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MorleyView: All that Remains' Jeanne Sagan

Following up 2004's This Darkened Heart with another scorching CD, The Fall of Ideals, All That Remains looks to really leap into the forefront of metal. Jeanne Sagan has filled in on bass for the band on the last few tours and was invited to be a full-time member prior to recording this record. I spoke to her after the band had just secured a rental car, following the breakdown of their tour bus enroute to a show.

antiMUSIC: Congratulations on the new record --- it's just excellent. I'm kind of new to the band and I've heard bits and pieces of the older stuff and this new one just blows it all away. There is a real diversity to the vocals, going from growling to actual singing, and a variety of sound of the material such as "Six" with the melodic guitar passages. Was there a real intent going into the studio to vary the sound this time out?

Jeanne: I had nothing to do with any of the other records so coming into this we were recording with a different drummer than the last record. And I'm new so kinda whatever came out is what we went with. We're all just kinda full of different styles and sounds, so that's just a mingling of all the ideas.

antiMUSIC: How long did the material take to come together and what were the sessions like for this record?

Jeanne: Well, we got off tour beginning of December, so we had like two months to write. Then we got on the Arch Enemy tour. So basically two months before we went into the studio is what we had.

antiMUSIC: How did you come to join the band?

Jeanne: Laughs. How did I? Let me see. I was working on sound last summer for Prosthetics Records, doing the whole merch table thing. And I don't know, I know them from home, we're all from the same area. I had played with bands that had played with them. Around here it's kinda like a cool scene, everybody knows everybody. I was at the right place at the right time. Pretty much they just needed someone, so I jumped into the van the day after sound, did a tour.

antiMUSIC: What were you up to prior to All That Remains? What is your musical background?

Jeanne: It's funny how ended up doing the merch thing because I had moved out to Arizona thinking I was done with Massachusets and I'm just getting away, but then I met someone at the record label and I just started helping out. It's kinda weird how all that happened. Got away just to come right back.

antiMUSIC: How long have you been playing?

Jeanne: I've been playing for about 7 years. Pretty much when I was in college, picked it up, started playing in bands, just right away started jamming. Never played bass before. All the way through high school, I played trumpet, so I have a musical background, a little bit different but…

antiMUSIC: Did you grow up in a musical household?

Jeanne: Not really. Pretty much picked up instruments in six grade you could choose one, so I picked trumpet. And that's pretty much how I started getting involved in it. My little brother is pretty into music. He does DJing and he's toured with bands doing that. But it's funny, the two of us have similar lives, but he lives in Colorado, but I haven't seen him. I dunno, he hasn't lived at home in like ten years. So I guess it kinda runs in the family. It's kinda weird to say that.

antiMUSIC: What was it like working with Adam from Killswitch on this record? He's pretty crazy on a stage. What's he like behind the sound board?

Jeanne: He's pretty much the same personality. He's just awesome and amazing. I mean when it comes to music he's like a genius, as far as sound, and knowing when to pick up a beat, and little things here and there that he has such an ear for. And I had a good time, I had only recorded once before, and it's my first full length. And I was really nervous going into it, but him just being him made it easy and I had a good time the last and got it over with I guess. (laughs) My great experience. I had only recorded an EP before with one of my other bands. So this is all new to me, this whole touring thing, recording, it's still weird. I'm having a blast. It's funny now when I'm sitting around at home, I want to be out playing, and I'm so exciting. (laughs) Home seems so boring now. Yeah. In the last five years I've watched my friends in Unearth and Shadows Fall and Killswitch go out, and I'd be on tour so I'd never see them. So now I know pretty much what goes on when they leave for months and months. Now I'm going, that's awesome!

antiMUSIC: Is there any significance to the title 'The Fall of Ideals'?

Jeanne: The idea pretty much having people having pre-registered thoughts, and how your ideal should be or how something should sound. And that's pretty much how we went about the angle of the whole album. Just kinda did our own thing. I don't know. People have this ideal of what the next record should sound like. Or who we are as people. I dunno. It kind of just ties it all together.

antiMUSIC: You're just back from the European Sounds of the Underground tour. How did that go?

Jeanne: That was amazing. I mean, the shows weren't as huge as to be expected, but I had a great time just hanging out with the other bands and just meeting everyone there. Everyone there was just so nice. The crew working for us was really nice so it was cool just to hang out. A lot of the places we played, the other bands had already gone through so it was a lot of trying to convince people and putting on a show and getting your music out there. Some places people are just staring at you because they've never heard you before. So it was kinda cool to spread it, laying things down for the next time we go over there

antiMUSIC: You toured with Unearth and now you're going out with them for a few dates before joining Ozzfest. How do you get along with those guys?

Jeanne: Amazingly. I've known them for a long time so it was just awesome. Like the bass player I've known pretty much since I've been playing, so seven years. It's a lot like home. I get nervous about meeting a lot of people so that's why another reason why the underground sound is awesome cuz we were sure about them, we already knew them. And they're great band. I've always listened to them. So I'm stoked as far as musicianship, and then just hanging out with them is great, cuz they're just nice guys.

antiMUSIC: What are you expecting out of the Ozzfest experience and who are you most looking forward to seeing?

Jeanne: Definitely Dragonforce. I'm amped on them right now. I know everybody talks about them but they're huge. I saw them when we were in England with Trivium, and they were playing in the same town. So we went and saw them and they were at the Metal Fest, and I got to see them there too. So I'm really excited to see them on an even bigger stage. Hopefully they'll have their trampolines. I cannot wait. As far as all the other bands go, I've pretty much seen everybody a million times. I haven't seen System, and Disturbed, I don't really care for. Yeah. I cannot wait. Like I said, I'm new to this whole thing. So every tour I go around, everything…I just run straight ahead. I'm just really excited. 

antiMUSIC: Many bass players have a special relationship with the drummer in the band because they work together more so than the rest of the band. Was it hard locking into a groove with Shannon?

Jeanne: It's funny because Shannon was one of the first people to talk me into staying in the band cause I was only just going to fill in, so he just kept talking about, saying you should do it, just try, blah, blah. And he was like my biggest supporter. So we have a sort of kinship that way. He took a little leave of absence (laughs) that's what we're calling it, because he didn't come to Europe with us. But he wanted to come back, he missed playing, but he had a lot of personal issues. So when he wanted to come back, all I could do was support him. So I guess we have a bit of a special relationship, much of a pain in the ass that he could be, but I actually love playing with him. And I didn't realise that until we were playing with another drummer, how solid he is, and how much better I play because of how solid his beats are; makes me better and makes all of our sound better. Once the bass and drums are on, then everything else falls into place.

antiMUSIC: For those of us that are new to the band, can you tell us a bit about the other members:

Jeanne: Phil Labonte -Vocals: Phil is sitting right next to me so it's a little of awkward. (Phil: "All he does is run his mouth, screw him."). He's just hyper. He's loud like that all the time. He's the reason the band is what he is. He's pretty much the mastermind.

Mike Martin - Guitars: Mike likes chicken wings and working out. And he likes playing guitar somewhat (laughs). Apparently, he didn't write anything on This Darkened Heart, and this album he wrote 2…2 and a half songs.

Oli Herbert - Guitars: He's a musical genius. But sometimes we have to watch out for him, because he goes on walks by himself and we can't find him for hours. But he's just out wandering because that's what he does. He's already practicing, he's amazing. I'm definitely learning a lot from him. I've never really sat down with him and learned about chords and notes, I still don't really know notes, but the more I play with him the more I get from him, because he's a teacher so naturally I ask him tips here and there. How do I get this fingering better, and bam he already has a good way to do it. He gives me exercises, so he's amazing. I'm learning a lot, just overall, from everybody.

Shannon Lucas - Drums: Shannon's Shannon. He's the youngest, so he's kinda like the little brother. Kinda make sure they're on time, he's the ladies man. He's definitely the ladies man. Young and cute and plays in a band, and he has lots of tattoos, so girls kinda flock to him and he gives them cutesy waves. He knows how to reel them in. laughs.

antiMUSIC: Anything else you would like to tell us about yourself or the new record that I didn't ask?

Jeanne: No, I guess that's everything. Check out our websites for all the news (links below) and thanks a lot for doing this.

Morley Seaver and antiMUSIC thank Jeanne for taking the time to do this interview. 


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