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Dissection - Reinkaos Review

by Matt Hensch

After Dissection frontman Jon Nödtveidt was released from his eight year jail sentence for being convicted of murder, the metal world knew Dissection was back. While being a huge influence on the current metal scene, fans anxiously waited for the new Dissection album that they thought would be another Dissection masterpiece, but sadly they were wrong. With a totally new line-up composed of Tomas Asklund on drums and Sethlans Teitan on guitar, Reinkaos shows Dissection have officially f***ed up their legacy.

Once the tiny instrumental filler "Nexion 218" ends, "Beyond The Horizon" kicks off the album. The riff is catchy and heavy, yet seems rather dull. By the sound of the riff, it's clear that Dissection has lost all black metal elements and gone pure melodic death. Jon's vocals are powerful and forceful as usual, but that's all "Beyond The Horizon" has going for it. The drumming is remarkably easy with simple bass-snare patterns, the same riff continues for the entire track, and there is even a breakdown. "Beyond The Horizon" is nothing less than a disaster.

"Starless Aeon" is up next, and its nothing better then "Beyond The Horizon." The double bass parts and the opening riff give the song a promising start, but it soon fades into pure crap. The guitars change into a riff that is almost identical with "Beyond The Horizon," and this same riff continues until the song ends.There are leads in here, which are pretty scarce throughout the rest of the album, but they are short and boring.

"Black Dragon" is thankfully breathing room from the s*** that has previously been displayed. The acoustic intro leads right into Jon's gruff vocals, which soon explodes into an amazing solo and awesome instrumental work. The drums are filled with great double bass work and the mix of the heavy and acoustic guitars really makes "Black Dragon" a
standout. The chorus is catchy, the leads are technical, and it's very heavy! "Black Dragon" is the best song on "Reinkaos," by a long shot. "Dark Mother Divine" is a big step down from "Black Dragon." To my disdain, the riffs are melodic and sound pretty typical to "Beyond The Horizon" and "Starless Aeon." Towards the end of the song, the guitars turn thrashy and goes into a flock of solos. Beside this change toward the end, "Dark Mother Divine" is just another weak track on "Reinkaos."

"Xeper-I-Set" is just awful. Filled with the same lame riffs and drum patterns as before, "Xeper-I-Set" is just another dreadful attempt to try to save this horrendous letdown. "Chaosophia" is just a worthless acoustic instrumental that isn't even worth mentioning, but "God Of Forbidden Light" is! The riffing is much more different then the previous songs; its still melodic, but it does change many times. The backing vocals compliment Jon's vocals very well as they echo every Satanic verse he delivers; the drumming is good as well. The chorus is memorable and Jon's vocals drive "God Of Forbidden Light" to one of the best songs on "Reinkaos."

The title track is an instrumental that sounds somewhat different from the rest of the album. The atmospheric guitars are combined well with the heavy drumming, and the harmonics are dark and piece together nicely. The solo here is pretty technical and atmospheric, which really adds a mellow effect to the song. The guitars change to a slight
groovish riff toward the end, which connects smoothly with the solo.

"Internal Fire" falls into the familiar vein of the repetitive melodic riffing that never changes and usual drum patterns that are boring as hell. Once "Internal Fire" finally stops, the album closes "Maha Kali," which contains the similar melodic riffs and drums as before. Toward the end, there is this strange addition of acoustic guitars and female
vocals that really don't fit with the mood of the song. The female vocals are rather faint and hard to hear; it is a clever idea to try something new, they just didn't do it very well.

Reinkaos is just an accident of an album. I thought after waiting for a decade that Dissection would put something out that would be amazing, but they didn't. With the exception of "Black Dragon,""God Of Forbidden Light" and the title track, this album is awful. Reinkaos is so bad, Jon should be thrown back in jail for making such a s***ty record. Reinkaos is not only a crushing disappointment for all those Dissection fans, it just down right sucks. Save your money and avoid this.

Track Listing:
Nexion 218
Beyond The Horizon
Starless Aeon
Black Dragon
Dark Mother Divine
God Of Forbidden Light
Internal Fire
Maha Kali

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Dissection - Reinkaos

Label:The End Records

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The Pit Your turn to get in the pit with your thoughts about this review and CD

They call you
What do you think ?:

Posted by Matt Hensch:
Have any of you retards heard Dissection's previous albums? Sorry dolts, you guys clearly have no idea what you're talking about.
Reinkaos sucks. Period. Is it that hard to understand, or are you all just too stupid?

And can suck my balls.

You all have awful musical taste. Pull your heads out of your asses.

Posted by Owen:
What is the bands reaction to such complaints that the new Dissection sound is too far from that of the older Dissection sound?
"Our aim has not been to copy ourselves. The old albums (which I'm very proud of by the way) are still available for everyone who wants to listen to them, so there's nothing to complain about unless your CD player doesn't work. It would be a sign of retardation if we would be standing on the same spot for eleven years… Those who don't evolve will perish."

copied from

Posted by Steve-O:
Dude, where are you ears placed?? Best record I´ve listened to for a looong time, sure it´s not as their old albums, but it´s way much better..

This is the problem with folks who can´t seperate the bands from an image..

Same thing with Metallica, when their "St Anger" came almost everyone said it sucked, but is that really the case?? I rather want to think that people who always has been listening to Metallica has picture om Metallica being a certain band, and then when changing things they become bad???

Nope St Anger is also a very good album, as is Reinkaos...

Posted by Fredrik (me again):
When I read your rewiev I understand that you are lack of fantasy and I also wonder if you have listen to Reinkaos.

You say that the vocals from the female in Maha Kali doesnt fit the song. It couldnt be better. With some fantasy you can imagine a litter indian girl who shows her adoration for Maha Kali.

You also claims that Starless aeon sounds like beyond the horizon, so?? whats wrong with that. When you make an album the riffs can be similar. Listen to all slayer albums or listen to "The somberlain" and you will understand.

Your review is actually the most worthless one ever.

Posted by Fredrik:
This is the best album I ever heard, and I heard Dissection´s both album before Reinkaos. Every Dissection album is good according to me.

The reason why so many dislikes it is because they dont dare to say its good. When band change their style "you have to dislike it". Same with many other bands...People who make rewiev, please save us your words, and instead of writing crap, write what you think about it not what the mass say.

Posted by Stu:
I think this album is 10/10. Its not about the music but about the chants of the darkside. 218.

Posted by Paul:
i'm tired of listening that Reinkaos is a bad album.I think that Reinkaos is their best album.The more professional and mature one.I think that they knew it could not be possible to make a better one.That's why this is their last album.

Posted by Tormentor:
I think that Reinkaos is a f***ing great album, besides the music all the lyrical concept on the album is so f***ing awesome, I love the old Dissection but I was not dissapointed in any way with the new album

Posted by GuntherTheUndying:
Yea. From what I heard, "Storm Of The Light's Bane" and "Somberlain" are awesome, but this wasn't a good intro to Dissection by any means.

Posted by Anuj:
Right on, this totally ruined Dissection's legacy. Save your money for The End Records' upcoming reissues of both 'Storm of the Light's Bane' and 'The Somberlain'.


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