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Dead Man's Root - Mouthbreather Review

by Mike Rapin

Dead Man's Root has to be my favorite unsigned band ever---hands down. I know I say that a lot, but seriously, 'hands down' these guys are totally incredible. Lucky for me, they have released a debut full-length titled Mouthbreather. I managed to enjoy some 'kick-arse-power-trio-gunna-kill-you-with-the-power-of-brutality' sh*t. Just imagine the Bible or some epic book about this album:

"In the beginning there was slaughter. A trio of men wielding only one weapon at a time sought to free the Mouthbreathers from tyranny. There was one who could wield a second weapon: Lord Ben De La Cour. It is he who sings the gospel and drives the six-stringed weapon, for it is law among all Mouthbreathers. The other two: the brethren of Lord Ben, Baron Alex, who only strikes his weapon to keep order among the three overlords and finally, there is the monarch known as Yanni from the family Georgiou; it is he who balances the three with his deep and powerful four-stringed weapon."

"It was in this day and age back when all began that a man named Herbert West came to challenge the trio of men. Every one heard the gospels and felt the power behind the ballad that surrounded the lands. The growls overwhelmed children and men of all likes. Beats like the hoofs of so many steer stomping in unison shook the walls of every house and scores of pure power and madness swirled out from each weapon in pure perfection; moving from chaos to conformity in a way that only a madman could construct. Then, suddenly, the world heard no more of Herbert West."

"In light of a terrible accident in the sea, a Sailor Song was cast out into the dark and cold depths of the never-ending ocean. As if producing some kind of sludge-like waste, the trio worked as one to gather the souls of those lost at sea in such a way that the creatures of the deep depths were woken. In a challenge to the trio, Lord Ben wielded his mighty voice to exclaim in such a way that no man would ever be taken by the sea again. It was then that sea attempted to fight back and the trio had no other alternative but to attack with speed and force... in the end, all was right in the world. "

"It began with four words: 'Indie Fags F**k Off.' Immediately, the trio established their position on the matter and worked together once again to reassure the people with great vigor that all was in control."

"At one point in time, Lord Ben seemed as if he had stooped into a rut with life. The locals called it 'Scales on Crow.' Although the reason behind this name is lost, it is apparent that a new style of gospel and score was in the mix from the trio. It was as if everything was older and bluer. An epic tale is to be told from this, but only in the tongues of the original scribes... "

"In what some would call a more traditional style of score, the trio faced an enemy called Steel Horse Blues (the plight). The mix of old and new scores only made the Mouthbreathers more powerful and the trio's enemy fell by the power of the score and the gospel of Lord Ben. Sadly, locals had no clue of this endeavor for it took place back before the existence of the trio. Back before the power of the weapons wielded by the trio had come to life, but this battle was possible only by..."

"Near the end of the rule of the Mouthbreathers, a resistance built and attempted to seize power from the trio. This was deemed 'March of the Dugong.' Lord Ben had made sure to supply the gospel to the people, thoroughly and in such a way that none could ignore, but when the Baron and Monarch joined him, all was set right in the world and the power of the trio flowed completely; not one man could doubt this..."

"The end of the Mouthbreathers came by what was known as Iron Whale. A light shown slowly from the sky and the countering of this strange and mystical light from the trio was only effective in the beginning. Time grew longer and longer until the trio was left ever-fighting the light. Every man, woman and child came to witness this ongoing event. Time stood still in the minds of men; all women left no chores for their children, and not one child sought mischief. The battle raged on. The power was enormous. Massive waves collided with the lands. Winds tore trees from their roots. Fire licked upon the walls of castles and houses. Yet the trio battled onward, knowing this was their final battle. The speed intensified, and the light pushed its way onto the trio; further and further. The gospel of Lord Ben washed upon the soon-to-be deafened ears of all and felt the true power within the trio. It was then, in one solitary moment that the light took over the trio and the six-stringed weapon played its final ballad..."

Mouthbreather is what I expected of Dead Man's Root. Lo' and behold an album that should very well be purchased and listened to by all who are true metal fans. And by the power of the gods, may Dead Man's Root keep bringing us albums that I can write outrageous stories to.

Track Listing :
1. Herbert West
2. Sailor Song
3. Indie Fags F**k Off
4. Scales on Crow
5. Steel Horse Blues (the plight)
6. March of the Dugong
7. Iron Whale

Get more Rapin at http://www.mikerapin.com/

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Dead Man's Root - Mouthbreather


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