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Posted by you will die:
I agree with this and all of you slipknot haters should read it again and again and again so here it is: FOR ALL THE HATERS OUT THERE I'm going to kill you, that's what I'll do. I'm going to take a bullet and put it right through you. I'm going to kill you with a knife, better yet, a dagger will take your life. I'll shut you up and send you to hell where you'll twist in agony, scream and yell. Painful and slow is how your death will be. I'll tear out your bladder and hold it up so you can see. I'll force you to drink a killer potion then send you by sewer into the ocean. I'll play Nero and send you up in a blaze. Or I'll have starving boars chase you through a maze. I'll let wolves in heat rip you apart. and I'll give the devil your still-beating heart. your feet will be swallowed up and chewed eaten by wild baboons hungered for food. Your arms will be used for swatting flies. to the fish I'll throw your mutilated eyes. Your upper body will be cast in the sea and used as a bob. The rest of you will be attacked by a rioting mob. You'll sit and listen to Jimmy Swaggart preach. then be devoured by a blood sucking leech. I'll tie your toes together with a piece of twine then hang you upside down and give you to the vultures to dine. I'll dress you up in clothes made from "The Gap" Then a fierce lightening bolt will give you a Z-A-P. After that, I'll tie you in a chair in a nearby town where you'll be forced to listen to Casy-Cassum's top twenty countdown. Your fingernails will be plucked by an ostrich's beak. Too bad your aching will last for only one week. I'll torture you in so many different ways. To count them all would take a great number of days. But, when I'm finished there will be nothing left of you to see... AND THEN YOU'LL REGRET THE DAY YOU MESSED WITH ME! 

Posted by Noises Noises People Make Noises!!:
mmphfff hmmmm mummmmm sorry had my mouth full of dick. What we're you saying now ?

Posted by killers:
wrong name again Ryan whats a matter you getting pissy now you little bitch?

Posted by killers:
listen here motherf*cker, if youre gonna stand up and talk that much sh*t then youd better be ready for a motherf*ckin WAR. i personally would rip your head off your shoulders i am one person alone. 

Posted by killers:
yeah nice try Ryan. Hey do us a favor and post something new. Your constant copying and posting the same lame shyt is old. Try posting something orginal and not something someone else has already said. And leave your closet homo fantasys to yourself too, we're tired of reading shyt you want to do to your queer roommate 

Posted by ANDY:

Posted by ANDY aka killers:
Hey noises Im surprised WHA AAA HAHA HAHA AAA HAAA AA HAAAA NO SH!T i finsid bum slamming Gonzo

Posted by ANDY:

Posted by killers:
Hey noises Im surprised you didnt use words like Kwel and other little faggy hyphinated words like you used in that post under my name. Next time dont use these () when you post cause it just shows its you posting under a false name you 13 yr old. Also next time you type, take that dick out of your mouth because no one has a friggen clue what you wrote since you jumped around in excitment while you typed and it all came out scrambled. Tell your butt pirate roommate to calm down and leave you alone for five minutes while you post so we can figure out what and who your trying to bash. That is unless your rapping so in that case we understand since no one understands that shyt cept you and Fred Durst 

Posted by no killers is just plain killers:
Ryan on the other and is Nookie, Noises people making noises, Overlord, DEATH, The Pissing Razor, NoThInGfAcEkId , thinks hes a Marine where hes probably some Reserve puke who plays Army once a month, and thinks hes in College. When you boil it all down, he should just go by two words... Dick head 

Posted by killers-aka Nookie:
by the way Gonzo i guess you love me fag(g)ot and care about me well i dont give a fu(c)k ab8 u you r my biggest fan this is for you ass%%% m5680935 big ^*$&%#$ They delivers, but we still some LB killers Got nuttin to lose, I gots no where to go I only got one home, see me stranded on With nookie, it's SLIPKNOT, be the general And I be a soldier on a mission Sent to do, what you'll never do and that's ride for the cause Yes I'll die for the cause Ya best believe if I'ma leave this bi)t(ch Yo I'm dyin with yours Kamikaze, sicker than a muh'(f)uckin Na(z)i Got a little question for that muther(f)ucker(Gonzo) that made "Paparazzi" If you ain't in this rock game, for the motherfu(c)kin cash mayne then what is your mother(f)uckin purpose? and 

Posted by Gonzo :
I hear ya on the names. Funny I copy that and put "RAYNS" name on it and Overlord responds back. Hmmmm either their the same persons or Overlord is mad that im picking on his butt bitch Ryan 

Posted by P.S:
hey Ryan you said you think the song "Nookie" kicks ass yet you say that Limp Biskit sucks and only fags listen to it... (see posts below) so I guess that makes you a fag now doesnt it? And since your a dude why would you use the screen "Nookie"? Its slang for pussy so now I guess we all know what your are now dont we. Some Marine you are you racist dickhead 

Posted by killers:
funny you should say that Overlord how do you know I post in there? Seems your gay ass is in there too, so if I'm a fag for being in there...does that not also make you a Queer for being in there too? You dumb ass! If you even read my posts in there, I dont like Creed, but my friends post there so we talk back and forth. Unlike you posting in there under tha name DEATH, we cannot understand what you say cause your mouth is usually full. Learn to swallow the load first Ryan before you type and call people gay 

Posted by hey Overlord aka Ryan aka Death aka Noises aka Nookie:
pick a name you fag. And my address is Pete Gonzales 2211 south 47th street, phoenix arizona come show up you pussy and we'll see just what type of Marine you really are. You still have this fag fixation so I seriously doubt your limp wristed ass could fight your way out of a bag. I thought of making some weak comment about your mom also but since its a known fact your an inbred, and your mom was probably your sister also and you were abanded in a toliet bowl at the greyhound station, I just didnt think it was right to talk about your mom your never knew. But since your QUEER you probably were an ass hole baby anyways. But I'll give you a cookie for your effort since you try and hide under 8 different names in here when everyone knows its you since you post all your gay commnets under each name. Its ok Ryan we know your gay and someones bitch, you dont need to call everyone else a fag just cause your ashamed of what you are. By the way it wasnt Killers who copied that comment it was me since I go into the Creed site also to see your gay posts in there under the name DEATH. Funny how many little immature names are you up too now? 10 ? 20 ? Such a loser 

Posted by DEATH:
sorry I shouldnt have wrote that about Killers since Im the one sucking Ryans dick dreaming it was Scott Strapp 

Posted by killers:
CREED,CREED,CREED,CREED! is the best band ever, I would love to drool all over their peters back stage.

Posted by OverLord:
"Killers" , why don't you go back to creed page you little faggot. Before I find out where the f#ck you live, so I can burn a f#ckin cross in your front lawn while I beast f#ck your ugly a$$ mom's dead corpse.

Posted by nookie sucks!:
Fred Durst is a fag!

Posted by nookie -aka- The Pissing Razor:
but really im ryan

Posted by killers:
your a sick fuk you know that Ryan? Get the fuk outta here bitch

Posted by Ryan:
I had a wonderful Christmas thank you! I had Nookie and Noises People Making Noises and Bruce and Peter, and Renaldo over and we had a fun time playing naked Twister together! Later in the evening we boiled potatoes and rammed them up our ass for starters to make room for the Gerbils. After a full course of fletching and oral, we sat back on the couch and watch our gay porn videos and held each other under my blankee. I was so happy waking in the morning and seeing all my Backstreet boys and Nsync stuff I was well overjoyed. Im just so happy I've finally outed myself and proclaimed to my family that Im here and Im queer and that I dont have to hide the fact that I bash everyone else in here to hide the fact Im homosexual. Hope you all enjoy your New Years, I will.. with my 18 inch buttplug I found in my stocking! Love you all fellas 

Posted by killers:
no shyt... Ryan your queer face it. You know Ryan for someone who THINKS hes in college and now is living this dream that he was a MARINE... your immature comments and posts prove very well that your some JR HIGH kid somewhere back east and is very insecure with his life. Face it kid... your not as tought as you think you are, and Im gonna love the day when you mouth off to the wrong person and you get your ass kicked royally. Hell I'll even go and sell tickets to watch you get gang raped in prison since thats where your heading. And we'll all laugh when your someones bitch and cant call someone a fag cause your mouth will be too full. Grow up little man. 

Posted by Gonzo:
Hey Ryan you lame excuse for a human turd that wasnt me. And there you go again with your 14 yr old mentality posting all your homophobic comments. You gotta be a sperm burping closet fag yourself since you cant go one post without thinking of sucking some dick and posting some ass slamming comment.Sounds to me since you constantly post about it, its on your mind and your the obvious queer in here. 

Posted by nookie:
Gonzo go fuc(k)your gay lover killers hey nookie is a cool song and people=fa%g has a hot p(u)ssy Ryan forever b(i)tch

Posted by Ryan:
Hey people=sh*t, would you like to have gay sex with me? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C'mon baby, you know you want it. I'll give you a big old nookie! How about that? Oh, and for the rest of the board, just to let you know, Nookie has been sending me like 4 e-mails in which he comes out of the closet. 

Posted by People=Sh*t:
Where the f#ck did that come from. I never metioned you updating 3 times an hour. But since you mentioned it, it sure sounds correct. And in fact, i haven't been on here for a week. I go to school, have a job that I'm working 50 hours a week during break and part time during classes. Unlike you, I actually have a life outside of the Internet. And here's some news for you moron, I unlike you actually do go to college and just earned a perfect 4.0 gpa for the fall term. Nice try loser. And what's with this, first you go to college, then you're a marine, and now you go to college again. Get your lies straight, we all know your still in 3rd grade.

Posted by Ryan are you Whining again:

Posted by Ryan:
people=sh*t am I the one that makes about 3 updates an hour? No. IO check this forum maybe once every two days. I suspect with you it maybe the other way around. How dare you accuse me of not having a job a life?. Whats your IQ? Below 95 is my guess. In actual fact i DO have a job. I am a chef. I also goto college where I study Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry and Technology. Go back to dairy q(u)eer you white trash peice of sh*t (sorry for the lame insult, but I'm sure it's all you'll be able to understand). 

Posted by ryan:
learn to spell The Pissing Razor you jack off

Posted by Gonzo:
By the way Gonzo is short for Gonzalez you moron not the muppets. Unlike you I dont watch kiddie shows

Posted by Gonzo :
maybe because you were too pissed cause I didnt like Razors, that doesnt mean I hate all metal. You can post Slipknot sucks but if someone posts something bad about a band you like, you get all pissed and high schoolish and start calling everyone a fag. 

Posted by roderick mac neil:
Hey OVERLORD, are you one of those little dweebs that sit around and play dungeons and dragons at school doing lunch time and have no friends, and you go by Overlord cause you role play all day? Sounds like it to me. Judging by your choice of music, it kinda proves your a dweeb also. SLIPKNOT FUC#ING KICKS A$$ 

Posted by Pissing Razors:
By the way, when i read ur postings i cant tell whether its u or ryan. So maybe u should grow the fuk up. And no u didnt say u didnt like pantera(my bad) but the way u bag on a band like the razors with a sound that so fuken heavy like that it definitly doesnt seem u would be a fan of such a great band like pantera.

Posted by QUEER FEST 2002 FEATURING BACKSTREET; 98DEGREES : NSYNC and playing behind the porta johns PISSING WHINNY RAZOR (autographs by the band and blowjobs by overlord after the show) :

Posted by Angerz:
Hey Pissing Razor If You Dont Even Like Slipknot Then Why The Fuc Are You Even In Here? That Gonzo Person Is Right, You Are A Whinny B!tch 

Posted by The Pissing Razor:
Gonzo im not a counseler and i dont wanna hear about ur wet dream wank off fantasies. But wat i do know is u need to go back to the fuken muppet babies where u belong before i cut off that damn nose of urs and use it as a j.

Posted by Gonzo:
Jesus Pissin blow hard shut up, you whine like a little Bitch. And who said I dont like Pantara ? Im just bagging you on what you call Metal as in Pissing in the Wind... Pantara and about any other band out there makes Pissing Razor look like Backdoor Boys backup singers! 

Posted by The Pissing Razor:

Posted by The Pissing Razor:

Posted by The Pissing Razor:

Posted by The Pissing Razor:

Posted by maggot6(sic)6:
slipknot iz the best f*ckin' band ever! no1 can beat them!jim(4),corey(8), and joey(1) u r the hottiez! slipknot iz gonna take over this whole goddamn world! r u scared?..stay(sic)f*ckerz!....

Posted by The Pissing Razor:
Wat the fuk? Ryan prolly hasnt even heard of the pissing razors gonzo. So u wanna start some fuken sh1t dont u? Uve got no respect for us real fuken metalheads? Us who r into real fuken metal like pantera, slayer and the pissing razors? Well fuk u and all the rest of u who agree with gonzo. Slipknot is a damn trend and theyll never get close to outlasting pantera or slayer or p/r. Hell u loser might even find ryan useful sometime soon.

Posted by Gonzo:
Yeah Overblow when you get out of juvi you wont have to be someones belt loop bitch no more. Maybe that'll clear up some of your anger. Might help if you quit listening to Queer groups in Ohio also

Posted by Overlord -aka- Ryan -aka- Noises Noises People Make Noises -aka- NoThInGfAcEkId -aka- The Pissing Razor :
whats a matter... are we getting to you bitch? Why are you even in this Slipknot site talking about another band anyways? Why dont you go start some Pissing Razor site so you and your little 12 yr old followers have something to do while your on Christmas Vacation? And Overdone I have another question... how come you have this vast knowledge of bands like stink 182,linken park and Michael Bolton? Seems you follow them more than anyone else in here since you post non stop about it. That and you have this facination about sucking dick and calling people queer, faggot,etc etc... you sure seem to know an awful lot about those issues to buddy. Your queer arnt you? No wonder you follow those puzzies Sh|tting razors...figures. We'll let your car accident slide but we in here and all slipknot fans hope your sterile cause the world doesnt need dickweeds like you. Oh wait.. your gay, we dont have to worry about it. You and your bitch Ryan can go and make ass hole babies together 

Posted by OverLord:
Pissing Razors f*uckin rule! I think all you little trendy pussies need to get the hell off this page and go listen to your Michael Bolton albums, you f*uckin pussies! Yes, I'm talkin about you " killers" you little tulip. I know who you are you faggot! I hope you get in a car accident and die!

Posted by killers:
bbbttttt ahahha no doubt

Posted by .:

Posted by (sic) Babe:
its probably the Taco Bell him and his mom work at 

Posted by SEND ALL HATE AND GAY MAIL TO:Ryan Allen 2206 Superior Via #502 Cleveland, OH 44113 :
im such a dumb ass 

Posted by Gonzo:
hey loser, I mean NoThInGfAcEkId.. I mean Ryan.. first from your scrren name and your post "Kid" totally describes your mentality. Second Shytting Razors sounds like Cookie Monster on Acid. Hell your mamma sings better when your nailing her. Get a better group to listen to if you wanna plug them as the Greatest in here on a Slipknot site! Ohh I get it.. they suck that bad they have to use other peoples fame and message board to get maybe 2 people to listen to them, you and your sister Ryan. I'll even go as far as to say your probably soooo into Shytting Razors that you follow them to every shyt hole bar to watch them play so you can hope to kiss their ass after the show. Thanks we get it now, thanks for letting us all know what a ass kisser you are ! 

Posted by Ryan -aka- Noises Noises People Make Noises -aka- NoThInGfAcEkId -aka- The Pissing Razor :
you know Ryan when you POST under different names but the way you write your subject with little kiddie words like "UR" and "KWEL" and "D1CK" and $dollar signs for "s" kinda defeats the purpose of hiding behind a different name. Doesnt matter I also heard that lame pissing razors MP3 and it does suck

Posted by killers:
oh shyt hahah first your a college student now your a Marine. now thats funny ! I should be by Saturday if you like. I see you live by the angle in between Washington Ave and Detroit Ave. close to Buckley Blvd. Isnt that a trailer park ? I'll be coming up from Alliance Oh. so it'll take me about 3 hrs. Make sure theirs beer in the fridge bitch 

Posted by Noises Noises People Make Noises:
gonzoGot damn, I'm glad u set it off. Used to be hard, now you're just wet and soft. gonzo is Lookin' like straight bozos. I saw it comin', that's why I went solo. Callin' me Arnold, but you Been-a-d1ck; Ryan saw your ass and went in it quick. You little maggot; Ryan turned faggot. p.s u can't stand me you dont understad me u want to end me

Posted by Ryan:
kiilers Anyway, if you want to bomb me with meaningless threats: OK. Here's my adress: Ryan Allen 2206 Superior Via #502 Cleveland, OH 44113 Feel free to come visit me and back some of those threats. (I hope he doesn't find out I'm a marine) 

Posted by Ryan's dream:
OOOh yea, OOOh yea. C'mon, HARDER HARDER HARDER. Yea, right up my a$$. Yea, shove it down my throat. Man goat boy, you are so good.

Posted by Slipknot Babe:
Slipknot are the bomb! Their one of the Be§t metal bands around. They funkin' kick ass. I luv their music and their talents. Rock on yo.

Posted by NoThInGfAcEkId:
Hey gonzo. The pissing razors certainly dont fuken blow as good as ur mama. Tell that cheap slut to get her pannies out my fuken house they smell like a netload of fish. And wat the fuk r u gonna do about it? Oh no! Ur gonna say nothingface sux. wow! thats gonna hurt(yawning).

Posted by The Pissing Razor:
Gonzo u pitiful little ba$tard. Ur prolly one of those little poseurs that listens to stink 182 and linken park. And u choose metallica over the razors? I bet the only metallicrap uve listened to is load and reload. Both loads of crap. And how can i forget. whoooooooohooohooo enter sandman! U prolly just read that sh1t up on the razors and said all that sh1t to piss me off u little cu(n)t.

Posted by Gonzo:
Hey pissing razor... we've heard your group your touting as the greatest. Dude the yblow. Whats their problem, they need a new lead singer for every new release? Shyt if you think their awesome, then I'll take Metallica over them anyday!

Posted by the pissing razor:
shutup metallica i know ur posing under my name.

Posted by the pissing razor:
metallica sucks as* ... but I swallow the load

Posted by killers:
yeah we all cant be a man whore like Ryan. Hes right. 

Posted by Ryan:

Posted by the pissing razor:
metallica sucks as*

Posted by corey's great bis ar$e chicken:
what the hell!?

Posted by Metallica:
Metallica Better

Posted by Eduardo:
Please, go to Perù,Lima

Posted by ryan:

Posted by noises Ryans making noises :
by the way noisy Ryan, whats a ga$ lover? One who shoves gas up his ass? 

Posted by killers:
noisy Ryan I knew you were a butt spanking homo. your fuked up dude

Posted by noises Ryans making noises :
god I hope I get Backdoor Boys new cd for Christmas, they are so sensitive when they sing! And nick is soooo hot I'd do him in a minute.

Posted by killers:
bbbtttt waaaa haha ahahah !!!

Posted by Gonzo:
Im right here bitch,I've been waiting on you to come back. I see Ryan finally untied you long enough for you to get that dick out of your mouth and post some weak comment about your closet homo dreams you want to act out on your bitch Ryan. Oh wait... your both the same butt pirate so I guess in a sense your butt slamming yourself! 

Posted by killers:
Hey RYAN if your worried about people=sh*t being a muther fukker...when then RYAN I would recomend you keep your mother off the street and you wont have to worry about it anymore 

Posted by noises Ryans making noises :
Im such a lame ass that I think people cant figure out its me (Ryan) 

Posted by Hitler was a sensitive man:
Hey guys wanna hear lyrics ud think ryan wrote? Check a band called anal cu(n)t. 

Posted by Noises Noises People Make Noises:
People=Sh*t: i am bum%ucking killers(your ga$ lover) marry christmes bi-^ch f#ck peace this is war evreybody on the floor when i see your fat a## i am taking one to your j&w p.s whare is my goat and my b^tch Gonzo ? fykk the world bi-^t-ch 

Posted by Angel of Death:
F*ck off Ryan. Can't you see that nobody likes you? Take your gay fantasies somewhere else where they're more welcome.

Posted by Ryan:

Posted by Pissing Razor:
The Pissing Razors rule! So does (in no real order) Pantera, Fear factory, dying fetus, Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, morbid angel, napalm death, 6 feet under, nothingface, t666, nile, strapping young lad and yes my friends, slipknot. 

Posted by killers:
nice to see Ryan gathering more and more fans in here 

Posted by (sic) one:
Ryan didnt anyone tell you not to talk with your mouth full? Let go of my dick and try and say it again. If I was in Slipknot 'd kick your royal ass. YOUR NOT A FAN YOUR A NYSNC LOVER! 

Posted by People=Sh*t:
Read what you just wrote and then tell me who the sick one really is. You really are that stupid. I thought that maybe some of it was just a joke, but you really are that dumb. I think calling your mentality level of 3rd grade is an insult to all 3rd graders.

Posted by Ryan:
people=sh*t Talk about b*tches who ever licked B*tch don't lie, you su*ked my d!ck More then once, more than twice It was hella times and it all was nice You see me nut, when i look down And you looked up and see me frown Cause your one b!tch I'll never f*ck Do you know why, because you s*ck

Posted by People=Sh*t:
Hey killers, I had to wipe my RYAN 6 times this morning. My RYAN was really dirty.

Posted by killers:
oh I almost forgot... when I woke up this morning and took a SHYT, I had to wipe my RYAN 4 times.

Posted by Killers:
Once again Ryan has proven the point that hes in denial that hes the gay one. Ryan how do you know so much about these bands your calling gay? How do you have so some knowledge of dick sucking and buttslamming Ryan? Its ok to come out of the closet Ryan we all understand. You know, theres some teen gay help groups out there Ryan maybe you should go into those mssge boards and speak your mind there and you'll have something in common with them, since all you and think and post about is all you gay comments. Check into might help your little insecure sexual problem you having. By the way Ryan, have a great Christmas and maybe your boyfriend will "stuff your stocking" for you. 

Posted by metallica7:
OverLord Swallows

Posted by ryan:
killers U Are the biggest peice of sh*t to walk this earth since hitler and osama bin ladin and dont mistake me u gay coksuker but i know u secretly buttfu*k osama every night, anybody who hates me gets a fu*king beat round the head, and obviously a stupid coksuker like you would make such a fool of yourself, i suppose you listen to Pimp Shi*zkitt, Dead-house, Nelly Furtartdo, Slutney Spears, Slutina F@guleria and Gay 182, so why dont u go and watch your gay @$$ trl and watch n'sync cos i know a coksuker like you would drool over this gay boyband


Posted by OverLord:
Metallica sucks!


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