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Silovanje - Taste Of Death Review

by Matt Hensch

Silovanje have made quite a name for themselves in the Australia grind/brutal death underground. After the release of their debut EP called I Raped The Rapist, Silovanje have issued a new album entitled Taste Of Death, a good record that is both brutal and exciting.

One thing I liked about this album is how the guitar attack was relentless. From the beginning to the end of the album, the guitars never stopped being fast, heavy and brutal. Another thing that makes Silovanje's album much different from many other grind bands is the amount of solos there are. Though it seems rare at times, solos are always tossed in to mix up the music, and it works. Band member Pedj contributes largely to the album by operating the drum machine, which is absolutely crazy. The double bass samples are lightning fast and the drums are a very special feature to "Taste Of Death." Singer Dinga does a good job on vocals, even though the vocals seem somewhat bland at times. His growls are powerful and mix well with the rest of the mayhem. Dinga also uses some strange high pitch vocals that are just as scary as they are deafening. There was the occasional moment when I thought a vocal change would be nice, but he overall did a swell performance.

I liked Taste Of Death. It wasn't amazing, but it certainly wasn't s***ty, it's just a nice grind album. If you're into grind and brutal death, you're going to want to check these guys out. Taste Of Death is overall a decent effort.

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Posted by sikboy:
i think the vocals r the best thing on there


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