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Wolfmother - Dimensions EP Review

by Mike Rapin

Hailing from the 'down-unda' country of Sydney, Australia, the dazzling trio known as Wolfmother step up with their EP Dimensions giving new meaning to the word "spectacular."

Adding a somewhat 'indie' sound to a Black Sabbath tone with a dash of what could be Led Zeppelin, Wolfmother create a resonance that makes you want to stand up and say, "Hey! Lets f*cking rock!" Pushing the brink of unclear insanity, from song to song, you can't help but wonder what would create such a cool sound.

The EP begins with a heavier song, "Dimension," making you feel good about the whole band to begin with. Using who knows how many scales, the band leaves with the faint tone of "kickass" in the last bits of the song.

Moving on to "Mind's Eye," Wolfmother steps into a ballad-esque sound putting the listener in a semi-stoned state. Continuing on in the song, adding in lines like, "We will see the things we have come to find…" the mind is confounded. The organs in the background only make the song that much better. By the end of the song, everything has built up to one of the best sounding organ lines I have ever heard, and is only met by beat clenching drums and matching guitars.

Breaking into what could be called an African drumbeat, the song "Love Train" begins and is only followed by happy, yet mysterious, guitar parts roll in adding a cool sound to the entire song. Could there be cowbell? Oh yes, there is cowbell, but that is beside the point that the interlude of this song is cool as hell and the end solo makes you smile unwillingly.

To finish off this amazing 4 track CD, Wolfmother brings a slower song to the table. Starting off, the band uses guitar effects that, if your eyes were closed, would make you feel as if you were floating off of the ground. This only followed by abrupt faster passed drumming and guitar strumming. Just as soon as your mind readjusts, you are thrown back to the thresholds of the guitar effects. But no! the drumming returns! Yet, only for a short while, again. This time, the effects will kill you… no, just maim you… either way, you will like it.

Wolfmother leaves you with a cool sounding effect ending to "The Earth's Rotation Around the Sun" making Dimensions an astounding CD.

Track listing:
1. Dimension
2. Mind's Eye
3. Love Train
4. The Earth's Rotation Around the Sun

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Wolfmother - Dimensions EP


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