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Posted byBYSE:

Posted byDesiree:
I love you! Your music is the best. I enjoy your voice. It's real sexy. 

Posted bySithgirl:
Everlast is my current fav. I've got two music catagories: 'good' and 'bad, E is definately in the former one! I love everything he's done since his HOP days. XOXOXOX

Posted byKurupt:
Everlast is definately original, always reminds me of the song "One, Two", the line "Everlast is true to you do what you want to, ONE TWO!" :)

Posted byKal:
Here's a good example of an artist that can give "Rap-Rock" a good name. 

Posted byJustin A. Ramey:
I think that everlast is a very good singer song writer. I hope that on his next album he does some straight rap AND some straight blues, I like them both.

Posted bypbjpb:
Everlast is the shyt, DJ Lethal says he's a genius, and so do the majority of respected musicians. Eminem is a little fly who smells like a dog's a$$hole. :)

Posted byfeminem has REAL mental problems and it isn't funny:
slim sh*tty is the most jealous person in this world. seriously, just take a look at his life, listen to the anger he has for Everlast in his song 'Remember' and 'Quitter'. what a loser! Everlst is just like 'ok, little boy.' and eminem says everlast is old? he's only 3 yrs older than emeinem! what? that skinny freak eminem has got major mental problems, and it isn't funny like he makes it out to be.

Posted byLuke "Bomb":
Everlast really is the man, with all the stuff he has gone through. Both his recent albums were great, and I just hope on his next one, he puts "So Long" (Off of End Of Days) on it. That song is a really well written one, like What It's Like, Black Jesus, and 7 Years. Keep On Rockin/Hip Hoppin/Rappin whatever Everlast!

Posted byIman:
Everlast is definitely on the Straight Path.

Posted byboredcol:
Everlast makes great music, slim is a great rapper, would love to hear them together. Just seen everlast last week in concert, a chillin the most time !!!

Posted byName x 2 :
Everlast is a very talented man. I don't find that he is the best musician I have ever heard, but I do admit he's put out a lot of good pieces. One thing I have to say about the "Eminem" bs, is: Eminem in my mind isn't a very talented man. He recites fast poetry (rap), and that is all he does. I have never once noticed Eminem pick up an axe nearly as much as Everlast. As a matter of fact, has Eminem even seen one before? 

Posted byShayne Stoltz:
I like em, and he can make up good lyrics but Everlast has the true talent and will be popular for a long time yet.

Posted byPatricia Mitchell Yun Zi Ling:
I want iformation for ''The World Of Ganster'' 

Posted byCleo:
Everlast is solid. 

Posted byCleo:
Thanx, nice piece. I don't judge noone by categorizing their s---. Pointless bull. ...To describe his latest work Hip-pop might be fair. The people who are compelled to label him drop the ball. When we start saying, "he's ok for rap", or, "you call this s--- rap?!!" we miss out. I defy you to say that Jimi's blues songs discredit him as a rock God. Don't misinterpret me as comparing Everlast to Hendrix. I couldn't of course

Posted bywhite thug:
Everlast kicks ass!Eminem is a mf'in looser!

Posted byL.C.R.:
Mad love to the Everlasted for dissin Slim on Ears Drums Pop Remix and Whitey's Revenge. House of Pain will Rise Again.

Posted bySusan: 
Thank you Erik for this wonderful and touching are the best! Can't wait to see you on tour in Rome next March 24th... my dream will come reality.

Posted bytorino#2:
everlast rips it up 

Posted byRox:
Everlast's music really speaks to my heart. Hell, it feels as though it's from my heart. His lyrics and the way he sings really strikes a chord and i love his music.

Posted bypatf_9:
truly.... i can't move.

Posted bypatf_9:
truly.... i can't move.

Posted byRebecca Pauline Smith:
I have been a fan of Everlast for nine years now and I think that he has grown extremely in his talents and has gained much respect with his experiments on Whitey Ford Sings The Blues and Eat At Whitey's. His music is taken much more seriously now, the sounds he uses create a more serious atmosphere for his words. I took my friends to see him in concert, they really aren't into his old stuff. But, they were blown away when I took them, last week. They all said that he was unbelievable and deserves much praise. I think he is doing an awsome job with the sounds he is using and he should continue to branch out!!!! 

Posted byRUPEDOGG:

Posted byemistyk:
I've been digging everlast all the way back to "I've got the knack." and his fake a** b***h of an ex Tairrie B and her joke of a band my ruin. This man has got his s**t together and will remain at the top because he has skill. It's that simple Everlast is the one. 

Posted bymark:
everlast is the $hit 

Posted bymark:
everlast is swet and emimem is cool too 

Posted bymark:
listen to everlast and rahzels song cheldren's story 

Posted byLouDog:
there isnt going to be a house of pain 2001 reunion is there? i hope so...but i dont think its true

Posted byBill:
I really dig Everlast's music. I can definitely respect someone who has the confidence to move out of a genre and into something new. But what's with all the people ripping on Eminem? You don't have to pick sides, guys; you CAN like them both. Just listen to Em's album. The man has serious technical ability. Regardless of whether you like his content, regardless of what you think about his popularity, no one who knows the first thing about hip-hop can deny that he's got the gift.

Posted byRudegrrrl:
You got it right! Everlast is the shiznit. I have known about his talents sinse my little brother and his wanna be suburban ganster crew was into House of Pain back in the day but he gained my respect as an artist and person after he came "back from the dead" as Whitey Ford singin' the Blues. Check out my website, Everlast3d, which is a celebration of Everlast's third dimension and his sheer tenacity in a world full of so much cynicism and negativity. Everlast has a long enduring career ahead of him.

Posted byIrishB:
Yo Everlast is the Man!! I love his new style and new album, but Ev on your next album get some more Rap on there. Your blues music is dope, but you will always be a rapper. House of Pain 2001 THE REUNION BABY!!

Posted byMontreal:
Ev rocks, and will still be around once the "chocolate candy" melts

Posted byantim7:
if you don't like it m7 don't listen to it

Posted byantim7:
if you don't like it m7 don't listen to it

Posted byantim7:
if you don't like it m7 don't listen to it

SUCKA SAY WHAT!!!! Now that's a bad ass piece of honkey toast!!

Eminems music is like a bad bowel movement gone horribly wrong, but whens hes done thankfully he wipes his fred durst 

the guy's got sum talent, he's like in another league than eminem, he duz what he wants and no whats popular 

Eminem is to music what Poke Man is to trading cards. a short term fad! Everlast has real talent and blows that candy ass away. Mad props to Everlast, We know you're the deal deal G!

Eminem Is Mad Better
Fu*k Everlast. He needs to start worrying about himself, and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing. He's hating on Eminem because Em is more popular? Whateva. I thought Everlast was kinda phat when he came out w/ "What it's Like", but then I heard the rest of it, and his new song? I've heard better farts. Em is mad better, and always will be. Em didn't start slingin sh*t till Everlast did.
everlast is truly off the hook-i just love him, his music and his tatoos. i am 31 and i can relate to the music-what its like hit home it was unreal.erik is a real person and this you can tell by his songs. keep up the good work and im glad u are on your way to the top-its where you belong. love michell

Ok I've only heard the one song What its like. It's was ok a bit too liberal for my taste. What I gotta know is if this guy has some kick ass blues jams why is he turning out pop songs for singles? I think he'd do a lot better if he just said screw it and dropped the whole rap thing if he really is as good as you'a'l say he is at blues? Know what I'm saying? Louis Armstrong is the sh!t and if this guy compares then he is wasting his talent playing this urban crap!

He is a muslim? I never knew that. When is he gonna duet with Cat Stevens?

Is everlast ever gonna do just a straight rock record? I think he'd be a lot more popular if he dumped that hip hop stuff.

I was impressed when I heard what it's like so I got the cd and it really surprised me just how none hip/hop rap everlast really is. He is one of those artists like Zappa who mixes and matches his styles to create some killer music. I think this guy should get a lot more attention than he does. He's so much more talented than shim fakey and fred durst. If you read this Eric I wonder if you ever thought of doing a full out metal song? I think that would be off the hook! 

B.I.G. Tony
When "Whitey Ford Sings the Blues" came out I really didn't like any of it. But, I kept my eye on Everlast and when"Eat at Whitey's" was released, I listened to it and picked it up the first day. It is probably one of the best albums I have ever purchased. I like it so much because of the fact that there is such a variety of music on the album, that it's never like listening to the same song multiple. Props to Everlast for an awesome album.

I'm not a big fan of everlast, either. But, I do comend him on doing something a little different from the rest of the flock. Some of it evokes the stuff Mike Ness was doing about a year ago, roots music, which is a great area for exploration. For instance, listen to the Lomax Brothers' field recordings done back in the 1920's and 1930's. They went around to prison and sharecropper farms and recorded the songs the workers/prisioners sang--great stuff. However some of it borders on diamonds in the rough and yocal babble. But it was the Lomaxes that actually discovered Leadbelly and helped to get him out of prison to record (roots music puts gansta rap to shame in terms of lawlessness). I suppose music was little more pure back then... 

I do give props to everlast for doing his own thing. I heard he was turning his back on the whole rap thing with the next album and doing straight up blues and rock. It doesn't matter because this guy has the midas touch with his music it's all good. 

Not my kind of music, but I like the tear down on Slim punky.

the max
With all the shyt boy bands and ridiculous excuses for rap artists out there it is great thing to know there is room for music like this. Everlast is pure talent. I just wish more people weren't so afraid to do their own thing.

Everlast is the only rapper I can stomach period. He mixes it up pretty good with blues and folk rock.

I totally agree Everlast is in a leage all his own. don't even think of comparing him to eminem or kid sock

great article Debbie! Everlast really is cool and goes way beyond WhiteBoyRap

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