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1 Shot Kill - Tactical Persuasion Review

by Hobo

What can be said about the Australian metalcore-come-grind outfit One Shot Kill? The group describe themselves as 'grindcore', 'aggressive', 'grooving,' and 'brutal'. To be totally honest I'm not really sure any of these terms can be applied with any level of seriousness. From what I had heard of the group I thought they were a semi-decent hardcore/grindcore band, but this new EP says differently.

Take some terribly generic chugga-chugga repetition and unimaginative metalcore and metal riffs like Bury Your Dead, Soulfly and later Machine Head, mix it was wholly uninteresting metalcore drumming and some really shocking lyrics and you've got the group. The vocalist no doubt has some potential, but the way he applies his voice is a major let down - sticking to dull and derivative nu-metal type Ill Nino tripe. Really I'd like to give these guys a decent review, but this is comparable to the likes of Dope, Mushroomhead and the millions of other lifeless f**king 'crossover' groups out there.

I really don't understand why these guys continue to bill themselves as grindcore! The irony is, in this five-track EP there is barely a hint of blasting! Most of the music is mid-paced, droning, boring as batsh*t metalcore. There's no uptempo aggression, no impressive drumming - nothing. On the first track, "Elevator Music", the lyrics are literally this bad:

You make me, crazy, you make me weak inside
Crazy you know I can't deny you
You make me crazy
You make me, crazy, you make me crazy
Now I've found a way to hurt you
I write this song
You make me crazy, you know I cant deny you
To make me crazy
You make me crazy, you make me crazy
(whispered) you make me so f**king crazy

Yeah f**k mate, real scathing stuff there. I guess the unnamed individual is weeping in their room as an emotional wreck, cutting themselves and wishing they'd never wronged you after that absolutely crushing lyrical outburst. Give me a break. These guys also have a fixation for homeboy bullsh*t - and not in the fun Blood Duster or Leng T'che taking-the-piss way. They are serious. Dead serious.

And that is one of the many reasons why you should steer clear from this hunk of crap. Peddle your tripe elsewhere, you'll get no endorsement from me.


I have decided to revise my rating system. As the scores climb higher, it's harder to score an extra point or two, while an area like 70 to 80 is a bit of a grey area.

90 or above: the band is quite obviously sh*t hot and you should check them out as soon as physically possible. If they score over 95 then the album is undeniably brilliant and has somehow become one of my favourite releases. The difference between a 90 and a 97 is immense.

80 to 90: the group has still put out an impressive, above average album that should turn a few heads. This is basically a strong recommendation to familiarize yourself with the band and this release. It shouldn't disappoint.

70 to 80: A fairly average album which has its good points and its bad. Still quite enjoyable but not exactly something I'll be playing on a continuous loop. It's surely not going to convert anyone.

60 to 70: We're getting into sub-par territory. The bad outweigh the good - or the mediocre outweighs the redeemable elements. Still this album might not be shockingly bad, but it has wholly failed to make an impact on me. I'd let this one slip by.

50 to 60: Pretty f**king terrible. Don't bother.

Under 50: Pathetic. A pile of sh*t. If you see a copy in CD stores, vomit or defecate on it. This is the kind of crap that shouldn't be getting any praise from anyone, ever.

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