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Motorhead - Another Perfect Day (Reissue) Review

by Hobo

As most of you hopefully know, this is the album recorded subsequent to Eddie Clarke's (guitar) departure from Motorhead for a variety of reasons. The first thing you will notice is that guitar tone - warm, chorus lifted… not really ballsy and more reminiscent of 80s cock rock than a dirty hard rock band. Within a few moments of the first track I already have my doubts. And while Lemmy's thundering bass still does drive on in the background, the booming bass level is no where near that as was on Overkill or Ace of Spades... there is a much cleaner production overall and in that the album loses some of its charm.

"Dancing on your Grave" comes in with a 80s clean guitar line. The song is all very flashy guitar work and power ballad riffs rather than the simple churn of a Motorhead track. There isn't even much in the way of a bass line. Definitely not what I expected from the name of the track. The only way you know it is Motorhead is from Lemmy's voice which, thankfully, is as powerful and unwavering as always. "Rock It" boasts beefier riffs and less of a chorus/warm tone. The song is a lot chunkier, with a great guitar crunch guitar tone, and more predictable (or should I say expected?) Motorhead solos.

"One Track Mind" is more of a slower rock grind with a hypnotising hook line. "Another Perfect Da"y starts off with a more clean bluesy AC/DC type riff, then progresses into some hard rock territory. There is, of course a bit of a wanky solo over the intro. The riffs seem to be getting more and more Motorhead as the album progresses - but there are just so many wanker guitar solos thrown in at every needless opportunity, and such a focus on classic structuring it really starts to piss me off.

"Marching off to War" is a more upbeat, fast paced song with good lyrics, a nice groove, a little too much guitar wanking and not enough riffing. "I Got Mine" starts off with another weak ball-less 80s riff which just doesn't do anything for me. A totally ineffectual song. Then when I start to fret "Tales of Glory" begins with a jigging Motorhead riff, which a much more standard Motorhead structure to.

"Die you Bastard!" Has a very, very strange chorus - Lemmy clean singing… seems almost alien at times. Again, a very violent/aggressive song name like "Dancing on your Grave" ends up being one of the fluffier songs on the album.

At times it is hard to believe that this is Motorhead four years from Bomber/Overkill three years from Ace of Spades and a mere year after Iron Fist. There is a tad less speed and crunch - instead some of the balls-out, bad-arse qualities of Motorhead are replaced with solo-ridden melodic, over-the-top, flashy guitar arrangements. The recording quality is pretty good, but there is no real massive punch to the bass, bass drum or guitar.

Certainly Brain Robertson (Thin Lizzy) is a decent guitarist, but perhaps a little out of his comfort zone in Motorhead - where the attitude made the f*ckin band. In all the photos in the slip cover he always kinda looks like he's hugging himself for warmth and security. Lemmy said in White Line Fever Brian never really fitted in with the band - and what's more, he never tried to. He was quite happy with appearing as the 'new guest guitarist' if you will, rather than becoming part of the band. On stage he'd wear flamboyant fluro wanker cock rock s*** almost as a statement of disassociation.

As this is a reissue on Sanctuary Records we do get a set of cool extras - the B Side track "Turn You Round Again" as well as a bonus live disc! The live disc is Live at Machester Apollo 10th June 1983 and features the likes of "Iron Horse," "Shoot You in the Back," "Another Perfect Day," "Hoocie Coochie Man," "Don't Need Religion," "Bite the Bullet," "The Chase is Better than the Catch" and many more from Another Perfect Day. All in all 18 live tracks!

Definitely not the best Motorhead album - but fairly important CD in regards to the history of the band. This is their most experimental album by far, but to me Brian Robertson sticks out like a pink frilly bonnet on one of the most bad arse figures in rock, punk and metal history. Great reissue version however.

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Motorhead - Another Perfect Day (Reissue)

Label:Sanctuary Records

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