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Posted by metallica7:
He probably wont answer since his grade school is on Christmas Va-Ca

Posted by People=Sh*t:
Hey Ryan, so what was it like going back into your ma's womb for all that time? And I didn't know that I could WAIST my time. Wow, I must be a special person in order to WAIST my time. I see that you still haven't graduated 3rd grade yet. And once again, all these gay comments of yours. Either you really are a homosexual or not only do you have the mentality of a 3rd grader, but also the maturity of a 3rd grader. You really should see that counselor of yours. Seriously, you need help because if you talk like this on the street you are going to get your a$$ kicked all the time.

Posted by Killers:
You know whats funny about Ryan? For someone who portrays himself as a straight person, Ryan sure knows an awful lot about the gay lifestyle,slang and the gay groups they listen to. Ryan your very much in denial of your sexuality. By the way its not waist, its waste. Since your claiming your a college student, I would have thought your spelling would be a little better than that. Oh wait we forgot... your a inbred as stated below... oh that explains it. Your taking home schooling as in correnspondence courses. Thats not college moron 

Posted by The truth:
Hey, s*ckers. Wake up! Can't you guys see how sick these people are. As a Christian, I am embaressed to see how manny people like this Sh*t. No,... I'm Just kiddin' Slipknot k*cks @ss. 

Posted by ryan:
people=sh*t your fu*kin gay why in the fu*kin hell would you waist all your computer geek time on a post against me u queer why not go out a make a site of bands you like you know like the backstreet boys and nsync you know all your f*g bands. 

Posted by Keenan:
Slipknot is one wild band but they f***in' rock!!! Keep the sic(ness) alive fukkers

Posted by killers:
your a sick fuk you know that? Are you related to Ryan ? 

Posted by Alex666ASSklown:
oh I forgot... we'll be shoving squirrels up our ass also at the Birmingham concert with the rest of the inbreds in Alabama

Posted by killers:
And let us not forget to remeber kiddies that Ryan cannot even spell his own fukken name right...shows his mentality. Hey Ryan you got a dick? Well ythen spit it isnt yours dumb ass! 

Posted by maggot max:
slipknot are to cool for life.(go to

Posted by Alex666Klown:
Slipknot are a f*cking quality band. AN yes I said 'BAND'. All you people that dislike metal/rock, you know f*ck all. This is real, fresh, music. You people that are not commenting on slipknot need to grow up, an get a f*cking brain. You real maggots, keep the (sic)ness alive. Feb 20th Birmingham, N.E.C gonna be the most f*cking insane concert ever, PEACE!.

Posted by People=Sh*t:
Hey look who's back. Wow, that was inventive. But let us all remember, it's ryan that lives on the farm and sucks goat d!ck and f#cks horses. I think he's just fantisysying again. Nice try, 100 yrs in the future. Hah, shows what you know, I don't plan on living past 35.

Posted by f*cker:
just suck my dick kid and f*cking like it slipknotpers 

Posted by rayn:
100 years in the future... People=Sh*t "hey, remember that Paranoia chick?" Killers "hey, yeah, didnt she get caught humping dead animals on the farm with orgazman?" People=Sh*t "yeah, thats her.. she died!" Killers "oooh... wow, she died exactly one year after orgazman.. how did she die?" People=Sh*t "she dug up orgazman's dead body and had a threesome with an animal." Killers "but how'd she die?" People=Sh*t "it was a horse.. it came in her mouth and she imploded." .... yeah, maybe we will remember you, you Paranoia. and orgazman, too! 

Posted by How many times do I have to say this:
Why do some of you talk like the members of Slipknot are actually reading this? Get out of your fantasy world and go get a f#cking job or go to school or something. I'm glad that you same people like Slipknot but you are lowering the standards of the other Slipknot fans. Show some inteligence for s#it sake. Please grow a brain cell or two. Thanks.P=S

Posted by (sic)maggot_gurlie:

Posted by SOD:
Speak English or Die!

Posted by DEATH:

Posted by ARN19:

Posted by People=Sh*t:
What was your name again, o sh*t I already forgot it. Wait a minute, it doesn't matter because you will never be on tour with Slipknot. Whew, that's a load of my plate.

Posted by (SIC):
I just want to say all you motherf*ckers who have said something on this site that has nothing to do with SLIPKNOT,SUCK MY C*CK and to all the people who supported SLIPKNOT, stay (SIC).SLIPKNOT is always gonna be on top.You KICK *SS JOEY#1.

Posted by SliniKnot:
One day i'll be on tour with Slipknot....I know that!! Remember my name in the future!!Alini Sangoi!!!Cya:-D

Posted by Goat:
nice interview. Nothing ouit of the ordinary. but one of the only one-one-on-one's i've seen.

Posted by Paranoia:

Posted by cuted:
slipknot rule andpopstars are f*cked

Posted by Jesusfreak:
Even though i am a devote christian SLIPKNOT is awsome they inspire me in so many ways, musically, emotionally, keep it up Slipknot! 

Posted by fan #1:
If slipknot wasn't around, i'd probably be out killing people, they are the reason i live, and i don't know why they are so fu**ing great, but they definetley beat the sh** out of any other band. By the way, Limp Bizkit suckS big time. F**K YOU FRED DURST!

Posted by Corey:
Slipknot fu**in rules!! Thanks for coming to Spain fu**ers!! I'll be there 

Posted by SETH:
slipknot kick ass!!

Posted by Autumn:
Slipknot kicks @ss!


Posted by roosterchick:

Posted by People=Sh*t:
Hey roosterchick, your band sounds a lot like Mighty Mighty Bosstones, you know the part about people standing around doing nothing.hehehehe

Posted by Joey:
I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Posted by Joey J 100% babe:
i luv joey sooo much and slipknot f**in rules!one day im goin 2 meet u joey ! my life depends on it ! slipknot is da bomb!

Posted by roosterchick:
i leave for a couple of days and this is what happens. well, why don't i jump on the bandwagon and tell all of you about MY band. we have 25 members, five of them guitarists, three of them bassists, four of them percussionists (so i just gave slipknot a run for their money), three lead vocalists including myself, five people who just stand around looking important, one kazoo player, one guy who plays the spoons, a clarinetist, a tuba player, and a dude who plays the mellotron. well that's about it. go to our website at

Posted by People=Sh*t:
Yea your right Gazman, how could I forget, to laugh at ryan also.

Posted by orgazman:
And to laugh at ryan. get with the programme 

Posted by People=Sh*t:
I didn't ask why people are talking about there own bands on here, I know it's promotional. I said it's pathetic because people are on here to talk about the musicians in the article/interview and not your band. I'm sure you might get one or two people to check you out, but mostly you are pissing people off because they want to talk to each other about the article i.e. Slipknot. What's next, are we going to have WANT ads posted on here?

Posted by James of asydra:
People= Sh*t asked why people talk about there band on here..The reason is PROMOTIONAL is the best thing to help a local band. boards, e-mails, and ect... are the best place to do it too. Putting it where the right eyes will see it is the best way to do it. That is why people write about there bands in places like this, and not to mention, that mostly likly thier band is everything to them,a nd there life, so why not tell everyone you can? Now it's my turn.... I'm the vocalist for a local Richmond Indidana, area. We're called asydra, and have been around for about a year. We have 6 members, Vocals, 2 Guitars, bassist, drums, and a samplist/programer. I can't tell you who we sound like, cause in my mind we sound like asydra. We're Heavy, but molodic too. our website is being made, and when it done I'll post it up here. if you would like to get ahold of the band, you can reach us at..., or Thanx for your time, we're always looking to play with new bands, and allot of shows! stay (sic) and true James of asydra Not Satanic, Just offensive

Posted by People=Sh*t:
I'm sorry, but is this Killers is right, be origianl otherwise you will forever be known as just another cover band.

Posted by Killers:
be orginal and not "sound" like someone else. Thats the problem with todays music and thats why alot of bands only last for one cd

Posted by Adam:
slipknot are sic they are the best band that i've like eva heard. i have a band called raging fury, we play the same music as systen of a down,i play the drums and have been for 9 years, i can play wait and bleed on the drums , ihad to like pay so much for all the stuff for my kit ive got got 1 normal bass drum and 2 double bass drums, we can't play wait and bleed because there is only 6 of us. ive been to ozzfest 2 times and i saw slipknot this year 2001 I totally worship the devil he like rules. any way keep it real all you other slipknot fans.joey is the best man i worship him as well as the devil

Posted by People=Sh*t:
Why are you guys talking like Slipknot is actually reading your posts and is going to do what you say. And using this site to promote your band and bands website is pretty pathetic. But it's cool that you like Slipknot and that's all that matters.

Posted by (sic) Slipknot fan (Jake):
By the way my band is called Dysfunktion [212] and i've seen slipknot twice and i was suposed to see them last wednesday in Fargo ND, but the tour got postponed, the first time i saw you guys was in Boise, ID Then i was them at Ozzfest 2001 in somerset WI, and now i will see them again soon and i can't f*cking wait!!! I WANT TO MEET YOU GUYS SOOOOO BAD

Posted by (sic) Slipknot fan (Jake):
all i listen to is slipknot, i don't even know what cd is better cause every f*ckin slipknot song is so bad a$$! I play guitar in my band and jim and mick you two are my role models, jim i want your PRS guitar! its SWEET!!!

Posted by TheLunAtic:
Slipknot f*cking rules they are all my role models!!! Someday corey im gonna be onstage with you i swear!

Posted by Gonzo:
counterfeit we're not sure what your even trying to say. 

Posted by Alice aka Voices:
Slipknot rule, i wish i could meet one of them, ya know, really get to meet one in person. oh well! hiya to all you slipknot fans!

Posted by counterfeit:
iam not sure what tthe hell you lot are talking about because i have just found this web site but i do know that the stuff you are talking about is resent because i saw some blok taking about wes leaving limp bizkit eney way how care's slipknot rule

Posted by rt:
I didn't mean it that way..I know tool is pretty f*cking different from slipknot ..Slipknot's image just sucks..Maybe they are crazy f*cks,but it's still lame to claim something you can't prove..

Posted by roderick mac neil:
slipknot is the best band ever.

Posted by roosterchick:
hehe you people are downright sad. noises noises get some serious help, ryan get some anger management, and etc. i would definitely be scared, bk.

Posted by orgazman:
ryan and noises and mr goat are having a threesome ah how sweet 

Posted by Ryan:
and i'll be stuffing my b(i)tch Noises Noises People Make Noises

Posted by Noises Noises People Make Noises:
just so you all know, while most of you will be stuffing yourselves this Thanksgiving, I'll be stuffing my goat and licking his balls. 

Posted by BK:
Apparently,Sexy Devil has the same initials as me.Kind of odd.

Posted by Sexy Devil:
Listen......ive seen tool in concert....i missed slipknot cuz i lost out on something....but i saw tool and tool was sik it was pretty good concert and sh!t....but i have to say that slipknot and toolz lyrics are both meaning ful and powerful in and outta my life...i love slipknot...and i love it a crime to love both? god...itz just music...the only difference between one band from another is how their lyrics affect on you....not how loud or sik their music and beats n sh!t are...itz tha lyrics that make the bands ~peace~ da BK

Posted by Ryan:
you are nigga lovers and hip hop queers f*ck rap

Posted by SUGAR CO(C)k:

Posted by iowa:
well f*ck you too rt! i know tool is a really great band, cuz i love 'em, but you just can't compare 'em with slipknot, cuz the difference is way too big. the both are the real people out there. you can see it in the eyes, truth is right there. why should they even bother to lie to their fans? i mean, do they look like nsync? music sets free, that's what tool does too. they inspire and they can represent a big part of a person. it 's metal.

Posted by dark shadow:
great interview, i always just knew that jim was cool. just everybody in the band has a really inspiring effect on me, they rule, soulmasters.they're just simply the best people on this planet, along with some others of course.keep it up.

Posted by rt:
F*ck you all of You!LIsten to tool if you want to know something about hardness!Slipknot is just an image based on stories that you read,stories that are all so true ,don't think so!

Posted by rt:

Posted by Paranoia:
Thank for that golden nugget of joy, skinner, though I am pretty sure that a.) has already been said and b.) is already known. 

Posted by skinner:
Just to let you crazy f!@ks now some of you need to get lives.

Posted by Jessica:
To all the metal heads there I just want you to now Slipknot is the best and will never die.

Posted by People=Sh*t:
Don't you get it, IT was being sarcastic with the intelligence remark.

Posted by Paranoia:
Stunningly sarcastic intelligence? That's a good one.

Posted by mika pennanen:
wazuuuup everybody!? I just want to everybody know that SL I PK NO T is the BESF FU**ING band in the whole FU**ING WORLD: MIKA PENNANEN FINLAND... =)

Posted by Ryan:
I would have amazed you with my stuningly sarcastic i9ntelligence here. But it would be wasted on you People=Sh*t.... 

Posted by Noises Noises People Make Noises:
First off Paranoia, the answer to that question is no. Secondly; GOONZO, Arent you the one who f(u)cks little kids to make your d(i)ck look a little bit bigger. Im thinking about linching your schwoogie (a)ss.

Posted by Paranoia:
Is there any way that's physically possible to humans to ACTUALLY make Ryan look smart?

Posted by People=Sh*t:
I don't know about it making Ryan look smart, but definetly less of a jacka$$. Unless of course like you said BK it was Ryan.

Posted by BK:
This moron(and I use that word because I can't say what I want)who posted as God is going to Hell.There's no question about that one.That was uncalled for.It made Ryan look smart(unless of course it was Ryan).

Posted by Paranoia:
Ha ha ha ha!! !! !! !!

Posted by Röhkö:
´Slipknot Sucks A$$ big time...F*cking pu$$y posse...Tool to all ya maggots..

Posted by GOD (Magical tunes in background):
Just for everyones info, it is no longer The "Virgin" Mary. She is just The Mary. She is amazing in bed. Oh ME she is just like Brian's mom. So yummy. I shot a load in that tight little a$$ of hers and then i licked it out. she just kept screaming my name. "OH GOD OH GOD". Life is good. JESUS SUCKS C 0 C K. Trust me i saw him

Posted by People=Sh*t:
F#cking Bythead, piece of sh*t web server. Sorry about the second post there, my server has been complete sh*t lately. I suggest to everyone, even Ryan, to never use Bytehead, because they f#cking BYTE. Since their place of business is across from where I work, I think I'm going to go over and kick some a$$ during my break tomorrow.

Posted by People=Sh*t:
Ryan, the anger ridden, homophobic, racist, is now an expert on Jesus apparently. I don't think people like Ryan even deserve to speak of his name. And I "just got SHOOT", maybe I would be a little scared by that if I just got SHOT, then again, coming from you, nothing can scare me. I take it you haven't made it to the grammar part of third grade yet. You should ask your teacher for special attention.

Posted by People=Sh*t:
Ryan, the anger ridden, homophobic, racist, is now an expert on Jesus apparently. I don't think people like Ryan even deserve to speak of his name. And I "just got SHOOT", maybe I would be a little scared by that if I just got SHOT, then again, coming from you, nothing can scare me. I take it you haven't made it to the grammar part of third grade yet. You should ask your teacher for special attention.

Posted by Paranoia:
Uh, Ryan? What are you trying to say to me? Are you trying to insult me somehow? 'Cause if you're gonna diss me, at least do it right so people can actually understand you. By the way, I'm completely unsurprised about you wanting to f*ck Fred Durst. I'm sure he really turns you on. That and your Teen magazines.

Posted by Ryan:

Posted by Ryan:
LIMP BIZIT RULE and iwant to F*UCK FRED up the botty

hello R,ogering,y,our,A,ss,N,utt,S,ucker(ryan)I want to skin u alive with a spoon. Ah the ectasy 

Posted by orgazman:
nice to see eveyone is still best chums 

Posted by Ryans Evil Gay Twin Brother:
ohhh jussss stopppp Ryan. Im sorry peopl but my brother Ryan cant help the fact that hes a 14 year old woman trapped in a mans body and hes mad at the world because of it. That and hes mad at Mother for dropping him on his head every chance she could get. It must be the reason for his male prostitution problem also. So folks dont be mad at my twin cause hes a sperm burping ass rammer..its not his fault. 

Posted by Ryan:
Lets stop the bullsh*t posEr Get out the way yo Get out the way yo people=sh*t just got shoot Cut your young aSS up See yah in pieces YOU ARE DEAD! 

Posted by Ryan:
PEOPLE=SH*T I really pity you more than anything. Every time you post Baby Jesus cries. 

Posted by Ryan:
Paranoia i read your post and i thought it was the biggest pile of crap i've ever seen. what the hell is it supposed to be???? it's just so un orrigional and its a disgrace to all maggots everywhere! Slipknot are a quality metal band, and their music is full of meaning and compassion, and i'm guessing your'e the kind of cowboy-hat-wearing-maddonna-listening-puff that lives up to his hotmail address. if you have any comment bring it on. 

Posted by Rezza:
Yo all maggots! Stay (sic) man!

Posted by Paranoia:
On a completely unrelated subject, what's a jenk? I don't get it.

Posted by Paranoia:
...and hamsters.

Posted by Killers:
probably gerbils

Posted by Paranoia:
Ha ha ha HA HA! Do you like chipmunks, too?


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