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Roger Miret & The Disasters - My Riot Review

by Russ the Punk

Praise Allah for Roger Miret. The semi-underground punk scene - which is getting less and less "under" these days - has needed a few good kicks in the ass and this might be one of them. For those of you unaware, Roger Miret is a holdover from Agnostic Front; and if you've never heard of Agnostic Front, well, damn, I don't know what to tell you. Roger Miret and the Disasters, though superficially quite similar to many other Epitaph "products," is just a wee bit different in that they possess souls. Tough s***, sellouts, there's got to be a few real rockers left in this cancerous genre and you're witnessing one of them.

80's hardcore aside, this is a good album in its own right. The sound is catchy, 180 beats-per-minute punk rock at its genesis, very reminiscent of the old-school, the kind of music that puts people like me to work today. This ought to appeal well to traditionalists and people with good taste in music, to name a few; although there's nothing groundbreaking or revolutionary, it's still a solid album and it neither dwells upon nor forgets its past. Some key tracks are "Ramones," "f*** You," an aptly worded title, "My Riot," and "Ones Were Warriors." Well, in retrospect, "f*** You" doesn't exactly contribute to the album as much as a key track should, but hell, I liked it and there are a couple ex-girlfriends I wouldn't mind playing it for.

On the overall, this is an album worth a listen and a space in the disorganized, anarchic pile of thoroughly-played CD's in your room. I'll give it a 7.6.

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Roger Miret & The Disasters - My Riot

Label:Sailor's Grave Records

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