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Dryline - Reach for the Surface Review

by Mike Rapin

Oh boy, do I love metalcore bands, and I have to say that Dryline is becoming one of the bands I listen to when I'm in the need for a metalcore fix. Their latest release, Reach For The Surface, debuts with great sound and style. Opening the CD, Dryline gives purchase to a great start with speed and eventually the much-loved breakdown. "Last Day To Forget" seems quite to be a good fit for the first song of this CD.

"Cast For Your Heart" starts with a definitely As I Lay Dying sounding intro, but proceeds to a faster paced tone that goes right into an amazing breakdown. Oh how I love the breakdown in this song, but the breakdown is short lived as the song goes in a new direction with a chorus that is sung--which, to any listener, is a bit surprising coming from this band after hearing the lead vocalist scream. The song drops back into the faster paced tone again, with some blast beats, a pseudo-breakdown, and later gets to the chorus, but with screams and singing! Oh my! How good it sounds!

Dryline just gets better as the CD goes on. "Choke On The Air" punches you in the mouth with its instant action at the beginning of the song, then, with added back-up screams, comes back for more to finish the job; this all occurs within the first minute. After, an interlude jumps into the mix, followed by a mix of breakdown and interlude. "Reach for the surface" cries lead singer Aaron, and the listener can only attempt to reach. The song slows down, but only to again, punch the listener with incredible screams, drum-beats, riffs and tone.

"First and Ten" steps into a whole different realm with its intro that sounds like too many offtones, yet it is still good. The song ends up turning into a beatdown, which leads into your typical chorus, but then adds in some of the most spectacular guitar playing I have ever heard on top of a breakdown. This song is probably one of the best 1:30 songs I have ever heard from a metalcore band.

Circle-pit! Come on gang! "Screaming Because He's On Fire" is simply a good song. Tempo, sound, and mood; all great. The song starts fast, adds a breakdown, then goes into a slower speed, but never loses its good sound. Guitarists Joe and Greg seem like they can only create good riffs and breakdowns. But credit must also be given to drummer Richard. Either way, a wicked song.

"Breathing Water," is probably the one song on this CD that I didn't like as much as the others. I mean, there is some good double-bass pedaling and a solid breakdown, but the sound of the song just seemed too happy for its own good. Can I say Between The Buried & Me? I must object to this song also: "Needless To Say." I might be a weird guy, because I usually like interludes on CDs, but this song just isn't good. Repetition is alright, but only in moderation. How many times do you have to repeat one effing riff? Even if the song goes into a weird breakdown thing at the end, the beginning kills it.

Moving from the bad to the much better, "Touch For Sore Hands," Dryline makes up for themselves quite a bit with some very cool sounding riffs. To top that, the breakdown in the middle of the song makes me want to roundhouse kick little kids in the face until the sun goes down. Following the breakdown, there is a riff that sound way out of place, which only makes the song that much better. Then, to top things out, a taste of greatness is gifted to the listener as Aaron screams his heart out: "But better yet, FORGET!" Damn good, my friends. Damn good.

The next song, "We Have Until Tomorrow" begins with a riff from the previous song, then goes into a fast-paced addition to the song, then right back to the intro riff, then right into a breakdown. They change things up so fast! But it's back to the intro riff, with words this time! There is a chaotic interlude that is made up by just noise and pickslides that breaks into a breakdown; probably one of the better on the CD. The song ends with a good sound.

The tenth track "Lipstick Scratches, Paper Rocks," is another 1:30 song that is so crazy, it is what makes the CD. Great screams and guitar riffs, accompanied by some sex-worthy drums and definite bass makes this son what it is. The song that sounds like it should start your everyday metalcore CD enters with a single guitar intro that leads to a doubled part with drums. "Upon The Blade" is actually a really good song. As typical as it may begin, the song gets to a part where there is true talent as the speed of the guitars, and drums are shown. This song is probably the best on the CD, and definitely my favorite because it is a song that is full of talent, power, and just a hell of a good sound.

To finish off the CD, "In An Age Of Heroes" calls to the masses expressing lyrically not to fail. This is followed by a sweet breakdown with some more of that talent mentioned in the previous song. The breakdown ending makes the song worthwhile because, honestly, who doesn't like to hear a metalcore song that has a bunch of people singing together as a whole?

Reach For The Surface is a CD I would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for some new metalcore and I would hope to see Dryline, the Dallas, Texas based band, on tour in my town some day soon.

Track Listing:
1. Last Day To Forget
2. Cast For Your Heart
3. Choke On The Air
4. First And Ten
5. Screaming Because He’s On Fire
6. Breathing Water
7. Needless To Say
8. Touch For Sore Hands
9. We Have Until Tomorrow
10. Lipstick Scratches, Paper Rocks
11. Upon This Blade
12. In An Age of Heroes

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Dryline - Reach for the Surface

Label:Zero Sum Recordings

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