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Wraipe Aurora Interview

by Mark Hensch

Mark Hensch rakes enigmatic duo Wraipe Aurora over the coals about their punishing, snuff film worthy soundtracks!

ThrashPit: First things first. Think you could give the readers at home unfamiliar with your band a brief yet definitive history of who Wraipe Aurora is, what it stands for, and why you felt compelled to disrupt the goodness of the world with your dark, malevolent evil?

Wraipe Aurora: Well, quite simply we are the embodiment of emotion, despondency, isolation, decay and pain. Aurora comes from a background of noise, ambience and industrial music, whilst I come from a background of black metal, dark ambience and black noise. 

We were both disappointed with the stale movement in both of our genres of interest and were sick to death of one man bedroom acts putting together 50 minute releases of synth done on a computer and calling it art. We want to distance ourselves from our pasts whilst still retaining some of the key notions that bought us to those genres to begin with. 
Wraipe Aurora therefore, is our own journey through personal noise soundscapes, entwined with reeds, roots and emotions alike.

TP: Some say inspiration knows no bounds, and in a genre like noise (which is essentially a key factor to your sound, and entirely boundless as it can be anything a person can hear), where do you draw forth the twisted hellscapes present on your various releases?

WA: All come from inside. When we cannot be sure on the world around us, religion, faith, etc then all you can be sure of is the way they have effect you. Therefore emotions are the key kind of starting point. Where we go from there depends entirely on the kind of emotion and this is why we are Wraipe Aurora and nothing else. Everything we display is us in its entirety, we don't do side-projects to express another angle of our sound, this music is us, it encompasses who we are and what we feel completely. Again, this is why I agree with statements like the boundlessness of the noise genre as a whole.

TP: In the few tracks I've been fortunate enough to hear, I've hear everything from flocks of scavenger birds, sick men coughing up lungs, and beasts that gargle and gurgle in the pits of Hell. How do you artists use the studio to capture or create such distinct assaults on the auditory sense? 

WA: Most of the sounds you hear are done by myself and Aurora. The coughs (especially in the earlier material, which was a lot more painful) and general vocals are done by myself, whilst Aurora recorded the recent storms in the UK and the crows you hear in one song. There are other samples, but they are all organic, in that they were created by us and not downloaded from the internet like so many other projects we tire of.

TP: Like most bands with a definite noise/ambient/soundscape influence, a wide variety of other band's styles are probably weaved into your own sonic tapestry. What other bands impress Wraipe Aurora and drive you to be inspired and create the music you do?

WA: Our influences are wide and far between. It's not so much original bands that inspired us to do what we are doing, but the lack of inspirational bands. We do of course take influence from Black Metal, Noise, Dark Ambience, Industrial and some less well known acts and more personal trips through the lands of noise have helped us to arrive at this point, which has held strong for the last 3/4 years.

TP: There is an age old idea that Britain is a dreary place. Seeing as you are residents of the United Kingdom, how do you feel living in the United Kingdom contributes to your band's thematics and general atmospheres?

WA: The atmosphere hear at anyone time is drab, wet, dismal. All the things the rest of the world associates with British people. The history is violent, unrelenting and extremely dark. The people are all against each other, there is no sense of 'help' and people rarely smile. It makes us feel like misanthropes (although we ourselves acknowledge the hypocrisy in the very definition of a misanthrope), for lack of a better word. It does therefore inspire us greatly to look inwards more. It's rare to find an individual you can work with so well, which is why Wraipe Aurora stands and remains a two person project.

On the whole though, living in the UK has provided us with an excellent source of influence and an endless pit of mythology which we can envelope in our sounds atmosphere.

TP: Creating the soundscapes present on your albums would certainly be an immense challenge in a live setting. Have Wraipe Aurora considered manifesting themselves in this particular arena?

WA: We have done at times small live performances infront of close members of Churchfall (the collective and distro - www.churchfall.co.nr), whereby the numbers never exceeded the 10 mark and each was encouraged to add their own voice/mark on the preceedings. Each of those live performances were recorded and released as a rehearsal to the members of Churchfall only. It was of course quite hard to lug a piano, 2/3 guitars, 7/8 mics, a chello, many amps and all the other instruments present to create anything worthwhile sounding in such a small space (our Cellar - where we regularly record in the much the typified way, peeling paint, bare walls, cold brick floors, no light through the sooty window, etc). But to an extent all of our releases have been recorded 'live' in one take (with the exception of one or two of the longer tracks).

TP: Seeing as the majority of your music lacks traditional vocals, what sort of message or feelings do you hope listeners get from your work?

WA: We do not publish the lyrics in our releases, but in upcoming releases we will publish text and verse to accompany the release. Again, the message is solely based on emotion and isolation. If the listener can feel the emotion (and the right emotion, which shifts from track to track) then that is enough, from there they can take what they want from our music.

TP: What is the worst nightmare you've ever had?

WA: Avoiding the typical clichés of "I live in a nightmare, day by day I see the human turds walking the earth, filthy, infested" etc. (which we completely tire of). I'd say a recurrent one I had a few years ago where I would cut my flesh with a blade, which wouldn't stop cutting. Eventually, limbs fell of and such and then I would start cutting my neck, which is around the time I woke up.

TP: You maintain your music is influenced heavily by black metal. With this in mind, how do you see Wraipe Aurora in the cannon of black metal tradition? Is this the sound of pure evil, or are you attempting to spread Satanic/Pagan imagery via your soundscapes?

WA: Whilst we hold allegiances with many satanic bands and projects, we are not religious ourselves. We are not traditional Black Metal, rather something that comes after Black Metal, where the closed circle notions are taken to create something that does (we hope) disturb again and does provoke anxiety. We are far removed from the Black Metal sound, but the beliefs and ideas are still there. Anti-Christianity (but not pro-satanism, which is hypocritical and idiotic), pain, suffering, etc. All the world has taught us really.

TP: If given the chance to say whatever you want to the entire world (and in a sense, here you are!) what would you like to say to sum up everything that is Wraipe Aurora, past, present, or future?

WA: Your birth and your death. Music is eternal, you are not. Your musical taste will define your entire existence and how you are remembered. 


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