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Frozen Mist - Weeping Redolence Review

by Matt Hensch

It seems at this time many gothic metal bands are losing their touch and are putting out very crappy records. Thankfully, we can all count on Jamie Stonge's one man goth project Frozen Mist. Frozen Mist's tenth album Weeping Redolence is a dark, pessimistic album that shows the rest of the metal world what gothic metal should sound like.

"Bloodmourn" is not a bad way to start things off. After starting with a drum intro, Jaime Stonge's voice bursts through the rest of the instruments. Jamie's voice is very strong and gruff, which really fits in well with the rest of the music. The guitar work here is pretty decent, nothing technical, yet nothing boring. The use of piano and keyboards really give off that depressing, gothic feeling. The only problem so far is the production. The bass is so distorted that it usually blocks off the guitars and drums. Beside the production, "Bloodmourn" is a very decent track.

"Epiphania" is one of the golden tracks here. The riffing throughout the song is fast-paced and catchy, which is accompanied by the complex drumming. Jamie really shows off his vocal talents as he begins the song with his demonic, deep growls and ends with a surprisingly mellow voice. The leads on "Epiphania" are short, sweet and done very well. At the end of "Epiphania," the instruments slow down dramatically while the acoustic guitars and Jamie's atmospherics add that wonderful gothic feel. "Epiphania" is without a doubt, one of the best songs on "Weeping Redolence."

After the doomy acoustic intro of "The Labyrinth's Atrium," the instruments explode into complete chaos. The drumming is completely outstanding as Jamie nails every part of his drum set while double bassing at an inhuman rate. The riffing is extremely fast and technical until the song hits a mild goth passage in which Jamie goes into the soft vocals and the acoustic guitars. Once the song picks up again, the drumming and riffing go back to their original heavy state. The solo is pretty nimble and sophisticated and really fits in well with the song.

"The Labyrinth's Atrium" ends with the haunting acoustic guitars and Jamie's creepy vocals. A very splendid song overall. "Marionette's Tears" opens with the acoustic guitars and Jamie's vocals. Once the song picks up, the riffing is clearly thrash influenced and brutal. The drumming is amazing as Jaime rapidly contributes the quick triple hits on his double bass pedals. Jamie also changes his vocals between his growls and his singing quite frequently. The riffing at this point is changing between the thrash and the doom
riffs, which is bizarre, yet very fitting. "Marionette's Tears" ends with an acoustic outro and is another stellar track.

"Her Blue Eyes Glisten With Exquisite Sadness" is without a doubt one the heaviest tracks here. The intro is filled with doom riffing and hellish growls. The riffing is once again filled with hints of thrash as the guitars blow into complete mayhem. Jamie's drumming is absolutely insane as he wails on his snare and double basses incredibly fast. When the song slows down, Jamie adds some melancholy vocals that are beautiful and wonderful. Yet another remarkable song!

The intro to "Symphonies Of My Beloved" is rather odd. The soft guitars are mixed with triple bass hits and Jamie catching his symbols. Then, without warning, the riff explodes into the rest of the music with a surge of energy. Jamie's growls are very loud and crisp, especially in the riffing and the constant double bass pedals. The constant changing of brutal riffing and goth breaks is an outstanding display of musicianship. The mixture of these thrash and gothic elements so seamlessly really make "Symphonies Of My Beloved" a very well done track.

Next up is "Left Betrayed." After about three minutes of the same riff, the drums and vocals finally come to infect. The vocal work is once again excellent, especially when Jamie begins to sing in a normal voice. The guitar work isn't anything special, but it isn't necessarily bad. Despite seeming rather dull at times, "Left Betrayed" is still a decent track.

"Intertwined Embrace" is up next, and it isn't anything less then perfection. Jamie's vocals frequently change between his death growls and his gothic moans. The riffing has a sludgy, groovish feel to them as they tear through Jamie's vocals. Towards the end of "Intertwined Embrace," the strong doom influences come in with the slow, crushing
riffs and the nonstop crashing symbols.

"So Seductive" is one of the different songs on "Weeping Redolence." After opening with the bass lines and the unique samples, "So Seductive" then gives off a mid paced riff. Jamie's vocals are once again those ruthless growls until the song reaches a goth passage where he changes his vocals to those melancholy groans. The guitar mellows out while Jamie changes between his gothic vocals and his brutal growls. Once again, Frozen Mist delivers a power track. "You Wilt To Bloom" is on the same track with "So Seductive." There are far more samples on this track then before. The samples bring a really progressive and industrial feel to the song, especially when mixed with the rest of the music. The drumming is impressive and the guitar is mid paced and catchy.

"Chastity" is another one of the heavier tracks here. The riffing is intense and brutal while Jamie's death growls penetrate the music. The goth break here is amazing as Jamie sings with his sorrowful voice over the rest of the riffing. The drumming is complex as usual, and the leads here are technical, yet very melodic. "Chasity" is a fantastic way to end this incredible album.

Frozen Mist really delivers the goods on this album. Every song here is gloomy, dark, majestic and of course, heavy. Weeping Redolence is defiantly something metalheads would like, but goth metal fans would really love this. Weeping Redolence is a thrilling release, and it won't disappoint you.

1. Bloodmourn
2. Epiphania
3. The Labyrinth's Atrium
4. Marionette's Tears
5. Her Blue Eyes Glisten With Exquisite Sadness
6. Symphonies Of My Beloved
7. Left Betrayed
8. Intertwined Embrace
9. So Seductive
10. You Wilt To Bloom
11. Chastity

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Frozen Mist - Weeping Redolence

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