local bands and SlipKnoT because they are METAL!!! If you blame me, I am right... the truth hurts... METAL RULES F@CK YOU ALL anthrax, d3vnull, shinji, metallica7, you sucks, go away! go work! MUTHAF@CKERS

Posted by DusksEmbrace123:
I personally despise new metal, it's uninspired pop culture. Death and Black metal hold enough origionality, and are heavy enough to sustain my interests. Slipknot is always a band who is thought of with mixed opinions. Their either loved or hated, or aren't considered anything special. I personally considered them new metal Sh$t and passed them off. After seeing them at ozzfest, which sucked by the way, and hearing IWOA recently they've gained a little of my respect. Their new album is creative, and good in my opinion.They've even spawned a rip off band, a la mushroom head, if slipknot continues with their new image and doesnt stray back to their first LP i'll consider myself a fan.

Posted by evilchris:
Slipknot is awesome.

Posted by metallica7:
well said

Posted by Anthrax:
Hey D angel... how do you know they dont lip snyc? Their wearing masks!! By the way, your line about respect for them "going out and doing it"? Well sweetie, they just cancelled their tour, so what respect is that for their fans ? Sorry but you need to Earn respect before you can get it 

Posted by Disturbed Ångel:
I think that all of you people out there are just really stupid to bash music that is different than say Ozzy(who is king) and Slayer(kix ass). Music has to evolve.. get outta the "my generation was the best" and start to experience more! i'm 15 and agree that Slipknot is one of the better bands out there right now. they r raw, they r in your face and the r TALENTED. they dont lip sync like n*sync or brintey spears who r popular for looks not talent. I feel deep real respect for slipknot because they come from a city where ice rinks and shopping centers are ruled by posers. Corey is an amazing vocalist and Joey is one of the best Drummers on the face of this sh*tty planet and they and the rest of the band deserve the kinda respect that u would give the kings of heavy metal for goin out there and doin what they do because they enjoy it and not for anyone one else.. if u dont like what i'm sayin then GO F*CK YOURSELF and e-mail me if u got balls big enuf to bitch at me personally: 

Posted by JIMEE Ikari:
I would listen to Slipknot, if they were real metal. I heard that "Iowa" was supposed to be one of the heaviest of all time in music. I heard some of their songs from Morpheus and it didn't sound like Reing in Blood, or anything near as good as they claimed. They have the spirit of an excellent metal band but the music is not. Call Slipknot what you want...except Heavy Metal. P.S- Shinji Ikari is kool

Posted by Anthrax:
no sh!t d3vnull! All they can post is oooooo Slipfart rules and i've yet to hear just how they rule! Someone said it a couple posts eariler ... their just the Backstreet Boys in drag

Posted by d3vnull:
If only SlipPop could take the Britney Spears influence out of their music and start rocking, they could be an awesome band. But f*ck 'em anyways, I say Slipknot are nothing but Fear Factory wannabes with sucky rap beats added over it. And to all of you ignoramuses who say SlipPop is the most twisted band out there... Well lemme just tell you that if you think a SlipPop show is wild, you wouldn't last a second in a Cannibal Corpse or Dimmu Borgir mosh pit. LONG LIVE METAL! LONG LIVE HEAVINESS! DOWN WITH POP! Now that's it for today's rant...

Posted by Anthrax:
P.S. I dislike them not for the music and the backdrop... its over the fact that their music is garbage. As a musician and Dj on the west coast, I can state this as fact. Yeah maybe little angry 14 yr olds dig it but they'll be back playing in bars again in 8 months 

Posted by Anthrax:
ChuckbyDeception you pathic little turd you off your soapbox yet? You sound like a bandwagon jumper yourself. Whats a matter, you outgrown limp bixkit and now your moving onto something a little more "mainstream" for your tastes? Why not support a band thats going to be around a while instead of this worthless crap they call slipknot. And if you knew your music instead of spewing garbage from your mouth and post, GWAR did this act years before Slipsh!t and are still preforming it today,so in a sense dumb ass slipcrap are just playing a old gig. So like in your post about the movie sets, this isnt a new act so hmmm slipsnot just are not that orginal as your stating. That bunghole if you knew your music history, Alice Cooper was the first "SHOCK ROCKER" in the early 70's for dweebs like Manson and Slipknot are just following a trend. Hmmm in my book thats a bangwagon follower to me. Real orginal. Spo when you have a valid point, come back and post it. If not, keep your useless comments to yourself, and if your lucky, maybe those other losers in masks Insane Clown posse will tour with Slipuseless and maybe they'll sell 50 tickets 

Posted by ChuckbyDeception:
This makes me sad. First off, to all the people who traded in their Marilyn Manson shirts to follow the new bands with the makeup and the costumes, suck my C0CK. Those kids (a.k.a. goth kids, freaks, etc.) need to get a life and stop using macabre clothing and music that actually contains someones pain and frustration to get them noticed at the mall. Fvck mall-core kids. To Anthrax and the rest who bash slipknot - congratulations on attacking something original. That's right original. Band's like slipknot and mudvayne are doing something NEW in the metal genre. You dislike them just because of the make-up or the back-drop that they use for the set. What a bunch of sh!t? How would you like to go see a movie where they chose not to use any sets, or make-up or costumes so that they could be "real movies"? It would be terrible. That is what you "hey-look-masks-must-be-kiss" d1ck smugglers are asking for. Go back to listening to your hair metal and your hick-rock. For those of you who like Slipknot now, liked them before, or will like them in the future - rock on. There is no right or wrong reason to like music, liking it is enough and no one can take that away from you. Besides for every kid who jumps on the bandwagon now, there's a better chance that the record label will keep backing the bands I like. I don't care if you don't like them, buy their sh!t. That just means that they'll be around longer for the true fans to enjoy. 

Posted by steve the queer:
I think my penis is bigger than all of yours. 

Posted by Vegetollo7:
First of all, Slipknot is one of the best progressive metal bands out there, and if anyone else out there thinks different, they have no appreciation for the term "metal." Though I still like their first album "Mate Feed Kill Repeat" the best, these guys will keep on rocking. For anyone else out there who thinks that Slipknot has sold out or is the "hip" thing to listen to now, go back underminded dream world. Good band, I like James but favorite member is still Mick because he is total METAL!

Posted by slipknot is eternal:
slipknot is the best band! you cant even compare them to any one else... its like when somebody askes you what kind of music is slipknot you just say SLIPKNOT!!! i now slipknot will keep metal alive forever slipknot will never ever fade 


Posted by The Heretic:
Slipknot is definitely one of the best bands out there these days, right next to Staind as the most talented band.

Posted by HUH ???:
use english moron

Posted by justatool:
what commforts me is that i can listen to what ever i want so that anyone can forbid me that. when i'm reading those comments i get let's say sick! why? because many of people that said (here) what they wnated to would forbid other people to listen to slipknot even if they 'don't get the point' - i ask you: so what? you got your own cd and guys from s. won;t play worse just because some ingnorants listen to to their music. plus they send their money and s. can get better equipment to play better and do what's ever on their minds. and you can get their music free on net in mp3's. so who cares?

Posted by AcidGoo:
Aw/ now that sux/ that's the same thing that is happening to TooL right now/ (and many other) all those new-born-fans tearing apart that band/ they opened their eyes for it cuz someone said 'oh it's COOL!' isn't that really f@#$ed up & spoiled 

Posted by metallica7:
thank you Jeff.. its good to see people like you and LD50 understand

Posted by Goat:
Why is everyone so obbsessed with how famous this band gets? You are suppost to listen to music because you dig it. Not because it falls in the criteria of "Cool" or "Hip". If you wanna be a rebel, you go out and try to find bands no-one has ever heard of. Just to be a "bad-boy". Then the other try to find Mr. Famous just to be called "Cool". Either or, you are listening to the cash register, not the actual music. 

Posted by jeff:
l.d 50's right. i get sick of all these new school slipknot fans who see their picture in a mag and think "oh no, here's a i havin't heard of" so the go out & but their cd, and put it on their shelf right next crazy town & pappa roach. damn suburban-metal fans will ruin everything. they would know a REAL heavy band if it kicked in the teeth! 

Posted by L.D. 50:
This sucks. I remember when Slipknot was a respected band at this site. Now more and more people are starting to hate them. Way too many people like them, the same thing happened to LB. They used to be cool until all these trend followers started liking them and then forgot about them as soon as people said f*ck em. What Slipknot has to do is make a bad album so the trendies won't even pay attention to them anymore and move on to another band, and us TRUE fans will still think of them as a kick ass band.

Posted by iamsocool:
are these the guys from kiss in new masks, or what

Posted by Anthrax:
no shyt shinji, thank you! These little pissed 14year olds in their backwards red ny hats fail to understand your post, but its the same thing i've been trying to get across to them. These guys are just a marketing dream is all the are. And I love all the , slipsnot rules the world blah blah blah... ok let me ask this question... just how do they rule?? claudia just how does slipshyt rule, what in your words (if you can speak comman english) makes slipshyt that great? I bet you cant even tell me other than use the "Fukk" words about 40 times in one sentence, which by the way doesnt prove anything other then your mentality...lame 

Posted by shinji:
Why are Slipknot so pissed? Did Hot Topic not sell enough of their shirts this week? Did their cd not make Billboard's Top 40? Grow up you f*ckin wankers. You think you're so different and you don't even realize you're just comforming. Like Slipknot is SO different or revolutionary... You think their going against the mainstream. But what you don't realize is that now they are the mainstream. Slipknot is POP. CORPORATE ROCK FOR THE MINDLESS MASSES. Listen to underground music. Support your local scene. Just because you buy their shirt at the mall and watch their videos doesn't make you some rebel - it makes you a tool.

Posted by claudia:
slipknot is the best group in the world!!f**k it all f**k this world f**k everything that you stand for dont belong dont exist dont give a sh*t dont ever judge me!

Posted by casey:
slipnot kicks ass

Posted by people=shi*t:
slipknot es la mejor banda del mundo de todos los tiempos. Slipknot Rulez....maggots

Posted by shytsnot blows :
Shytsnot rules alright, they rule the lower bowels of a fukken urinal! These dumb ass clowns will last about as long as those other homo rump rangers Limp bizkit, about another month. Shytsnot is just Backdoor boys in masks anyways 

Posted by Pollution248:
F u c k you Greemuse you mullet loving hippie, Slipknot rules.

Posted by Sabin26:
Slipknot rules. I saw them when they made their debut in Iowa and they ruled then and still do to this day. I've seen them many times after and they just keep getting better and better. LONG LIVE THE MAGGOT CORP.

Posted by World Industries:

Posted by World Industries:
All Hail Slipknot All Hail Slipknot All hail Slipknot All hail Slipknot All hail Slipknot All hail Slipknot All hail Slipknot All hail Slipknot All hail Slipknot All hail Slipknot All hail Slipknot All hail Slipknot

Posted by Maniac X:
Slipknot F*cking rocked at Ozzfest just like Tattoo the Earth the whole F*cking place errupted when Slipknot came out. They are still the most twisted, sickest, craziest mother f*ckers I have ever seen ,.and to that band Headcheese who is still talking sh*t on Slipknot, F*CK OFF, you will never be even remotely as sick as Slipknot. F*cking Spread the sickness!!! 

Posted by potato:
Slipknot are bloody awsome (i just wished sarah will give back my signed CD) ooh yeah shook there hands i still haven`t washed it, i wished i lived in the USA just to see ozzfest you guys don`t know how lucky you are. GREEN MUSE um blow it out of your arse the only thing that kiss and slipknot have in common is there both bands, except ones a good band and the other one is a bunch of sell out old farts

Posted by Sergio:
Its good to see that JIm is down to earth. I wish slipknot the best.

Posted by SubXavier:
I like some Slipknot, and maybe I'm generalizing, but why do most posts in favor of Slipknot go something like, "SLIPKNOT rulz! If you don't like them, f*ckers, you can kiss my ass! You suck! Slipknot ruuuuulllllz!"

Posted by GREENMUSE:
ive said it before,and ill say it again,this generations KISS. all we need now is the massive merchandising machine,and we'll be all set

Posted by `asterix :
looking forward to seeing the prix live... kind of cosmic physco's - a fkn cool live band!!

Posted by U-GOID=6(SIC)6:
U know,I know, everybody knows that : SLIPKNOT F*CKING RULES AND ROCKS THE EARTH.But you just can't say it enough cuz it's so f*cking true.So rock on motherf*ckers

Posted by DADDY:


Posted by Maggot:

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