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Coming into the present day with the True Hollywood “Everlast” Story, we do not find an ending, but another chapter.  The latest album from Everlast, “Eat At Whitey’s,” is the epitome of eclectic art, which is why we here at voted it “Eclectic Album of the Year.”  What’s so great about this project?  What’s so unique about Everlast?  I defy you to hear the album and give it any other label!  Is it rap, hip-hop, blues, funk or rock?  The answer is YES!  It breaks every rule in glorious defiance and comes down like a fresh new feeling you have when you realize you like something that you never thought you would like before.  It raps, it rocks, it tears your heart out.  The combination of acoustic guitar with rap or the blend of blues with a drop of funk will turn your head and make you say “DANG!  What is that boy thinking?”  Then the smile comes across your face, as you wonder why people don’t always rap to the sounds of a sawing cello or sing the blues while a beautiful string arrangement cries in the background.  Strong hip-hop beats aren’t supposed to go well with blues, are they?  The bottom line is that Everlast is not afraid to take chances.  He defies the standards of all genres and is comfortable in any of them.  His music is palatable to rap fans, rock fans and blues fans.   “Eat At Whitey’s” embodies all of these sculpted hybrids, which Everlast injects with his gritty deep voice, whether the delivery is soulful and longing or cocky and sure.  For the serious music connoisseur, each track brings the thrill of true discovery.

These days you will find Everlast out on the road, promoting “Eat At Whitey’s” and doing what he does best – bringing his eclectic brand of music to life on a stage.  The set I observed was predominantly blues oriented, and his style was relaxed.  His voice is that of a modern day Louie Armstrong who seems so comfortable in his own skin and with his music that it comes rolling off his lips like a ribbon of smoke.  (Ladies, lest your imagery be ruined, this Louie Armstrong is handsome and built-like-a-brick . . . well, you know.)  Whether he is whispering sensually to the song “Love For Real” or kickin up the tempo and moving to the album’s current single “Black Jesus,” you have no choice but to be right there with him.  Your foot’s got to tap and your body is in the groove before you even realize that your hips are moving and your head is swiveling on your neck!  “Its just what naturally happened,” Erik explains.  “I developed a lot more confidence in my songwriting ability.  Prior to “Whitey Ford Sings The Blues,” I didn’t even know I had song writing ability.  Now I’ve had a long time to work with my band, to learn a lot about keeping it simple.”

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Now its your turn.  For those of you that haven’t tried your first hit of Everlast yet, check him out and dare to define him.  For Everlast fans, is he a rapper, a rocker or a blues man?  Is it possible to be all these at once and do it well?  What do you like about him and what questions does his music or his life’s journey prompt in you?  Do you think its good to bring many music worlds together, or do you think we should all stay in our own corners?  One thing has to be said about Erik Schrody – anywhere he lays his hat in the music industry is his home!


Fan Speak:

Posted by whatever:
um yeah i have not heard alot of this music

Posted by Silver:
I haven't heard a lot of Everlast, and i'm not much of a rock person, but the lyrics to What's it's Like really turned my head. If all their songs are like this one, no wonder they're so loved.

Posted by Realness:
Yo whats up? big up to the king of this b-boy thing Whitey Ford. cant wait for the new album..just make sure you drop some more dope dope hip hop tracks. we all love you rockin but hip hoppin is where your from. always the greatest peckerwood to pic up a mic, give us a lil something to hold us over. i got a laugh at Eminem tryin to beef with ya, he cant front on your skills and the respect you got in the game. Whitey Ford 4 life. cant wait for the album

Posted by Mark:
New Everlast album coming up this winter...16 tracks with guest appearnces by Dilated Peoples and i think Talib Kweli

Posted by Justin Maxwell:
Everlast is...more than an idol to me... his music just brings a smile to my face every time i here it i just can't help but sing along. i grew up listening to everlast and he has always been my favorite musician. i know what you are probably thinking "this is just a kid and he doesnt know anything" that is what ppl always think. Everlast is a great musician and i don't care what Eminem says....i'd love to see Erik put his foot up eminems ass! I think you should e-mail me...we could talk music Everlast came upon many struggles in his life and he kept on goin. Good for him and rock on!! ~justin~

Posted by morgan:
He puts a smile on my face. Just because he is doing his own thing and he is doing it so amazingly well. I respect that. I enjoy listening to his music and his voice is like nothing I've heard before, it just turns my knees weak...oh man! I hope I can see him in concert one day....

Posted by celticpride:
i prefer everlast in house of pain but what hes doing now is dope. so everlast has got my blessing. keep up the good work whiteyford.

Posted by Dan Burgdorf:
Everlast is great, I could only wish to meet him. His lyrics are the best not like Eminem-"Vomit on his sweater already, mom's spegahtti" or to everlast-"Offical like referess , f**k with me put your egos in jepordy" KEEP ROCKING WHITE BOY!

Posted by Larry Mahoney:
Everlast is about the olny rapper that makes since when he sings. His is just amazing.

Posted by Gwyndaelle:
Ev's a genious composer. You listen to these tunes and think damn, it's so pure and so gorgeous, this music must have existed forever and revealed only now, so natural it is! Plus you have such a charismatic personality and the sexiest voice ever :) - the guy who'll always get you stunned.

Posted by Gods Discipled Gangsta:
not long from now u will take a knee 2 da phrophecy dat be GDG....

Posted by AWd:
I emcee while playing an acoustic guitar. God, would I ever love to do a track with Everlast.

Posted by Spanna:
Where the hell is Whitey?! It's 2003 and it's been a long time since "Eat At Whitey's". We all need some fresh stuff from the man! Has anyone heard anything new?

Posted by cashanova:
everlast has more talent in one finger than EMINEM HAS IN HIS ENTIRE SKINNY A** BODY

Posted by Derek Holland:
He is the best singer writer player in the world i will listen to his music for as long as he put's it out. for all his fan's to listen to

Posted by Chris H :
i believe everlast the man just because when he puts his mine to something he always comes back and accomplish whatever he has in mine

Posted by Sammi:
I Love Everlast. They are the Best! I Like the Song "What its like" Itz Bomin!

Posted by celeste:
Why separate different music styles? What everlast has done by combining rap / rock / blues / hip-hip is a reflection of the influences in his life and the need to convey his entire being into his music. Its original, it hits home, its soulful, it speaks to ppl who've travelled similar life-paths. He's inspired me to carry on in life, to not give up when everything around me has fallen. His music sings my story - so all I can say is: thank you.

Posted by dave:
can you send me the cd that has the song "what its like"

Posted by Ryan:
Dorcey you have no life! What a loser

Posted by Dorcey:
His music has taught me to feel and hear life again! I am forever grateful!

Posted by Ryan:
everlast friggen SUCKS DICK

Posted by B dawg:
I found his music to be inspirational AND soothing. His music actualy has thought and talent behind it....Keep it up Bro.

Posted by Chad (aim: Chadathan):
oh my God i've loved Everlast since "whitey Ford Sings the Blues" in 98' i've lived by Eriks words Met him when he came to Rochester Ny in February 8th 2001 and i've been crazy subce then Everlast is amazing and i can't wait till the site posts Tour Dates i want to go again Soon and does anyone know the deal about what's going on with a new CD im me at Chadathan or Email me at thanks and EVERLAST RULES!!!

Posted by Lukas Ryan:
Deep, thought provoking, true to life - everlastingly admired

Posted by Sodomojo2005:
I think that "What it's like is one of the best songs out there. It tells about some real deep stuff. Important stuff that should be heard! ROCK ON!

Posted by cwpwood:
from the syndicate days to the first h.o.p. album to the last h.o.p. album to 2001 everlast has proved he could rhyme,rock,sing,scratch,mix,produce, and pick and strum his way to becoming one of the true artists of the day he is one of the very few musicians that rocks his own style and doesn't sell out i could speak about him longer but you already know much love to the peckerwood king oh yea SCREW EMINEM

Posted by Mariska :
i think that everybody has to listen to everlast, so nobody makes a problem about who you are

Posted by prudukt:
Everlast is the my favourite musician or rapper out there of the simple reason that he is the best. No doubt. His lyrics, his beats, his mad mic skillz. He's the greatest.

Posted by Ingrid Kenny:
The first thime I heard What it's like.I thought the music was great and I can't stop listening to it. I reckon Everlast is the greastest.

Posted by Ingrid Kenny:
The first thime I heard What it's like.I thought the music was great and I can't stop listening to it. I reckon your music is fantastic.

Posted by MEABL:
heard what its like and putyour lights in very sad circumstances and they were so appriote and fantastic that i've been hooked ever since!!

Posted by whitey_is_da_man:
Everlast is the greatest singer, musician and rapper there ever was and there ever will be.

Posted by Gr8_1:
There are many types of music artists out there, legendary talents like Godsmack, Metallica, Cypress Hill, Wu tang, Snoop, there are so many but you gotta believe that Erik "Everlast" has got to be the world-wide leader of the entire history of the music-industry since the beggining of time. There is not one artist that can beat his talent. Since God created this world from day 1 to 2001 we have finally heard the best

Posted by Case:
As salaam alaikum to a new bro in Islam, Everlast, Eminem may think he's tight, but attacking muslims don't make you hard, punk!

Posted by demetrios tertipis:
to define Everlast as an artist and , ven deeper, Erik Schrody as a man, is not something easy. it is though very easy to love him for who he is and for what he does and the way he does it. HE'S A RENAICANCE MAN!

Posted bySzymon:
I first heard Everlast do a metal number on "Judgement night" with House Of Pain and Helmet. He always has been the greatest white rapper out there, but with that song I saw that he hould not limit himself to rap. He can also rock. So f*ck Slim Shady. He´s way out of Everlasts league. 

Posted byShifty_Capone111:
Everlast is da man of the age, he raps about the real sh*t and isn't afraid 2 tell it as it is. He is a roll model 2 all and is a great insporation. Peace!

Posted byGoldenfly:
Everlast kicks ass!! I just found a crazy dope webcast of him on Check it out. 

Posted byeverlast #1:
everlast is the best one out there. hes not a sellout like eminem, everlast is not on the cover on stupid teen mags like feminem

Posted byMaKE Yo!:
EverLasT Rulez forever. His music is so amuzing. And he is best rapper in the world. :D



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