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Brazil - The Philosophy Of Velocity Review

by Mike Rapin

I had first heard of Brazil about 4 years ago on a sampler for Fearless Records and being a ninth grader, I was blown away by the awesomeness of the song "Monolithic," so when I saw that this band was releasing a new album I was damn excited. It turns out there have been some line-up changes and I'll come out and say that things may have gotten a bit "sh*tty."

Brazil's The Philosophy Of Velocity hit me like a bag of brick-shaped babies. I was quite confused to hear not-so-good-indie music in place of the alt-punk sound I was hoping for--yea, I just said alt-punk. Throughout the album I felt like my clothes should be more brown and made of wool, except for my pants which should be corduroys and still brown. Mind you, this music isn't terrible but instead a different genre of music than what I was really hoping for.

Jonathon Newby's vocal styling and sound are still what they were back in 9th grade: powerful. I was glad that that at least that didn't change. But really, outside of that one nuance, everything is just too damn mellow. The album progresses and things just begin to sound like a terrible Pink Floyd rip-off mixed with some typical indie piano or something of that nature.

This Philosophy Of Velocity is definitely something meant for sad kids and most definitely not for someone looking for an awesome time. I was bored for most of the album, but kept listening in hopes that something good would present itself, and it did... the end of the album.

Track Listing :
1. On Safe-Cracking and Rubella
2. Crime (and the Antique Solution)
3. You Never Know
4. The Vapours
5. Cameo
6. Candles (Cast Long Shadows)
7. Au, Revoir, Mr. Mercury
8. Captain Mainwaring
9. A Year in Heaven
10. The Remarkable Cholmondley Chute System
11. Breathe
12. Strange Days

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Brazil - The Philosophy Of Velocity

Label:Immortal Records

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