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Ozzfest 2002 - Diary Of A Mad Band – Neurotica Tour Diary! 

Get the inside story of Ozzfest from Neurotica's Kelly Shaefer. 

Week Nine - Final Week

San Bernardino, Cali

First news of the day comes as I awake today, the Ozzfest “After Tour” party is happening tonight and it stands to be a doozy!! I know we cannot wait!! at the risk of sounding redundant, I will spare you all of the “we had a great set today” shit and get down to the party hahahah, the crowd was really great, I had wondered if they were gonna be like the kids were in northern cali, not that those kids were not cool, its just that they were so “high” that they appeared laid back hahahah no I am just kidding! Its really great to be out here in LA its such a star factory you know? after we played(had a fun one) I headed over to catering cause I knew it would be a star studded event, I made it over in time to watch Tommy Lee for the first time, as I approached side stage I saw nikki sixx coming with his wife Donna D’errico, he appeared just as he did in all of those crue videos, still sort of rolling in all his 80’s glory, its strange that Tommy has sort of stayed “relevant” but Nikki still appears to me as 80’s don’t get me wrong, I have respect for nikki, I loved “shout at the devil” and “too fast for love” those were good times in my life so I have fond memories of those tunes! it was interesting to me to be standing in LA side stage while Tommy was playing, (Lita (Amy) was here again today with us as well hanging out) and looking across to the other side of the stage and seeing Nikki Sixx watching Tommy play, he seemed “amused” and entertained as he watched them play “Shout at the devil” I thought that maybe Nikki would have come out to jam it with him, after Tommy’s set I was hanging and ran into nikki,I introduced myself and we chatted for a bit about Vince and his belligerent rantings lately, and his current drunken status, he said its a shame cause he and Tommy had talked about how cool it would be to do it one more time, but with the shape of Vince, it would be hard to do, just hard to deal with him like he is, I am quite sure and could tell by the sound of his voice that they had dealt with that shit for to long already, so I can understand why he would be reluctant to jump on that train again so to speak. he said how cool it would be to do it at Ozzfest next year, I guess we will see soon enough if they pull it together again. saw alot of “stars” today it was very cool, an energy only LA can bring right?? ran into some guys we met a few years ago in a band called “Naive” they just signed a deal with Maverick and they were just getting to town to start recording their record. I also saw my old friend George Lynch from the Lynch mob/Dokken, we did like 2 weeks with him about 3 years ago, we also did a few songs together for a side thing that we were gonna do together, but I was not contractually able to do it, but it was fun cause I had been a fan of his playing and it was cool for him to send me these songs he had and all I had to do was lay some vocals on it and...well shit I was a teenager of the 80’s so that shit meant something to me hahaha!! We watched some of Ozzy’s set tonight, he appeared rested and glad to be close to home, it was cool to watch zack’s solo with George lynch hahaha that was kind of fucking surreal!! I could not wait for the party to begin, I had heard it was gonna be the shit, plus it would be a great chance for us all to get fucked up together. they were setting up tents and shit, it looked as though they had some good shit planned, we headed on over to check out the part, it was laid out pretty sweet, with full catering , and a couple of bars serving everything you could think of. Another tent had a d.j. and some stages set up in the corners of the room, this would be where the naked dancer girls would be “entertaining” 170+ metal musicians and friends, it was pretty tight security, you had to have these “special’ little arm bands to get in, earlier in the day I saw Kelly Osbourne running around passing them out to all of her friends, we all got 12 per band so we were able to hook up a few friends, when we got there DOWN was there at a table, we were there, APEX THEORY, PULSE ULTRA, and a few others, it was still a bit light, we got some food and some drinks and settled into a table and just hung out for a bit, after the first round of drinks it started humming a bit more, we headed into the tent with the d.j and it was starting to jump in there, the dancers were dancing for free for who ever wanted a dance, we watched Tommy walk in , he was smiling ear to ear, it seemed at this point that people were drinking lots of the free tequila shots that the girls were passing around forcibly hahaha, we walked over to the one stage where we found Jack Osbourne getting the dance of a lifetime, he had 2 totally naked girls on him, going down on each other on Jack’s face, it was insane, after his dance he jumped up right in front of me and looked and me all “flustered” and smiling, he said “FUCKING HELL!!! THAT WAS GREAT!! we were all laughing at the look on his face, this kid is 16 yrs old and having the time of his life, I am not sure he has EVER had a dance like that. these girls were out of control, it appeared that they may have been high dollar call girls, cause these guys were having there way with these girls while they were dancing for them. we strolled back out to get another drink, by this time EVERYONE but ozzy was there, ROB ZOMBIE AND BAND, MESHHUGAH, HATEBREED fucking everyone was trashed, we noticed the head of production for all of ozzy’s tours this guy named “Opie” he was hammered along with Dr Evil who is Pulse ultra’s Tour manager, they started a small food fight with Jack Osbourne it started small and got crazy quick, all of this good ass food was being wasted, thrown all over jack, he ran to his bus to get a change of clothes, we rolled back in just in time to see Opie and some other guys coming in the tent with a big ass bowl of macaroni salad, he quickly ran up and dumped it all over the girls who were right in the middle of a dance, they did not see who did it, but they were fucking pissed off!!! it kind of threw a damper on the whole thing actually, the d.j guy was sort of calling us all out like we fucking did it, nobody saw Opie and company come running in, they got out quick so this d.j. guy thought it was one of the bands, we would have never have done that cause it was GREAT!!! we figured oh well there is still another stage with 2 other girls so everyone herded over to the other side just in time for those fuckers to come running in again, this time it was Dr Evil who did the dumping and when he did that the music stopped the whole thing just came to a GRINDING STOP!!!! Here is the funny part, Jack comes running into the tent full speed, freshly re-dressed ready for another lap dance and he looks over at thestage and its covered with all of this fucking food, he was PISSED he was yelling WHO FUCKING DID IT, I WILL PERSONALLY KICK THERE FUCKING ASS!! hahaha we were like....... we could not say cause the guy who did it was the boss of the whole tour and not a guy to be snitching out hahaha, jack was bummed and so were we. we all rolled our drunken asses out to the outside part of the party for more drinks, myself, pepper keenan, Val(head of security) proceeded to drink from the bottle of some seagrams blllaaahhh I had one shot and got the fuck outta that circle hahaha me and kelso were hanging and we looked behind us and it was rob zombie, Tommy lee, and everyone in a big group around where we were standing, got to chat with Tommy for a bit, I always wanted to meet that guy so it was cool , I told him that as well, he was FUCKED up and so were we, it was cool to see rob zombie getting hammered, it was a very loose cool ass party, we thanks the osbournes for the hospitality, it was a great time, we staggered our asses back to bus for a smoke out and that was it, LA was SLAMMIN!!! good night!!!!!!
Jager Party (san diego /day off)

We were invited to come to the jager band party at Rick zeiler’s house in a really nice part of southern cali, and we were all about laying around the pool, and having a bbq, we showed up at 1:00 right on time so us and ill nino were the first to arrive, those guys are all cool as shit and we have become close with them out here, we all see each other at the tents everyday, so we kicked it around the pool, jay from Otep showed up with his girl Ashley, they are really cool people!!! 

We love hanging out with them!! Ricks house was very very nice and his wife was such a great host, it was like being at home again, we had some fat ass steaks and chicken, swam in the pool , had some great conversation, the boys in switched showed up, another bunch of cool as motherfuckers, we like them a lot, they are super energetic, and I love the songs. it was a really cool laid back day, Rick had this really cool dog named birdie, who loved to swim in the pool, he also had mini golf course in his back yard, we were all showing our horrible skills at golf, all drunken trying to make it in the hole, it was pathetic ha-ha kicked it in the Jacuzzi as well, man that felt good for all of us, you get fucking sore out here! we would like to thanks the zeilers for there hospitality, it was a great day off, we are fully prepared for battle tomorrow in sand diego, it should be fun, they have never had an ozzfest!!! 

San Diego, Cali (show day) 

We heard san diego was gonna be cool, cause they had never had one before, and of course its southern California so it has to be slammin right?? to be honest this day rolled by almost blindly, I know that sounds stupid, but I hate to be redundant in my writings hahaha, we met a lot of cool people today we felt great about the show again, the songs are just working really great, cool things are just magically happening during our sets between us and the crowd, its a really great drug like experience for sure!, I wish we could like roll for another 2 weeks of ooziest shows, it would be sweeet! we are getting near the end and its fucking sad as shit, this whole thing has been such an amazing experience, I could never really fully explain in this journal what this has all meant to us, it would sound corny as shit, but its really gonna be hard to leave this tour, all of the bands really shared a lot of time together, hell I think I will even miss “The Used” hahaha Bert is a cool kid!! I sure hope we get to do this again next year, shit that is my new goal, get this shit rolling with a new label, record a new record and get this ship floating down ozzfest lane next year!! SHHHHIT!!! wait FIRST you guys have to go out and purchase our record, that’s it, you see its a 2 way street man, if you all by our record, then we can come back on the tour next year, SO I BEG OF YOU HAHAHAHAHA anyways we hung out all day blah blah blah watched ozzy that is always sweet!! actually like system’s set tonight it sounded really crisp and tight! ok gonna jet cheeeeers!!!! we are gonna hit Sedona Arizona tomorrow, its one of my favorite places on earth!! cannot wait!!

Woke up, got off the bus and and BAAAAAM!! there it was Sedona fucking Arizona, we were here, this place is just so gorgeous, its all red rock mountains and ancient Indian territory, with these amazing spiritual vortex’s we were determined to climb one of the mountains to one of the many vortex’s and play our African djembe drums. I rented a car so we could sort of drive around and check it out, the scenery here is so amazing I recommend heading over and checking out some pics of the red rock mountains online and you will see what I mean!!! we cruised around went and got something to eat, and then headed back to the hotel, showered up and went to see some Indian ruins and burial grounds with some off duty tour guide from Sedona, we followed his truck through some serious terrain! saw some burial grounds and shit and then we decided we wanted to just got to the vortex before it got dark, so we headed that way parked in front of “Bell mountain” and started a 1.1 mile trek up to the vortex with our drum bags, drinks and smoke, now we smoke a lot so we are not like the “hiking” type of band, Shawn is he is always riding bikes and shit, but the rest of us huffed and puffed our way to the top of the mountain, fired up, smoked out and started drumming till it got dark, it was so fucking amazing, I cannot even describe the view from up there and the juice we were getting while playing was sweet!!! Now came the scary part, we had to walk back down the mountain another mile in the DARK in the desert with no idea where we are going hahaha it was really dark, along the way we saw a shooting star that shot from one side of the sky to the other and we were at such an elevation, that it appeared as though the star was very close to hitting the mountain, it was amazing, I was so glad at that moment that we had stopped here for the day off, we left one of our discs at the top on the vortex for spiritual guidance, hopefully it will help us find a new label quick, we are no longer on smackdown records, we must keep our momentum going coming off this tour, we have sold a lot of records being out here so it should be appealing to another label to pick us up for there roster, we hope our ,manager and lawyer can make it happen so we can get back out on tour son after this, smackdown was cool to let us go, they were not going to be able to do the day to day shit required to be a rock label, so by letting us go, it gives us a chance to keep rolling with all of the good things that are currently going on with neurotica, our video is done, we got a lot of gas in our tank so to speak so we hope to have that hooked up sooooon! we found our way down the mountain and headed back to the hotel for some much needed rest after all that hiking and shit, I did some of my diary shit and hit the sack!! we will leave for phoenix while I am sleeping cheers!! 
Phoenix (show day)

I knew it was gonna be hot as shit today, while we are from Florida, this shit is hard to breathe in, much less PLAY hahah today was fucking GREAT!! the shows over the last.... 5 shows, we have really reached a level where we are machine like, we are out there with total control over our set, its a great feeling for sure, I wish we had another tour we could jump on another tour from here, that would be amazing!!! we will have to see what happens over the next few weeks, if any of you label folk are reading this, lets talk!!! hehehehe.....anyways our set was really fun, super enthusiastic metal heads, singing there asses off, I like it one way has become quite the live tune, we were not even playing it early on in the tour, I am glad we finally came to our senses!! man it was ssoooooooooo hot on stage, crazy hot!! our signings were brutal in the desert, it was great to meet the phoenix folk, shit its great to meet you all, we really enjoy that part of all of this, at the end of the day we are all celebrating music, you as a listener and us as a provider, and one cannot truly be great without the other, so meeting people to us, is super important to us, its what keeps us going really! if we play somewhere and we have to leave right after the show to drive a long distance...tha tfucking sucks for us, we feel like we did not actually get to play cause the chain of juice has been broken hahahah. migwells bro jimmy is here today with his girl, it was good to see him again, the last time we played here the crowd was thin to say the least, its nice to play for these big ass crowds. man its so dusty out here its killing my lungs, I have noticed that its very hard on my throat in some of these western cities, mostly the really hot dry climate is tough, in Florida its always humid, which is good for singing. did the usual today, hung out at the jager tent for a bit for some shots, this will be one of the last shows we can drink jager at, cause the laws of Texas are....different!!! wind was whipping around quite a bit tonight, and man it was super fucking hot still, this would be hard weather to live in, I need a beach man!!! I love the ocean!! we have quite a long drive to san Antonio about 1000 miles I think, our driver mark will have to pull an all nighter, our drum tech Scotty who we acquired since we got out here, is from san Antonio, he is excited for us to go there and see his friends and stomping grounds the union underground boys are from here as well, we have played with them a few times, good band! we blew it out to san Antonio we have a drive day off tomorrow, hopefully we will get into san Antonio at a descent hour so we can check it out, have showers and shit!!! goooood night all!!! 
Day off (driving to San Antonio)

Got into Texas tried to stop at this bank to pay everyone, and we walk in and the lady behind the desk gets up and goes behind the know the bank podium thing hahaha and we said we need a cash advance for 2500 bucks, but before I could get my wallet out, she said YOU CAN ONLY GET 200 DOLLARS AND IT WILL COST YOU 5 DOLLARS!!!! I thought oh shit here we go, miss fucking judgmental, you know that shit is not right!1 you can always get more than 200 bucks when there is PLENTY of dough in the account, she was just looking at us and thinking we were beneath her. its EXACTLY! what ALL MY FRIENDS CRUSH YOU IS ALL ABOUT, I really wanted to make a video with some shit with us going in a bank and fucking shit up cause, it seems that they think that musicians are sub human or something. I mean what the fuck does Phil Anselmo do when he goes to the bank, the guy is a fucking MILLIONAIRE!!  but I would be willing to bet that he has the same problem we have, fuck those people, that’s what I mean lyrically with ALL MY FRIENDS CRUSH YOU!! My friend Phil could buy and sell that bitch 4 times over right?? hahahah who is she to judge me or him, how does she know if we have money, just by the clothes we have on, she thought we were “scamming” her with a fake card or something! I was pissed off, we did not have time to fuck around, I asked her if she had a card, she said firmly NO!!!! As I exited this stupid ass bank, I yelled loudly GO FUCK YOURSELF in this ultra conservative bank full of customers and not a person under 50 in the joint, I realize shit we are in a bank, kelso was like dude we gotta go, we have weed , we cannot have the cops coming here and shit, so I quickly got on the bus and we were about to go and we realized that “rollo” was not on the bus, he was at the store next to the bank FFFUCK!! luckily we got out of there without incident hehehe man we needed to get some dough so we could eat and shit, and it was to late to hit another bank, so basically we were screwed for the day on all of that, we will figure something out I guess, got a shower in san antonio, we got in around 8:00 p.m. went out to a place we had played about 2 ½ years ago it was then called WACKY’S its now called STRUTTERS, there were a few punk bands playing, and I am not a fan of Punk, some of it is cool in moderation, but these bands were not tolerable, we had a couple of beers and grabbed some pizzas and headed back to the bus, our friend Al is in town today with us, he flew in to finish out the tour with us. we chowed and crashed, should be a good show!!!!

Awoke in a fucking hurricane today, it had hit early in the morning in Galveston, but we got hit with some serious winds, when I awoke it had already been storming for some time, and the place was flooded out, we got a memo from ozzfest that said we could play or we could not play, we of course were fired up about it, it sucked for our crew guys, but we had a great time in the rain, it actually stopped by the time we hot the stage at 12:45 today, we get to finish off the tour in some sweet ass time slots, tomorrow we go on at the last show at 1:05 that will be a great way to end it. today its really setting in that we have done it, we fucking did ozzfest, did not miss a show, no major problems, we weathered colds and flu, and now a hurricane hahaha I just feel proud to have completed this thing! it seems that Bert from “the used” was hanging out with Kelly and jack last night and did not make it in time for there show today, they go on right before us, so we were wondering what was gonna happen with our set, we really wanted to get on and have fun in the storm, they held shit up for a minute, but Andy the stage mgr finally called them off, I think you should all know how I feel about not showing up cause you were partying.... oh well that shit will never happen with this band! his band was pissed, so anyway we go on and its just crazy, KIDS WERE SOAKED AND MUDDY it was a great vibe, they were more than willing to do as I asked them, and that makes for a fun rock and roll show for sure. I did get hit in the stomach with a full bottle of water though hahaha I had my fucking eyes shut so I could not see who did it, MAN I WISH JUST ONCE I COULD CATCH THEM hahah I always have my fucking eyes shut!! it seems that pulse ultra’s bass player had an emergency and had to leave the tour, so jay from otep learned 3 of there songs last night and played with them this morning at 9:30 and then played with his band otep right after that hahaha he is great!!! he is always there for everyone, he helped us on stage today, we always have some kind of problems while on stage and was helping tune basses and whatever needed to be done hahaha he is very humble and one of the coolest guys I know! there were no signings today cause of the bad weather, so we just hung out on the bus till the rain subsided, me and kelso got caught in the fucking rain on the way to lunch, we got soaked head to toe, it was a long ass walk to catering, we had tacos today, after getting totally drenched, we got to catering and kelso was like THESE FUCKING TACOS BETTER BE GOOD!!! saw our boy Dave from ADEMA had lunch with him and the brits who work with the lost prophets, stubbs and shit I cannot remember the other guys name, he is very cool though. we went back and watched a very memorable DOWN set today, Phil was in RARE form, he was talking some funny ass shit on stage, most of us try to catch there set everyday cause Phil is so entertaining, he is what a rock frontman should be a fucking entertainer, that’s what I like about him....HE’S BADFUCKINGASS! the ps2 guys gave us a new game today to try out, I cannot wait to check it out. I decided I better get over to pick up some tour shirts before they are all sold out, I have heard that we will all get like an ozzfest “care  package” but I did not want to take any chances so I headed over to stand in line, 25 minutes later I am still fucking standing there, then someone butts in line, so I am like shit man, should I pull rank no I must respect the ozzfest pass, and not say anything, I waited and finally scored a tour shirt that had our logo on the back(sweeeeet) and another design called “gruesome twosome” with ozzfest ‘02 on the back, and one for my girl who I miss terribly, I got her the cool ass white babydoll glittering ozzfest tour shirt, I hope she digs it, I am close to being home and seeing my girl, my dogs, my house, my friends, I am glad I have this diary to remember all of this, and to keep me from telling the storied of the tour 1000 times hahahah I can just say READ THE DIARY, oddly enough it seems a shitload of people have been touring with us so to speak, and I thank you all for that!, I think it was a really strong part of how a lil ole band from Sarasota took it to the countryside on fucking OZZFEST!!! Tomorrow is fucking it!!! the last show, we are bumming!! mixed emotions really. got me a tour book , its like our fucking school of metal YEARBOOK!!I have to try to get as many to sign I as possible!!, its not really my style to seek autographs, but fuck it, I would like as many as possible to sign it for remembrance, I find myself digging shit like that these days, my bday is in a few days on sept 13th perhaps I am changing a bit eh??? I have also been trying to get my pic taken with as many as possible to help me remember all these fuckers! we have a 4 hour drive to Dallas so we will be here till 2 am I spent the latter part of this evening writing to you!!!! I have done my best to write down as much of hat happens daily as possible, when I get time, I am going to go back into this and embellish on some of the things that happened out here, when I have more time to fill in the blanks, believe me this is only a highlight reel of what it was like for us, we will treasure it forever! alright I am done for the day, tune in for the last day, we heard to be on the look out for pranks and shit FFFUCK! 
Dallas , TEXAS last SHOW

Well here we are, the last show, its been some ride man, I will never forget this tour, it has been a huge thing for us, we go on today at 1:05, that’s a great time slot for the last show, its still raining and miserable out, but the crowd is huge and VERY fired up!!! I can tell that everyone was really bumming about having to leave this tour, we have all become really close out here, and I think its always a drag when you are going 100 miles per hour and then suddenly come to a screeching halt!! since we are now no longer gonna be dealing with smackdown record any longer, we are shopping for a new deal, so we have not planned any more tours just yet, we need to though, but we will be doing some Florida shows when we get back. any how, today was full of fun shit even though it fucking rained sooo hard all day the kids were soaked and slamming it out, our set was one of the top 3 for us on the tour, we were just having so much fun and the crowd was loud as shit, as loud as any city in America, props to them, I was on the lookout while on stage to m ake sure I did not get hit with a pie or some shit haahahah, mushroom head came out and sill stringed “meshuggah” lost prophets set up a living room with chairs and newspapers and sat around the stage, pulse ultra had 3 different bass players today , there bass player had to leave the tour on short notice so evil j learned all 4 songs and jammed with them in san antonio, and the guy from meshuggah, evil jay, and...someone else played bass today!!! after a while it finally stopped raining for a little while, our friends in Otep are leaving right after there set today, we will miss those guys/girls really fucking cool ass people, we all said our goodbyes to them, really just did that shit all day, went over to catering one last time, watched some football my bucs were playing and we have the nfl ticket on the bus which is sweeeeet, but they fucking lost blah blah blah. basically for the rest of the day I went around to the mushroomhead guys, pulse ultra, lost prophets etc etc and said my personnel good byes to them all, it was a drag man, this thing should travel year round I think heheh!! the “switched” guys found a club with a full bar attached to the venue so we decided we would all go there and drink up silly!! myself and our tour mgr kelso went in for a beer, saw dimebag Darrel, and vinnie from pantera with security in tow walking through the club, will from Tommy lee’s band was there as well as several other bands from the tour, we hung out for a beer and then split to watch ozzy one last time, I watched from several locations, eventually ending up on the front row to the left so I would not get all wet from Ozz’s water guns. well it seems that while we were watching the show, someone from the DOWN camp had an altercation in the bar, migwell our bass player was there, he had just gotten his bloody mary from the bar 8 bucks worth mind you, and he was trying to salvage his drink when all hell broke loose, check this shit out, if you are a fan of the UFC ultimate fighting series, you will know the name “Ken Shamrock” well he was in the bar and it seems that he got into a FIGHT with the head security guy from Pantera, and this motherfucker was about 6’10 with a big ass cowboy hat, migwell said chairs were flying glass was raining everywhere, he said it was like worse than a bar room brawl at the movies, meanwhile migwell is trying to save his  drink, since he was on his last bit of drinking $$ hahaha so he managed to get out unscathed, but “Switched’s mgr who is also drowning pool’s mgr as well got sliced by a beer bottle and had to go to the hospital by ambulance, he suffered a huge cut on the side of his face, fucking crazy right!! well here is the kicker, while the fight was in full swing the speakers in this club were playing sounds from the stage, so you could actually hear the show while partying in this bar, now if you have seen ozzy’s show , you know that Zack does this sick ass solo right in the middle of the set, its a ripping solo, very cool to hear, well while the fight was going on zack’s solo was cranking out of the speakers like fuel for the fight hahaha migwell said it was fucking crazy cause the more shredding it got the worse the fight got, so they finally stopped the speakers and got everything under control, pretty crazy eh?? we met back up at the busses and wrapped it up, we split around 1:00 a.m and started our long ass journey back to Florida. I want to thank you all for riding along this summer with us through this diary, it has been a treat for me to be able to journal the escapades, I would like to shout out all of the kids from the “Village of the damned” for making it through the tour, they were all very cool to us, I would also like to thank jerry, Mel and Dave and all of the AMAZING crew guys who set this shit up show after show with out fault, you guys are the very best at what you do, thanks to tom the monitor guy as well for everything, I would like to extend my sorrow to the guys from drowning pool, we saw c.j at the last 3 shows, it was cool he rode out the tour with us all. Dave Williams was a cool ass motherfucker, and he will be very missed, all in all I will never really be able to explain what this summer meant to us, it made our band tighter and more pro than we ever could have achieved by going on a normal club tour, we got to tour with the best of the best in metal and we will always be grateful for that, so this is it for now, I will continue to update weekly, telling you about where neurotica will be going, how the Florida show are going etc, once again thanks to all who have been reading this, be sure and write me a letter letting me know what you thought of the diary ok??? is my email addy, I will answer ALL emails personally so write me, this is Kelly signing off from ozzfest 2002 cheeeeeeeers!!!! 

A big thanks to Kelly for keeing us in the know with his tour diary all summer! 

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