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A New Tool:  Korn
Backstage Pass Special by Debbie Seagle

Ok Boogeria boy, todays music?? What is "today's music"?? Is it this Korn sh*t that all you p*ssies know and love so well. This waste of time nu vibe(rator) sh*t?? Korn is such a waste, such sorry noise. Metal is what started this and Metal is what will finish it. The F*ggotband Korn-circus will eventually come to a screaching hault and you children will realize what a waste of energy you kids were putting into these "new music" f*ggotbands. F*CK YOU! my "sorry" fagband follower but you are gravely mistaken. Korn is at the dead bottom of musical talant and it is you that will have to figure it out on your own. Go suck a dick and f*ckin' like you ugly b*tch!! A metal heart is hard to tear apart! LET THE METAL FLOW!!!

To KORNSUCKS!! (the twat using this nick). get the f#&k outta our site and go trim your dirty nails, you Mr. Rusty Mind. who givz a f#$kin sh%t about METAL if it's only what you call it. METAL or not KoRn puts your sorry-middle-ages orchestras definitely in the backyard of today's muzic. YOU KNOW THIS my sorry lad and that's why you are so desperate. please F U C K O F F H E R E and don't muck this site ANYMORE.

To Max from Boogeria or what the hell ever, you wannabe idiot. Nu Vibe sh*t?? noone that is into REAL metal gives a f*ckin' sh*t about nu vibe sh*t. Hell yeah I'll be headbanging with my middle finger right in your face you pogo-sticking dipsh*t! LET THE METAL FLOW!!!

KoRn RULZ! ! ! ... EEER ... ONCE AGAIN FOR ALL "REAL METAL FANS"... K O O O O O O O O R N R U U U U U U U U U U U L Z Z Z Z Z Z ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! MODAF@%&ERS ... it's Y2K you stupid wankers. your boots stink since long ago and your skinny jeans are none other but deplorable. open your eyes for the nu vibe. otherwise just keep on empty-shell-banging holding your index and little fingers sticky. i have my middle one sticked for you! ! ! to all you freaks anyway LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED! ! !


Total Gore
Korn suck!!

Just one Thing!KORN RULES!

I too have a 7 string Ibanez, BUT I do not use it for any weak-a$$, waste of time, Korn cr.ap! I make use of my 7 strings and I don't have to bend all the way over to reach them such as Head and Monkey. ALL of these bands are making guitar players weak which makes them all S*UCK! I'm setting the record straight right here: Any one person that learns how to play guitar by listening to ANY of these new bands will ALL S*UCK Forever and will never be any good! There is absolutely no substance to ANY of their songs! Tool, Incubus, Powerwoman5000, Coal chamber,Staind,Rage against the machine, KORN! System of a down, Slipknot, sevendust,Red hot Chili peppers ,WHAT? THESE ARE NOT METAL BANDS AT ALL! None of you children know what real metal is, not one! I come here in an attempt to inform you, and yes I have nothing better to do at the moment, KORN KITTEN ,B*tch (F*ck You! I got laid this morning) Korn does not kick a$$, they don't kick anything! BORING! I have been on stage and I've busted more a$$ and seen more metal than any of you little preteen korn following children and ESPECIALLY more than Korn. SO F*ck YOU BIG A$$ Korn LOSER. You are all pawns in the Korn-circus. FOOLS. Believe me the true metal is out there and waiting for all to experiance and OBVIOUSLY not one of you kids have tasted it. Don't waste your ears on such P*ssy pimp core or whatever the heck you label that c.rap. America has NO selection for real metal. Therefore you must search. Do you think it's just going to be baby fed to you children? Absolutely not! Do all yourselves a favor and wake up out of the Korn nightmare and realize that what your saying to be good music is actually bubble gum music for teenie boppers. Find the true meaning of metal music! LET THE METAL FLOW!

And I'm definitely NOT talking about Korn!

Let the metal flow!

kOrN rOx!!!

Merde, un peu de French ici!!! VIVE KORN!!!

Deftones 420
I got something to say to TOTAL GORE i am 21 years old and i was a KoRn fan from the start. And How the f*ck can u say that 7 strings are for pus*ies. I was playing 7 strings when your mom was cleaning your asscrack. And besides KoRn isnt even Metal. KoRn has their own style of music called pimp core. And i like all kinds of sh*t. not just KoRn but deftones staind Tool incubus powerman 5000 soulfly (which is real metal) coal chamber(but chamber music kinda sucks) system of a down static-x rage against the machine Red Hot Chilli Peppers Metallica Primus hed(pe) sevendust Slipknot and i listen to ozzy. I can play more instruments than you can immagine. Plus i can play ozzy songs. I have gone to more OZZFEST's than in your life you cant say that KoRn is for teenie boppers. Plus NIN is one of the worst bands out there today. All trent reznor talks about is how his life sucks and how he wants to die. At least jon went through his life doing things he loves. not just sitting in a dark corner crying that life sucks. So all i have to say to all these other people who says that KoRn sucks is that why dont you really sit down and listen to what Jon has to say. And if any of you who says KoRn sucks i gonna laugh when all of you who have the balls to listen to good music start to like KoRn. So Jon said it best in the song Faget and i quote" To A WORLD THAT NEVER APPRECIATED SH*t YOU CAN SUCK MY D*CK AND F*CKING LIKE IT!"

Korn es una de las mejores bandas de hard que existe no solo por la explosividad de sus conciertos si no tambien sus polemicas canciones.I am a children of the Korn. I love you guys, you are the best.

jason tompkins
i love korn! that is all!

Korn Kitten
You know who is the REAL losers here? The people who post upmessages saying that KoRn sucks! I have 2 questions for u. What are u doing in this message board if you don't like KoRn? and Why are you that gay as to waste your time here? KoRn is awesome! If you don't like them, then you shouldn't be here! Get LOST! The only impression your making is that your a total loser and nothing better to do! There are a lot of bands that i don't like, but i don't go on there message boards and post up lame a$$ $hit like you queers! PLEASE! Go get laid or something! For all you KoRn fans...There is the cutest KoRn doll for sale on! I am planning on getting all the exclusives, especially the candles. How about anyone else? Has anyone bought anything from there? Well, i just have one more thing to say to the losers who post messages dissing KoRn, I respect everyone's opinion, but please keep it to YOURSELF! no one else cares!-peace out

phil roman
visit http:// - all rare mp3's

KORN Freak
luv yas u r ma fav band have all ya albums and videos

This iz 2 the b!tch who haz a hard-on 4 sayin' KoRn sux. If u think they suck so bad y dont u get ur @$$ UP ON THAT MUTHAF*CKIN' STAGE and try 2 f*uckin' play up their. Do u honestly f*ckin' understand their music? I've been a fan sence f*ckin' 1991 when Jon waz still in f*ckin' SEX ART. He iz an awsome singer and the band iz great so f*ck u all who thinkz KoRn sux. KORN KICKZ @$$ B!TCHEZ!!!!

Once again I will make an attempt at setting you Korn following fools straight. Since that's what you all are : FOOLS. Korn is NOT metal ! Korn is just a sorry excuse for a band with no talant and an extremely weak whiney voice that got popular. And that is only because of people like all of you, the community of Korn-circus followers. Like I said before, Korn is one of the weakest, untalanted bands out there. And for you that say that it isn't about their music but about the words that KIDS relate to, I'm sorry but if you can relate yourself to a coroner that has to live with the sight of a dead little girl body smashed and raped by her father (as explained in the song "Pretty" on the "Follow the Weiner" CD) then those of you have some big problems and need some major psychiatric help and mabye an education too. In reality there is nothing to relate to with these songs, it is all just weak s.hit! And also for those that THINK that Korn is a metal band, from the direction their last CD o' S.hit was headed they will soon be nothing more than a little group of 4 eminems that still can't play. Just like that Gimp bizs.hit crap. Best F*kkin' band? Yeah right, whatever. You fools will never learn. Go get some real metal and then you will all realize that Korn is just another one of those commercial, sellout for the illiterate preteen children that like to have their fathers rape them nightly. You will all learn in time. END THE KORN-CIRCUS!!! LET THE METAL FLOW!!!!

First of all KoRn f*kkin' kickz @$$!! I think that the people the talk sh!t bout KoRn r just a bunch of f*kkin' loserz. Y dont u get ur @$$ez up on stage and do that sh!t everyday 4 a living. KoRn iz the f*kkin' best f*kkin' band out their and their not f*kkin' selloutz!! KORN KICKZ @$$!!!

Just another fan
Im not gonna dis any of u people who dissed KORN even tho i should but you guys are the people who make me sick talking about korn and other bands. If you had half the balls they did and got up on that stage and played nearly as good as they do then you can dis them but untill then your just another worthless loser. and another thing people dont listen to KORN for the guitar and the other instruments they listen to it cause the can relate to it. KORN f*cking rulez and no matter what you guys say about them they will always be famouse cuz it takes talent to get where they've gotten.

korn dog
Korn are the best band ever they like Black sabbath or Nirvana were but better,korn rule.

crasy koRn
korn is f**kin d man

Stefan Hämmerle (
Korn is the best band I´ve ever seen and heard!!!!!!!

Girlie Down
yeah i think koRn's is great !!!!!!!!

i think koRn is the greatest band in da earth, and its true. For all the people who doesnt like koRn or wrote down that koRn's sucks.. can u all prove it ?? So please just shut da FU*K UP !!!!!!!!! u know nothing about music, idiot

To those who think KoRn sucks should'nt be wasting your time writing on here of all places that KoRn sucks. Instead why dont you use your time wisely instead of wasting it and implying that you have nothing better to do. Your truly............

Korn are no better and no more talanted than any of these fag boy bands like N*STINK or the Backdoor Boys. How in the hell can you actually say that Korn is the best band ever??? Where the hell do you live?, F.uckin' Antarctica??? You've obviously not lived too long. Korn are one of the weakest bands ever!!! There music is for Pus.sies!!! Korn shouldn't even be labeled as Metal!! You want some metal, try listening to some Demons and Wizards. All you little fag Korn followers would bust out crying if you heard some real metal for once. You people wouldn't know what to do with your miserable lives, you would just have to commit suicide. Although, that would help greatly to putting an end to the Korn-circus of musical s.hit.

I seen them in Calgary last week. They put on a great show. Your comments are funny!

Total Gore

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