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RNW:  As pioneers of the metal/rap or rap core rock genre, you were one of the first bands to introduce that fusion.

JB:  One of the first bands, yeah.

RNW:  I think you are pretty much, generally credited with that.

JB:  Well Aerosmith and Run DMC kind of did the "Walk This Way" thing too, at the same time.  But yeah, I agree, and this was before I was in the band.

RNW:  So It happened in 1991 and you joined the band in 1992.

JB:  Actually, it happened in 1986 with "Iím The Man," that was the first time the band really did it. 

RNW:  Do you think that there are other genres that can fuse with metal or hard rock?  Do you see any other possibilities coming down the pike?

JB:  Yeah, people have done that and they continue to do things and thereís an element of music thatís really interesting when people are doing that.  Like the new Moby record, you know how heís kind of brought in the techno thing with some of the kind of gospel samples, which is really creative.  So yeah, I think thereís a place for that.  It should just always be a natural thing.  You know, if it feels right to do it, then you do it.  I donít think the band is sitting around going "Okay, whatís the next thing to do?"  I think that gets a little calculated.

RNW:  It can kind of go along with what your personal music tastes have been.  I mean, you are metal artists, but you have different influences.

JB:  You know, the strange thing about Anthrax, I think that with Anthrax, one of the biggest problems of the bandís career is that the band has been ahead of its time on numerous things.  Whether its the rap/metal thing or  . . . I mean I even listened to the remix of "Potterís Field" and it sounds like what Powerman 5000 is doing right now.  So we did that with Al Jourgensen five years ago, or eight years ago now, almost.  But thatís life and you just do it and you do what feels natural and I think as long as you are being true to yourself and going "I really like this" and "I really like the cut weíre doing, melding these two things or these three things together," and it feels natural, then do it.  My only observation, the only problem I sometimes have is when its formulated.  And when people are trying to go, "Lets do this because this is the thing to do."  I hate to say it, but a couple bands who are doing the rap/metal thing right now seems to do exactly that.  I wonít mention names, but to me it seems extremely calculated.  I mean you can see it.  You can see through it.  It seems fraudulent.  It seems fake.  To me it does.  Maybe it doesnít to some 15 year old kid, but to me it does.  Whatever, thatís just how I view it, whatever.  Power to the people, you know?  Hey, Iím not here to tell people what they should do or not do.  Iím just saying this works for me, and this is what I think is cool for me and the band.

RNW:  I think some of the newer bands should be showing Anthrax and Aerosmith some monetary propers for pioneering that . . .

JB:  Yeah, you know whatever.  What are you going to do, go "Hey we were the first?"  Inventors, people who are innovative are usually the people that didnít or werenít the ones who were the recipients of the money anyway.  Edgar Allen Poe was dead and buried before people discovered his work.  Died in poverty, which a lot of artists do.  Iím not saying that weíre in poverty by any means, we wouldnít be here at the beautiful (hotel) in Santa Ana if we were in poverty!  Weíd be on the freeway.

RNW:  Switching gears just a little bit, you came to Anthrax from Armored Saint, and the last buzz that I heard was back in September of 1999 that you guys were working on a project (Armored Saint).  Whereís that at?

JB:  That record is done, it comes out March 7th, and it was a fun filled project primarily because of the history of the relationship between myself and a couple members of the band who grew up together.  We were literally elementary school mates together, so thereís  a long history of friendship and it just was the right time.  We had some down time in Anthrax and everyone kind of did some different things.  I had an opportunity to do it, Joey Vera the bass player and I are best friends and so we got a chance to rekindle our friendship and write a bunch of tunes and they ended up being really, really good.  So we made this record and I donít know whatís going to happen yet.  Iím trying to keep that as stress free as possible because  . . .

RNW:  So you have not done anything about setting up tours or anything like that?

JB:  No, not yet.  Thereís talk here and there, but like I said, weíve got to figure out everybodyís schedule and I donít know.  We havenít made a record (with Armored Saint) in eight years.  I donít know what the response is going to be from the public, you know?

RNW:  Is it fair to say that Anthrax is your primary focus and Armored Saint is now your side project?

JB:  Yeah, kinda, exactly.  Thatís how I look at it, and to me that keeps it really, like I said, stress free.  I spent eight or nine, ten years in Armored Saint.  Started in 1982-1983 and broke up in 1991.  Actually, broke up in 1992, but for the most part I have beautiful memories of that, but there were a lot of woeful times.  It was just difficult because a lot of errors were made.  So I donít want to relive that.  The idea of doing this record is really a pleasurable experience.  It was awesome and I think we made a killer record.  Everyoneís going to be like, wow, really blown away.  Most people are that have heard it.  Theyíre like wow.  So as long as we keep that really kind of lacks, then I wonít feel that kind of pressure all the years of being in that band.  I donít want to feel that way.  I just wonít.  I wonít do it. 

RNW:  Iím going to keep my ears open on that one.

JB:  Yeah, Iím sure youíll get a copy.

RNW:  Youíll see me again if you are on the road for that one, and Iíll do your Rolling Stone cover.

JB:  Oh yeah.

RNW:  There are a couple other things you are doing right now that Iíve read about.  Tell me about Rock House and your involvement in it.

JBRock House is a club that my friend Dan Devito, who is here tonight, and myself do every Friday night at The Garage in Silver Lake.  Its just a rock and roll club and we have a DJ who spins like, a bunch of hard rock and metal, and we have a bunch of different bands play everything from Babyland to Stanford Prison Experiment to local metal bands.   We do all different kinds of things there so its been a lot of fun.  Spent most of the times there drunk on Friday night. 

RNW:  Sounds like a good time.

JB:  We have a great time.  We have a really good time and it keeps me tied to the street and it keeps me aware of up and coming bands and then eventually, its still in its embryonic stage but Iím working with Nikki Sixxí (of Motley Crue) record label Americoma, doing some A & R kind of stuff for them.  Thatís kind of the next area or phase of my life I think I want to get into because Iím into seeking talent because I think I can spot good talent.  I have to start thinking what Iím going to do because Iím getting old.

RNW:  Its better than the alternative.

JB:  Getting dead?

RNW:  Not getting old is not good . . . 

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