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long live punk rock!
as a follow up to my last comment i would like to add that MUTT's chin is hideously deformed. rock on metal-heads! sex pistols all the way!

rock on anti-mutt! have made some very interesting comments about johnny theodore rzeznik of the goo goo dolls. kudos to you and your realization that he is a pot-bellied boozehound with a deformed right pinkie. it is really quite gross. the nickname "Mutt" that you have given to him is very suiting. he should be called that at all times. have you ever heard of the song "love is a MUTT FROM HELL" by wheatus? i think that that song speaks to any teenybopper -mutt-obsessed fans. and the song "mutt" by blink 182 is perfect for johhny goo also. him and his girlfriend, who i heard likes to be called TRUFFLES, are quite the couple. he, the drunken master, and her, who likes to play fetch with her kit-ty cats. and by the way, ROBBY is the man for me. his gut is mightily attractive, and the fur on his head is too! he is mine so everyone else, LAY OFF! sex pistols forever, long live johnny rotten! whooooooo!

i would like to offer my apologies. i am just jealous. johnny goo is soooooooo hot and sexy, and i fully regret any comments i may have made that have offended any of you. i am a fellow johnny lover. teenyboppers forever! i even have a tattoo across my stomach that says "Mrs. Rzeznik: on it, so call me obssessed. anyway, you guys, just rock on, okay! once again, my utmost apologies - i was only jealous of his girlfriend, the soap star, because shes so much prettier and refined than i could ever hope to be. byebye now! luv, johnnie's wannabe groupie

I love the Goos so much and the interview was great! I love the Goos and there is nothing in this damn world that can chage that!

Great interview, Robby seems to be areally down to earth guy, where sucess has'nt affected him. They are a great band, and I wish them every success. Also I would like to see them back in Sydney Australia sooner rather than latter.

Big Sister
Thanx for the great interview and greetings from Austria-Goo rock! 

I really love the GGD! My PIC that I entered into the contest was aone of the finalists. Check out sep. 26 daily goo. well, I have always been fighting with myself over who I love more. Robby or John. It depends on my mood. Lately Iv'e been wanting someone who makes me laugh, so I'd go with robby...for now. And by the way, if Robby is reading this, i want to say that I apologize over how desperate this may look, but i have been caught in the trap, and now I just cannot get you guys out of my head. I read these things where people say "Oh, I only got to spend half an hour with them." MAN, I would consider it to an honor just to wave to them, and these people are bitching about only 30 min. Well, GTG, Love Forever-Alyse. P.S. Robby, when you come to lincoln again (What the hell have you been drinkin) give me a call or something, so I know I'm not wasteing my already pathatic life on a dream that will never come true.

Mrs. Rob Thomas
This is really very interesting...I'd love to talk to some of you people sometime...and Go-Go, the only one I wanna get my pilfering little talons into is Rob I said, I'd love to alk to you. You all are very right...John Rzeznik is incredibly sexy, and have you seen?? I was SOO happy that he's getting some of the credit he deserves on Vh1's Music's 25 sexiest...along with my husband any of you guys like Matchbox 20? e-mail me at Sci Fi is another of my very numerous passions. and anti-Mutt, stay away from here FOREVER!! we don't need your sh!t here!!

John Rzeznik = Mutt

Just call me Mrs. Takac....enough said.

The Goo Goo Dolls are the most real and down to earth band ever! They're SO talented.. not to mention SEXY!..Robby is such a sweet guy...I LOVE THEM!!!!

hey anti-mutt, you're just jealous. Looks have nothing to do with it, neither does gender or sexual preferance, f*ck off : )

Dear anti-mutt.....I would love to chat with you about the rude message you left here for the GOO's....YOU...are disgusting and should stay the heck away from sites about the Goo's if you hate them so much!! Furthermore I am insulted...being their number 1 fan....Let me at YOU!!!!

john is so disgusting he thinks hes a woman. its really funny when people who prefer the same gender try so hard to be straight. mike is the only good one "i like hitting stuff. everything else is overrated." john should definitely not be allowed to make any more of his kind. and don't get me started on robby. he looks like the penguin. people should be objective and realize how horrendous "johnny goo" and robby are.

angela goo
I just wanted to say that this was a great interview. I love the Goo goo dolls and of course I love Johnny and I feel that Robby and Mike are always shoved aside! As much as I love Johnny, I love the Goos all equally and I love their songs and albums and everything! I have only been to one goo concert and it was the biggest thrill of my life! The Goos are great Musicians and they are just awesome! is there anything else u really need to know? 

Psycho Rzez
I love the Goo Goo Dolls. I'm a really big fan. You guys rock the planet!!!!

Leigh Ann
Robby's the man, I'm a hugge goo fan and I just smile whenever I think of him cuz he's just such a funny guy who really is legitly nice to the fans. Much love to the Goos.

Robby is the hottest man alive!!!!! Lord Above!!! if i were human, i would be ALL OVER HIM. his hair...his eyes.....his belly..I WANT HIM!!!!!!!

robbys quite an interesting specimen-its disgusting how all these little girls want to get their pilfering little talons into john

John ti amo ti adoro mi fai impazzire!!!I LOVE YOU ..YOU ARE THE COOLEST MAN I'VE EVER SEEN!!!WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO COME BACK IN ITALY???(i'm sorry for my bad english) JOHN SEI BONO!!!!!!!

WOW i LOVE them so much!!!! i know john is way older than me but dont you think he is HOTT!!! (ROBBY is COOL)

buffalo wha! Buffalo wha! (EMinem from dr dres new single) goos rock and im glad there from my home town buffalo!!!!!!!!!!

I think this interview was awsome. It's really nice to hear what Robby really thinks about everything. He's a great guy and anyhting he has to say is perfect.

Cool interview...I really like reading the interviews where I feel like I can get a feel for the guy's personality as well as get answers to interesting questions....good job! 

tapilla - what my friends call me
robby is a really engaging personality and debie brought that out and highlighted it really well. and thank god someone finally asked relevant musical questions!

Laura Cruise
My musical inspirations are the Goo Goo Dolls, I think their ( Robby and John) songwriting is purely magical and the way they perform it is truly a sight to see...After hearing an old album, I got inspired to take up guitar and I couldn't be happier...someday I will meet them and I will thank them for being such a great positive infulence on my life... oh, and thanks Robby for making lots of faces at me in Cincinnati... Keep it real, Ms.Cruise

Great interview! Kudos to you. Prefer to see interview with Mike tho'. He is a very mysterious guy. Would love to know more abt him.

In all the years I've been a fan of the Goo Goo Dolls, and it's been a long time, I've never seen an interview solely with Robby and I'm so happy to! As much as I love hearing about John, there are only so many times you can hear the same stuff over and over again. And Robby is the same way with his fans, I met him, John and Mike at a concert a few months ago, and even though I only spent about 30 mins with them, Robby was the friendliest and funniest. Thank you for showing the rest of the world this wonderful person! 

that was really good! Can you feature an interview with john? I love the goo goo dolls!

Cool interview. . .I like hearing from the whole band, ofcourse not much with Mike but there will be something in the future because he is an awesome drummer!!! :o) Goos Rock Forever!

Great interview. Very casual very real, great questions.

"Em Elbmuh"
i loved the article! robbys so, so sweet! ive always loved him! hes my idol and my role model! even though i dont have a favorite doll, i think robby is the funniest and definitely the cutest! you cant get any sexier than robby! And i love it when he screams on his album. im a heavy metal girl (which is weird becuz my favorite song is name) and i just love the goos early stuff (and of course their new stuff too)! im always interested in hearing what robby has to say. you know, he seems to say meaningful things and talk more when the rest of the band isnt around. i guess thats becuz everyone wants to talk to johnny. how could anyone not want to talk to robby?! well, i know i do! love ya robby!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

i loved the article. i hear a lot from john. but, it's not often you get yo hear from robby or mike. so, i think it's really interesing to hear what thy have to say also. love ya goo's!!!

Stacy Goo
Thank you for this wonderful Robby interview!!! It's wonderful to read his words!! He just kicks....

This is a really good interview. Robby is such a sweetie! I'm so glad to see people finally recognizing him in the band (since Vh-1 seems to focus more on John... not that there's anything wrong with John, but the rest of the band needs recognition too! If it wasn't for Robby, there probably wouldn't be a band!). Thanks for the terrific interview :)

Rhonda Rzeznik 
This was very interesting to read and you are very lucky. I wrote the Goo Goo Dolls but they still haven't written me back I wish they would because I really Love them so much ezpecially John whoah! He could be my Doll any day. 

Rhonda Welch
I think this was very interesting and cool I wish I could talk to Robby or any of the Goo Goo Dolls.

Isn't robby such a sweetheart?! To me, I think of Robby as a big teddybear. I love how he has such a great sense of humor, is extremly motivated (and helps motivates Johnny when he needs it) and he's just a REAlly great guy! I would do ANYTHING to meet the Goo Goo Doll's just once for One second!!! They are the greatest band to EVER set foot on the earth. If you're reading this John, Robby, or Mike... I'm lovin you guys!! haha :c) 

okay..they cut my comments off...I was just saying that once you see the goos once, you gotta see them again and again and again!! we'd love to hear more about the guys cause us fans cannot get enough GGD!!

this is such an awesome interview!!! thank you so much for it!! Robby is truly an adorable and sweet guy..the Goos are a really great band, and they ROCK THE STAGE!!!! their concerts are sooo awesome...once you go to one of their concerts, you gotta go to

Awesome interview! Since november of '98 I have seen the Goo Goo Dolls four times, all totally amazing sets, might i add. I'm only 15 but i date back as a fan to 1989. All three of the Goos interact so much with the crowd, they're a really down to Earth band. If you haven't had the chance to see them, trust me, do it!!!It is worth every penny! They rock!

I loved this interview. Now you need to ask Mike some Q's. He's so interesting & has alot to say but we never get to hear him speak.

I really liked this interview. Robby, John & Mike are three very talented people and I love their music. They've been through a lot and I'm happy to see them still making great music!

melissa bakley
i love you so much, more than life itself

This interview is great!!! I think its cool taht not all interviewers are affected by "Lead singer syndrome" and are willing to interview other members of a GREAT band!!

vanessa ny
please get a convo with john cause he is my fave and i would love to hear what he has to say about the band and sucess!! thanx for your time and effort and good luck!!!!please e-mail me if you get anything!!my e-mail is: thanx again!!!! :0)

puli zahotti
the feature was cool. i like hearing somthing from robby and not just johnny. GGD Rules!!!!!!!!!

Hi,I am a fan from way back. I go all the way back to Jed. Goo Goo Dolls are an incredible band and I think they deserve all the credit in the world. They have been rocking the house for years and it's about time they are getting their recogniziation! The concerts from the past were unforgettable and completely amazing. Sometimes I wish I could go and see them perform live like the way it was in the early 90's when they were playing songs like "there you are",and "two days in february". Dont get me wrong. I think their new stuff is great but i just wish that all the new fans will get all their old stuff because it was great and appreciate all their fantastic music. :o)


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