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old korn is the best, if you like them or not you still have to admit that they developed a new style of music and all the new metal bands imitate.

Richard Maple
Korn rocks i like there song dead bodies evrey where

Another intelligent, reason-filled reply from "KORNSUCKS!!!"...

korns first album was the only good one, and its been all downhill from there. korn is not win

Corn IS a f(cking boy band. Everything that you have stated "concerned" is a dumb pile or sh*t!! I don't give dump if any of you fags like corn, they are gay and all of their followers are the pussies that can't handle REAL music. All of you people are so wrong for listening Corn, why don't you all finally start listening to some real music like I do!!! LET THE METAL FLOW!!!

"any" is what I meant to type, I have to correct myself. Sorry, I'm tired.

True, most of them aren't amy better.

I don't think the comments of people who love Korn are any better. "f*ck this anybody who doesn't like korn has really really reaaly sucx"

To all the people who have nothing better to do in their worthless little lives than to put down Korn: First, your language and your inability to use correct sentence structuring makes your comments seem very unintelligent, you illiterate, narrow minded fools. LEARN TO TYPE. Second, what makes you think that just because you think that a band is bad, the whole world has to see things your way. Just because you can't identify with what Jonathan Davis is saying doesn't mean that the music is wrong. At least he has the guts to let the whole world know how he feels. Some people need to release their feelings, instead of hiding them from the world because of fear of judgement. At least the people in this room have better things to do then persecute the people who don't see things the way they do. Your pathetic attempts at putting down these fans or the band only make me laugh. They don't make me angry, because most of the reasons you give for hating them and your mindless insults make no sense. Most of you seem to love calling them "fags" and "pussies", when you can't deal with the fact that the music is here and it has stayed for as long as it has. You can't stand the fact that the music that you find so wrong is that popular, so you lash out at the band AND its fans because you can't be a man and DEAL WITH IT. That is my definition of a pussy. So what if there aren't 10 minute long guitar solos. So what if the music isn't complicated. That's what THEY want to play, so mind your own business. If you don't like it, DON'T LISTEN TO IT AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. "and all john can sing about is hes daddy spanking hes a$$"... whoever wrote that comment has absolutely no clue what they are talking about. Maybe if you actually took the time to listen to the songs, instead of closing your little ears anytime you hear them, you would realize how ignorant you really are. Also, why is it that just because their music has changed, they are immediately dismissed as "sell-outs". People change. You can't write the same thing over and over. If you had a brain, you would realize that. Jonathan Davis sings from his heart about his life. Why do you say he has no talent? Because he doesn't sing your style of metal or anything else YOU might like? Just because they have emotions, and aren't selfish and cold, they are pussies. No, they are not. Take a good long look at yourself, and tell me again what a pussy is. Why is it that just because we are young, we have nothing to be angry about? Look all around you, look at the state of this world. There are plenty of things in this world to be angry about. There is war, kids killing each other, rape, abuse, mental abuse, and people like you. All of these things affect the young people of today, along with many other things. Good advice, telling people to go out and get drunk and do nothing with their lives. Go and do something worthwhile with your life, BUTCH. Korn is not the reason people go out and kill their teachers and other people. STUPID PEOPLE DO STUPID THINGS, STOP BLAMING THE MUSIC. Korn is nothing like ANY of those boy bands some of you are comparing them to. They have the talent to write their own songs. So, before I waste any more time on you, I will stop writing. Why don't you just grow up?


2 ALL THose PPL wHo R HeRe JusT 2 BaDmouTH THe BesT Damn BanD in THe WoRLd, u ReaLLy neeD 2 GeT a LiFe 'KuZ IF THis iz ALL u Do- JusT HanGin' out TyPinG SH|T anD THinKinG yo'Re So KooL TeLlin' eveRyone THaT u THinK KoRn SucKs u neeD 2 GeT a HoBBy oR a GiRLFRienD oR wHaTeveR- oR Go LisTen 2 CounTRy KuZ iF u TRuley HaTe KoRn, uKan'T PossiBLy APPREciaTe GooD MusiK. PEACE OUT !

CS Mofo
Please stop arguing. Swearing is very bad. I know someone who went blind for swearing. I will make cheese sammiches for everyone to calm things down a bit.

AHL is much better than Korn, if you don't know what that is then go eat akimbo bags of hell

In that last comment, I mean to say "religously", not "reliously"

I have no opinion of whether korn sucks or not, but why are you people reliously defending a group of people who you have never actually met? Its music, if you dont like it, listen to something else. If you do like it, dont worry what other people say. No matter what they say, the music is going to stay there.

curtis nivens
great page seriously you should write a bok about korn i would buy it!

Fabrizio cadenas L.
Korn es el mejor grupo de los ultimos años.

I have only one comment.

sad strange little boy
munky i wanna v*olate you wit abit of french bread using onion and garlic dip as lubricant !

Korn is born

If you think that Korn sucks can kiss my ass and for the gay guy that say Korn is the resun that kid shoot up thir school he doesn't know what a outkest is lik so you can suck big gout dick

If you think that Korn sucks can kiss my ass and for the gay guy that say Korn is the resun that kid shoot up thir school he doesn't 

Korn is probably the biggest band in the USA for the past 20 Years

KoRn kicks A$$ . KoRn RULEZ


Korn is the BEST!


korn, or KRAP as i call them f#ck#n sold out, and if u like them "URE GAY"

dawn s.
you guys kick a##


seitz man
Neo get a life but KORN does rock

Korn is the best band out there!All they people that think they suck can go screw themselves!

KoRn is the best f*ckin band out there and anybody who doesn't loke them can lick my balls!

Drew Campbell TX
This is going out to everyone who critisizes KoRn. Looking out from the inside, you cant possibly know what its like, KoRn's music is an outlet of Rage, it suppresses our anger and bring forth our energy and unity. You could never possibly figure out what unity is, because the music that Britney Spears sing, will eventually go away, we will all forget her, but Korn is deep inside us, you cant get them out. They Share emotions with us that other people cant even begin to fathom that the way we feel and think. Commiting suicide, instead of actually doing it and becomeing another statistic, KoRns music vents our rage. So to all the people that dont understand KoRn and think that they are just white guys that play headache music, you werent supposed to understand the beauty...So go Fu[k yourself. Child of KoRn.

Drew C.
This is going out to everyone who critisizes KoRn.

F$%@ Eminem
Hey korn kicks a$$.Hey Jon thats f&$@up how eminem left Fred Durst hanging.F$#% Slipknot

Fieldy Snuts
korn kicks ass

childuvtheKoRn (jacquelyn Bloomfield
I absolutly love the music uv KoRn. I don't want to be percieved as some crazy fan, I just understand the music. I can almost say that it has become almost a part uv my life. I know that the sentence that has just been portrayed makes me seem... well a bit crazy. I want them , if KoRn ever reads these comments, to know that they are looked up to. I don't want that to put pressure on any uv the members, because even if your relunctant to it you are a part uv anyone who listens to you. The emotions vary from person to person. You ,I hope, will be glad to know that I will be a life long fan uv yours. I hope that will grant you some means uv security in your work as musicians.

pretty fukker
Ilove jon he is so purdy. Korn and slipknot rule. 

KoRn kicks ass!

what the fu*k?!?
let the metal flow??? if korn and slipknot suck who the hell are you listening to???

My bum is on the rail, my bum is on the rail!

KoRn is my favorite band and they seem to get better everytime they let out a new album. KORN FOREVER!

Oh yeah slipknot are fags too. All of these stupid bands are so untalented they just f*ckin' BORE ME!!!! Let the metal flow!!!!

If you actually think that Head of all people is remotely attractive then you must be somekind of dog screwing whore or something. The only thing that their music is influence is OTHER bands that suck.

I feel KoRn is very talented. I do like thier music a lot. I truthfully can't say they are the best because there are so many bands in todays world, but I can say they are influentual and talented. Head, you are very attractive.

KoRn is the most talented band and isnt wanna those new bands.they ve been around since 1993 and there not leaving so if you dont like korn get use to them cause they will be around forever..oh yeah we wear korn shirts cause we like the band dumbass sort of like how all you boring queers like nsync

richard shut the f***k up man! I think you are gay! KORN+ LIMP BIZKIT RULEZZ 4-EVER .......


Korn smokes rocks!! They're all gay. YOU'RE ALL GAY!!!!

KoRn f*cking rules! All you asses out there who diss KoRn need to get a f*cking life. You wouldn't know good music if it bit you in the ass! Why the hell are you at a KoRn site anyway you idiots?!? KoRn rocks!!! 

I wish all the teenys would bop away for, like, ever! They do not know what it really means to me to listen to KoRn

Kreamy Kracker
korn is the best band ever limp bizkit sux nuts

why look at korn if you dont like them i love them so get a life

korn rule ass

Korn are the lamest wannaba band they suck so band im sick of them.All these posors go around trying to act bad with thier korn shirts and stuff its fu*king gay.The band has no talent the are annoying a hate them so much.I with the pediphile John davis would die.

KoRn is the greatest kick ass band ever i would just love to meet them

KoRn Kick Ass!!! They are the best band to ever walk the earth!!! And to all thoughs wankers how hate them (i don't know how you possibly can) get a life


korn is cool, korn is the best of the world 

All I gotta say is that everyone who came on here to b-tch about how they think korn sucks, your all a bunch of f-ckin no lifed homos, you have nothing better to do? Why the f-ck are you even looking at a korn site anyway? Are there really people in this world who are as stupid as you people? Im not saying your stupid for not liking korn but how f-cking gay do you have to be to f-ckin goto korn web sites and b-tch like a hooker wit a vaginal disease? If you don't like a band Shut the F-ck up cause nobody gives 2 sh-ts what you think.

f*** you total gore, you don"t know a good band if it hit you in the ass,and for talent you don't have any talent

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