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Vehemence - Forward Without Motion

Denner-Shermann'sSatan's Tomb

Abominable Putridity - The Anomalies of Artificial Origin

Ben Craven - Last Chance to Hear

Napalm Death Interview

Decomposed - Hope Finally Died...

Dark Moor - Project X

Pyogenesis - A Century in the Curse of Time

Gloryhammer - Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards

W.A.S.P. - Golgotha

Nuclear - Formula for Anarchy

Witchsorrow - No Light Only Fire

RAM - Svbversvm

Schammasch - Sic Lvceat Lvx

Obsequiae - Aria of Vernal Tombs

Sigh - Graveward

Classics: Razor - Violent Restitution

Barren Earth - On Lonely Towers

Noctum - Until Then... Until The End

Thrust - Fist Held High

Damnation Angels - The Valiant Fire

Sorcerer - In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross

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.... Napalm Death Interview
Napalm Death's singular, primal howl against the status quo is still ringing over 35 years after their genesis in Birmingham, England. Vocalist Mark "Barney" Greenway explained the fine line between innovation and integrity. - Read the full Napalm Death Interview review

.... Decomposed - Hope Finally Died...
Nestled somewhere within the catacombs of metal groups left to dust rests the deceased Decomposed. Not much of a splash was made by the English doom/death metal band during their short run. - Read the full Decomposed - Hope Finally Died... review

.... Dark Moor - Project X
There is not a single reason for a band as talented and dynamic as Dark Moor to release something that loves to shower in its own vapidity and self-congratulatory insolence. - Read the full Dark Moor - Project X review

.... Pyogenesis - A Century in the Curse of Time
"A Century in the Curse of Time" covers a lot of ground, but most of the conquest sounds more like a random draw of influences than the talented craftsmanship of musical wizards - Read the full Pyogenesis - A Century in the Curse of Time review

.... Gloryhammer - Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards
"Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards" takes the Rhapsody of Fire formula and runs with it barefacedly. The effort transcends just stupid worship of a trailblazing band - Read the full Gloryhammer - Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards review

.... W.A.S.P. - Golgotha
Blackie still sounds fine, although the voice that was once a flamethrower now knows its limits, and maybe that's a good thing. "Golgotha" isn't restricted by age, but style. It is a pacified version of this band. - Read the full W.A.S.P. - Golgotha review

.... Nuclear - Formula for Anarchy
Nuclear is from Chile and plays a Kreator-based style of thrash, and while style points stick them ahead of the pack by an inch, the reality of "Formula for Anarchy" sets them back a mile. - Read the full Nuclear - Formula for Anarchy review

.... Witchsorrow - No Light Only Fire
Witchsorrow rides this cool wavelength that touches on the evil atmosphere of Electric Wizard while brushing against the bluesy drawls of Black Sabbath and the attitude of Cathedral. - Read the full Witchsorrow - No Light Only Fire review

.... RAM - Svbversvm
"Svbversvm" may be something of importance to the RAM catalog as it manages to shed much of the inconsistency that has loitered around the group since the dawn of time. - Read the full RAM - Svbversvm review

.... Schammasch - Sic Lvceat Lvx
"Sic Lvceat Lvx" is one of those albums that had a chance to be incredible but it sounds like an album that has neither a head nor feet to keep it balanced. Everything in the album lacks pacing, nuance, any sense of resolve - Read the full Schammasch - Sic Lvceat Lvx review

.... Obsequiae - Aria of Vernal Tombs
"Aria of Vernal Tombs" possesses the creative and instrumental poise of one of the boldest records to come out in recent times, barking up the tree of a masterpiece. - Read the full Obsequiae - Aria of Vernal Tombs review

.... Sigh - Graveward
"Graveward" represents the Sigh we know and love, no derailments. With such quality at hand, it's becoming quite the task to find a group whose unconventional approach to metal discharges such a profound aura. - Read the full Sigh - Graveward review

.... Classics: Razor - Violent Restitution
Razor manages to sound like Razor; there are seldom surprises. But for a group whose identity had reached fruition early on, "Violent Restitution" brings together a ferocious arsenal of thrash. - Read the full Classics: Razor - Violent Restitution review

.... Barren Earth - On Lonely Towers
This is the kind of album that requires several rotations to truly grasp, though as calorific as it is, "On Lonely Towers" is a treat, and wouldn't have been as massive had it been trimmed. - Read the full Barren Earth - On Lonely Towers review

.... Noctum - Until Then... Until The End
"Until Then... Until the End" gets down to business in ten minutes. It's imprudent to call a two-track 7'' a band's best release, but this stuff makes the case to topple most of what the group has done thus far. - Read the full Noctum - Until Then... Until The End review

.... Thrust - Fist Held High
Thrust, a heavy metal group from Chicago, captures without fault the more tedious and uninspiring edge of 80s metal throughout "Fist Held High," released way back in 1984. - Read the full Thrust - Fist Held High review

.... Damnation Angels - The Valiant Fire
"The Valiant Fire" moves beyond what the group demonstrated on "Bringer of Light" by adding more depth and substance without overloading the equation. It's a homerun- "The Valiant Fire" is something special. - Read the full Damnation Angels - The Valiant Fire review

.... Sorcerer - In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross
"In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross" is really the first major release from this cult squad, and while the times have changed, the timelessness of this style has not. Here is a record where magic comes alive. - Read the full Sorcerer - In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross review

.... Razor - Shotgun Justice
"Shotgun Justice" is yet another notch in the belt of these wild and boisterous Canucks who, as time progressed, merged from the road of speed metal onto the thrash highway. - Read the full Razor - Shotgun Justice review

.... Cathedral - In Memoriam
Calling the work created by Lee Dorrian and Gaz Jennings over the course of Cathedral's long and incredible run a monumental feat makes sense in more ways than one. - Read the full Cathedral - In Memoriam review

.... Razor - Open Hostility
Razor is a member of a very exclusive club- they are among a rare breed of bands who did not bottom out and suck more than a Hoover after having spent a number of years in the game. - Read the full Razor - Open Hostility review

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