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Hatebreed - Supremacy Review

by Mike Rapin

Have you ever felt down? Have you ever needed some album that expresses your pain better than you can? Well, I've got an album for you: Hatebreed's Supremacyis exactly what you need.

The anger expressed in this CD is overwhelming at times, and the music only compliments the vocals of Jamey Jasta in many ways. The overall metalcore/hardcore feel of this album gives the feeling of punching and punching and punching the f*** out of the air. Seriously. When beauty in simplicity shows itself and makes sure you know it's there by sheer force, you have to do something to get that transferred rage and energy out of your system.

Hatebreed has always hit home for me, way before I started reviewing music, way before I drank from the sweet and sour nectar that is metalcore, and this album only attributes to the goodness of the metalcore/hardcore genre today. And I have to give it up for Mr. Jasta, he really hates, and hate is what he screams. Takes songs like "Destory Everything" or "Divine Judgement," you think the names are angry, just wait until you hear the lyrics.

Now, the breakdowns on Supremacyaren't usually your typical breakdowns with their random pauses, but instead the "traditional" breakdown where a band kicks the f*** out of the music via palm mute and/or intelligent and simplistic riffs. This is where Hatebreed makes their name. With songs like "Give Wings To My Triumph," the riffs couldn't be more awesome. The structure of every song just makes you smile in hope for future music in this genre.

So a big thumbs up from me, the "hardcore kid," because, damn it, this s*** is something I want to keep in my musical library because it just plain rocks. Every song gets a head-bang from me. Supremacyreminds me that hardcore/metalcore isn't all about the screams and technicality, but instead, the anger of the music fueled by the hateful lyrics and the punch-to-the-gut instruments.

Track Listing
1. Defeatist
2. Horrors Of Self
3. Mind Over All
4. To The Threshold
5. Give Wings To My Triumph
6. Destroy Everything
7. Divine Judgment
8. Immortal Enemies
9. The Most Truth
10. Never Let It Die
11. Spitting Venom
12. As Diehard As They Come
13. Supremacy Of Self

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Hatebreed - Supremacy


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What do you think ?:

Posted by Isaac:
f***in sweet

Posted by Hobo:
Blood for Blood arent defunct are they? They did Serenity in 04/05... Mindsnare are from Australia, Im not sure how much they use the net. They are our biggest hardcore group. Try MySpace or maybe on their label. If you cant find em Ill upload some. Cvnts are always going to listen to hardcore punk or grindcore and automatically assume they hate everything. If they spent 5 bloody minutes actually reading the lyrics theyd find these guys are more socially conscious and politically aware then themselves (well... not in the case of B4B, they DID hate everything). Get me on lachlandale@grindheadrecords.com

Posted by Deinonychus:
Yeah Hobo, Ramallah´s got one of the best political lyrics I´ve ever heard. I couldn´t understand why many reviewers thought that Ramallah´s main man Rob Lind hates everybody - the lyrics are about something else - e.g how we are fed with distorted facts from our leaders (Maybe two songs - "I wanna burn every jewellery store in the world..." were about hatred :). Rob Lind has been writing good lyrics when Blood for Blood (another great and overlooked hardcore band) were active. Do you know what´s new with Ramallah - internet is really not packed with info on this band.
I am definitely gonna google Mindsnare - any hints where can I find it and listen to few songs of them ?

Posted by Hobo:
Botch gone? As you can see I'm not much of a dedicated fan. Got into them when 'We Are The Romans' came out. Stole their discography on a torrent site. My guitarist is a bit obsessed with them. Hatebreed - well, as Oddman said, good at what they do, but very limited in their little forumulaic little world. I didnt like Rise of Brutality because at the time I was so sick of the generic nature of their music.
Comparing Ramallah to Throwndown? Cmon man... thats a bit unfair. Ramallah kill em! Throwndown is ultra generic, Ramallah at least mix things up to a small degree and have amazing lyrics.
You two need to check out Australia's Mindsnare. One of the best traditional hardcore bands ever, which recently evolved into a mix of hardcore, metalcore, hard rock and grindcore.

Posted by Deinonychus:
Well,Hatebreed defined their music on the Satisfaction... and basically stick to it all to the time - and that´s it. When they are able to compose such anthems which they have done so far, I don´t see a problem here. Hatebreed is a metalcore band in the right sense - they have applied quite simple composition typical for hardcore and enriched it with metal elements and sound. According to me that is metal(thrash)core. Not the bands that try to look like tough guys and secretly ripping off Iron Maiden riffs. Yes, Hatebreed is not a groundbreaking band, but they kind of helped to create a metalcore subgenre. And they keep it in its pure form.
Regarding Supremacy - good stuff, but their top is undoubtely The Rise of Brutality - it was their music + lyrics at its best. I like Hatebreed because of these metalcore "catchy" anthems. And they are one of the best ones in that (yeah, worth to mention Throwdown or Ramallah)
I like Dillinger too, but that is different music.

Posted by oddman:
In my opinion, Hatebreed have never done anything groundbreaking...angst filled lyrics? breakdowns? screamed vocals? Hell, this could be a Throwdown album....Hatebreed are good at what they do though, and if standard, nothing-new metalcore is your style, try Supremacy on. As for me, Supremacy is way to standard and sub-par for a genre already inundated with the crape. As for Hobo, how can Botch be the future of anything bro? They broke up after Anthology of Dead Ends...In their time though, Botch was absolutetly groundbreaking.

Posted by Hobo:
Hey looks like Hatebreed have finally got off their f***ing arses and released a decent album! The Rise of Brutality sucked - they became a total caricature of themselves, with some of the most boring, generic metalcore riffs and breakdowns I've ever heard. The couple of tracks of their MySpace sound much better. It isnt just chug chug chugga chug chug the whole bloody time. Jastas vocals sound better too. I dont exactly know what the hell youre talking about when you refer to 'traditional' breakdowns - thatd be Sick Of It All style breakdowns, not the retarded chugga metalcore breakdowns of today fool. And yeah, they are still pretty much standard style breakdowns with decent riffing (hell the carbon copies just play an open palm muted chord in quick bursts in every goddamn song). And dont be silly, you and I both know Hatebreed arent amazing at structuring soungs - verse, chorus, verse, chorus, breakdown. Wow. Innovative. The future is Dillinger, Converge, Botch & Ion Dissonance, not genericore.


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