In a Flesh Aquarium. An apt rave as the band has been turning heads with their experimental caldron of metal since their independent debut in 1999 but have really taken it to the next level with the new album. When offered the chance to interview Unexpect, Matt didn't hesitate."> 
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Unexpect Interview

by Matt Hensch

"Everyone can stop making music now. Unexpect has perfected the art," raves one fan about Unexpect's new album In a Flesh Aquarium. An apt rave as the band has been turning heads with their experimental caldron of metal since their independent debut in 1999 but have really taken it to the next level with the new album. When offered the chance to interview Unexpect, Matt didn't hesitate. Here is his conversation with ChaotH! 

Thrashpit: Congratulations on the new album! Was In a Flesh Aquarium the album you hoped it would be?

ChaotH: Well thanks! And we never had an overall idea of the album before it was done so... hard to say. We are really proud of the album Yes. Obviously, we might be our most severe critic and we know that it isn't perfect but, I believe that it is what it should be..... Extreme and Weird! :) I think it's a great album and we did learned much making this album so... the next one will be even better and crazier.

Thrashpit: Unexpect seems to be a band that was brought upon by many influences. What bands or genres of music have inspired Unexpect's music?

ChaotH: First I'd say... not only bands, and not only genres... and not even only music has influenced us. Everything in life can be translated in music, so inspiration can come from a death metal guitar riff as much as from the way a children walks. But to stay in the musical aspect of it I'd say, just to name a few: At the gates, Dissection, Arcturus, Dillinger Escape Plan, The Mars Volta, Mike Patton, RadioHead, Bjork, Mum, Jorane, Sigur Ros, Math-Core, Electronic, Film Music, Classical, everything..

Thrashpit: How has the touring been going? And do you have any more big tour plans in the works?

ChaotH: Touring is great so far! Touring with The Gathering and Giant Squid in the US and Canada was an amazing experience and we made such really good friends and after that we toured Canada with Augury, metal band from Quebec that we already knew well, and destroyed brains every night for a month. Audiences brains when we were playing, and our own brains on days off. Pretty hardcore experience... probably feels like loosing your virginity with a jackhammer. For now we have a little 1 week and a half US and Canada tour with Tub Ring and Foxy Shazam coming up pretty soon like, September 19th to 29th and some things are in the work. The album being out, we definitely are looking for tours. Check our website for the dates.

Thrashpit: How did the record deal with The End Records come about?

ChaotH: Well, we sent press kits to every label we knew and they are the one that showed a strong interest and, to say the least, that's the best label we could have found. They really are into stretching the musical horizons so their philosophy fits ours perfectly. They are such great people to work with and I have nothing but good to say about that label. So there itis.. .we sent press kits, they showed interest, they came to see us play sometime in 2004 in Toronto and we had a deal.

Thrashpit: The lyrical content in Unexpect's music seems to be pretty abstract. What has influenced the lyrics? Is it a concept or just imagination?

ChaotH: Syriak is the main lyricist and he has a pretty strange way of writing. His ideas are twisted and goes in any directions so the lyrical content is pretty wide. From disguised social criticism from a conversation with your inner self.... or... I don't know... maybe he just took too much drugs in his life. Again there's no line to follow when you right. If you want to write a simple text or poetry or a dialogue between beeings or whatever just do it, there's no limit. We even used some Hungarian and French for a particular track of the album. Creating music and lyrics is just like playing the role of god. You create from nothing so why would there be any barrier. We just don't limit ourselves and we try to go as far as possible.

Thrashpit: I noticed Unexpect was going to support Dissection in New York, but the show was cancelled due to immigration issues. A while after the show was cancelled, it was announced that Jon had committed suicide. Jon Nödtveidt 's suicide shocked the metal world, but this must of seemed very strange to you guys. What were some emotions felt about Jon's suicide?

ChaotH: Well it's obviously a sad thing and it surprised everyone. They had just signed on The End and seemed to have many projects and Jon suddenly stop existing. What can you say about that? We didn't know him personally but it's a great loss for metal music.

Thrashpit: What is the most memorable moment you've had on previous tours?

ChaotH: You don't wanna know.

Thrashpit: What are your favorite bands of the current metal scene?

ChaotH: Well, I'll go with my personnal choices because we all listen to different music so another band member would tell you something different. For me it would be Dillinger Escape Plan, Daughters, The End, PsyOpus, Despised Icon, Ion Dissonance, SOAD, Deftones, Mindless Self -Indulgence... but... that's not really metal.

Thrashpit: Are any band members involved or going to be involved in any side-projects?

ChaotH: Not for now. Well, Leïlindel might do some vocals on the next Augury album but that's it for now. We are open for projects or collaborations from anyone. It might happen.

Thrashpit: What can we expect from future Unexpect albums? Are there any crazy ideas hovering around?

ChaotH: Yes, we already began to shake all of that and we will start composing sometime soon... just embryo's ideas for now but... it will just be better in every aspect. Promise. As I was saying, we learned a lot making that album 'In a Flesh Aquarium' so there's mistake we won't do again on the next record and there's so many things we want to do. Like, I feel that we've done like 2 % of what we want to do musically so, there's much more to come and it will only be more mature and better. I can't wait to go back into the studio and give birth to another monster.

 -ChaotH, UneXpecT

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