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Prong's X - No Absolutes

Rabid Flesh Eaters - Reign of Terror

Coffins/Isla Split

Haken - Affinity

Be'lakor - Vessels

Valdur - Pathetic Scum

Messa - Belfry

Die Choking - III

Sailing to Nowhere - To The Unknown

Black Anvil Interview

Six Feet Under - Graveyard IV The Number of the Priest

Destroyer 666 - Wildfire

Onslaught - Live at the Slaughterhouse

Rotten Sound - Abuse To Suffer

Venomous Concept - Kick Me Silly: VC III

The Great Discord - Duende

Arcana 13 - Danza Macabra

Die Choking - II

Obsidian Kingdom - A Year With No Summer

Thy Catafalque - Sgurr

Denner Shermann - Masters of Evil

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.... Prong's X - No Absolutes
Prong, once caught in a creative vacuum that led to Victor hitting the restart button, sees itself lumbering down a familiar path from which its identity becomes nebulous and dormant. - Read the full Prong's X - No Absolutes review

.... Rabid Flesh Eaters - Reign of Terror
A name like Rabid Flesh Eaters suggests "Reign of Terror" is no cupcake. The Texan thrash squad had a close affiliation, both sonically and personally, with the deceased Rigor Mortis, the most anti-cupcake band on the planet. - Read the full Rabid Flesh Eaters - Reign of Terror review

.... Coffins/Isla Split
This is a little split between Coffins and Isla. Both bands have a bit of doom in their loins, although Isla implements some crust influences that are absent in the doom/death metal assault of Coffins. - Read the full Coffins/Isla Split review

.... Haken - Affinity
Haken strength is writing detailed tracks which feature multiple musical webs and ideas intertwining to create a singular, complex entity. Half the numbers on "Affinity" perceptively drift away from this texture - Read the full Haken - Affinity review

.... Be'lakor - Vessels
Rather than continue milking the formula applied on its predecessor, "Vessels" ventures beyond the set musical perimeter by exploring its inherited musical philosophies. - Read the full Be'lakor - Vessels review

.... Valdur - Pathetic Scum
Valdur delivers a nice package of blasphemous havoc cooked up just the way it sounds. Their riffs are enticing, appearing foul and flagrant over blasts which seldom halt the constant blitzkrieg. - Read the full Valdur - Pathetic Scum review

.... Messa - Belfry
Messa lurks on a forlorn edge of haunting doom metal capped off by drone and ambient influences used as means to traverse the instrumental journeys of "Belfry." - Read the full Messa - Belfry review

.... Die Choking - III
Die Choking isn't content to simply rehash itself. "III" expands upon and further ramifies the metal, punk, and hardcore roots which together create the grindcore weed Die Choking is fond of picking - Read the full Die Choking - III review

.... Sailing to Nowhere - To The Unknown
This is a flawed record, but has glimmers of potential shining through the stormy skies like a lighthouse's beam on an unseen island. Addressing the issues firsthand may find Sailing to Nowhere reaching somewhere. - Read the full Sailing to Nowhere - To The Unknown review

.... Black Anvil Interview
Black Anvil bassist and vocalist Paul "P.D." Delaney revealed how Black Anvil wrought its most daring release yet during a stop during his group's latest tour in Washington, D.C. - Read the full Black Anvil Interview review

.... Six Feet Under - Graveyard IV The Number of the Priest
Six Feet Under's knack for pissing on timeless classics is almost admirable at this point. "Graveyard Classics" is a tradition of the American death metal squad in which they spice up a variety of notable tunes to fit the Six Feet Under mold - Read the full Six Feet Under - Graveyard IV The Number of the Priest review

.... Destroyer 666 - Wildfire
Wildfire is the type of album that will put some hair on your chest, and while Destroyer 666 has released superior records, this is definitely a nice change of pace and a thundering return to the wolf's throne of bones. - Read the full Destroyer 666 - Wildfire review

.... Onslaught - Live at the Slaughterhouse
A proper Onslaught live album is due at this point, thanks to a frugal reunion and classics in the olden days. The balance of two periods seems to be the theme upon which "Live at the Slaughterhouse" is based - Read the full Onslaught - Live at the Slaughterhouse review

.... Rotten Sound - Abuse To Suffer
"Abuse to Suffer" is a Rotten Sound record from A to Z. The grindcore overlords are especially gifted at delivering a malicious sensory overload of nonstop violence. - Read the full Rotten Sound - Abuse To Suffer review

.... Venomous Concept - Kick Me Silly: VC III
Venomous Concept's roster of former and current members of Napalm Death et al. should help kindle the musical brushfires as to the direction "Kick Me Silly- VC III" veers upon, but with an edge of raging humor a la Stormtroopers of Death. - Read the full Venomous Concept - Kick Me Silly: VC III review

.... The Great Discord - Duende
An interview with a member of The Great Discord revealed the band half-heartedly refers to their style as 'progressive death pop.' It is a fitting label, despite conjuring an innate sense of disharmony - Read the full The Great Discord - Duende review

.... Arcana 13 - Danza Macabra
One band that can be likened to Arcana 13 and "Danza Macabra" is Ghost, yet labeling them a copycat or clone is downright absurd. Arcana 13 has the incredible gift of atmosphere to add to the elements of horror and heavy metal they proudly cherish. - Read the full Arcana 13 - Danza Macabra review

.... Die Choking - II
Die Choking's link between the sounds and influences of grindcore remain key to the musical charge, never once putting their feet on the brake. Split that up for six minutes, and try not to die choking. - Read the full Die Choking - II review

.... Obsidian Kingdom - A Year With No Summer
"A Year with No Summer" ends up a mixed bag. The progressive rock structure limits the group creatively, and there are several instances in which the opportunities available to Obsidian Kingdom are squandered. - Read the full Obsidian Kingdom - A Year With No Summer review

.... Thy Catafalque - Sgurr
Thy Catafalque is the work of just one man. The world of "Sgurr" feels much more involved than simply a solitary mind at work, though the depth and imagination of some are far greater than others. - Read the full Thy Catafalque - Sgurr review

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