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Blue October - History For Sale
by Dr Fever

Five Star: A look at albums that are so good that they impress even the most cynical of critics. Very few albums are superior enough to obtain a five star rating but occasionally a band slips through the river of mediocrity that is the modern music industry and they produce an album that restores our faith in the future of rock! This series is a look at such albums. 

A couple years ago, I got my hands on Blue Octobers last cd ('Consent To Treatment') after hearing "Breakfast After 10" on the radio. I was impressed with the album because it was unique in it's style..mixing various style from bands (Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews Band, Live) that had singularly influenced many other bands. To some, this might sound like a potential trainwreck but strangely Blue October made it work.

With their follow-up, "History For Sale", we find the guys of Blue October sticking with what works and only making a few minor changes. Specifically, they seem to have developed a bit of hard, more rock oriented edge while still keeping their original unique combination of influences.

If this album had been released sometime between 1992 and 1994, Blue October would be HUGE. We're talking MTV/Cover of Rolling Stone huge. But, as it is, the band continues to deliver solid, original rock that anyone who enjoys the previously mentioned bands should be able to get into. I highly recommend you find this album and check it out. You might not like it as much as I do, but hell, you never know until you try.

CD Info 

Blue October - History For Sale
Ugly Side
Clumsy Card House
Calling You
Chameleon Boy
Sexual Power Trip (One Big Lie) Bla Bla
Quiet Mind, A
3 Weeks, She Sleeps
Inner Glow
Come In Closer
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Fan Speak:

Posted by truly closer, nh:
There is a certain satisfaction I get from their music that I have never felt before. They incorporate so many genres into their sound and emotions as well. Justin Furstenfeld has such a wonderfully unique and potent vocal ability. He can bring you to your knees with one breath or render you weightless with one syllable. C.B. Hudson’s simple yet classic riffs combined with Ryan Delahoussaye’s genius multi-string talent, Jeremy Furstenfeld’s amazing pace crusade for original beats and Justin’s visibly and audibly poured emotion, Dave Matthewsesque voice and hard backing guitar all makes for a number one band…and nothing less.

Posted by Simon:

Posted by Emily:

Posted by Michelle:

Posted by eletrobitch:
WOW - you have to hear BO for yourself and they can not be compared to anyone else out there... I have been listening and seeing them seen Consent for Treatment come out - first concert was Gordos in San Marcos - what a great way to be introduced to a band like Blue! I believe Justin's parents were selling shirts and concert items... :) Seeing them in concert is an awesome and beautiful experience and every concert is different. Blue October is amazing and the music and words are very powerful and moving. Once you hear and see them you WANT more and more... it becomes a consent craving - believe me! Thank you to Blue October for all the wonderful music and shows I have heard and seen over the years -looking forward to the release of "Foiled" and to tonight's 5591 show at MoMo's here in Austin 12/9/05!!! Keep up the hard work and all the fans will be looking to the future with you all for more great music. Much love to you all!!

Posted by lauralie:
I have been in love with this band for about 6yrs now.Anyone who wants the real experience should see them live!!!It is amazing on all levels.

Posted by Gina:
I love History For Sale but all their CDs are good. Anixously awaiting their 5th release, "Foiled" Check out the website,

Posted by cool_guy_jake:
this band is the greatest band ever in my opinion i've had history for sale for about a month and i've listened to it 50 times i think they wrote the music either for the crazy people in the world (like me) or they wrote it for the intelligent ( not me)

Posted by phantm inclusion:
I'm falling, I'm falling into an infinity of sadness and dispair an eerie darkness awaits the air around is very heavy cold I can't breath I am paralized, stunned with fear I know I'm awake, living a nightmare drowning insomnia freezing cold sweat fall asleep distant light appears a suttle voice sweet harmonys begin to fill the space mesmorizing mind altering warm light floods my mind a clear tone overwelming joy I've been touched mind blowing euphoria is apparent. knowing I have not passed on to the next plain of existance this could only be heaven on earth rapid heart awake feeling releived of the pain that once was. emotionally drained realizing I had dreamed of yet another Blue October show looking up to god begin to cry happy thank you lord for this spiritual movement called Blue October

Posted by A humble Fan:
Blue October is by far one of the best bands that I have ever heard. The combnation of Justin's writing style and vocal performance coupled with Ryan's amazing skill on the violin and on top of all that the addition of CB Hudson with his classic style of Rock God Guitar make Blue October Amazing both live and on cd.

Posted by izzy:
i really like it

Posted by LILmichelle:
I FREAKIN' LOVE THIS BAND.............and Justin rules!

Posted by linzeeloo:
i LOVE Blue October. great band with great music. i traveled almost an hour just to get the consent for treatment cd. i love blue october!!!

Posted by marcus:
I like blue october music and went to best buy to get "both cd's" the moment i heard "calling you" on the radio. One thing i dont get in the song "Clumsy Card House" is what is a clumsy card house rape? If you know, get back at me on it. Blue October Rocks!

Posted by
i too was at the rococo theater in lincoln ne... i was totally blow away as it was my first experience blue ocotber live.... i MUST have More... i Need a copy of the answers... i've searched the net.... nada.... does anyone have any ideas?????

Posted by Laura:
Not only are Blue's records amazing, but their shows are life changing :) it's the most intense thing to watch Justin completely express himself through music. I've seen them 4 times now and i can not wait for the new album to come out so i can see them again. Their new stuff is great and i assume the new cd will be crazy good. Everyone in the world should not only listen to everything song they can, but see them as many times as possible..they never get old. - Congratulations guys on being my all time fav band

Posted by headhugg1:
I've had the good fortune to see them up close in the CD101 big room. Talked with the band afterward. Great people! If anyone knows of an email address I would like to tell Ryan thanks for putting me on the guestlist for the concert. This group has some serious talent! I expect them to go far. Ryan, if by chance you see this, Thanks! The concert was great! Newport music hall in Columbus, Ohio.

Posted by cord:
i love blue october and justin, they rock. i was at the recent show at the Rococo theatre in lincoln ne and it was the first time in 2 years that i got to see them again and nothing has changed. they are the best band i have ever heard. can't wait for their next cd to come out. and for them to come around to ne again

Posted by tams:
im in love...heh. i adore all that they have put out, yet black orchid has to be my favorite song.

Posted by Madison Chase-Omaha:
I am fickle about the music I listen to, but once I heard this band on 89.7 the River, forever ago, I was hooked! I have brought countless people to their shows and they are just in AWE, and can't wait to see them again. I told my friend last night, when I saw them in Lincoln, that it's like he (justin) invites us in to his head for 2 hours and lets us play. The live double disc called "Argue with a Tree" is AWESOME!! Buy it. Justin told the Omaha crowd a few weeks ago, "you keep coming to shows and we'll keep playing music." I truly believe that. Love from Nebraska to all Blue October fans!

Posted by I Know:
I have been to so many blue concerts it's crazy. I know Ryan, the violinist and every time he is in town he give me a call. They are really great people and one of my favorite bands. They are really down to earth and I am really lucky to get to know them.

Posted by ICEMAN:

Posted by firecracker:
I totally agree

Posted by 5591 FAN:

Posted by Kevin:
Calling you pwns, Im gonna record it and send it to my friend Martina!!

Posted by ZeroCool from the ATX:
i saw these guys last night.... they are incredible. spread the word... they'll be huge one day.

Posted by kaylee:
hey i just wanted 2 say how much i love blue october,justin is so nice.i got to meet him and i got a pic with him and everything.and there music is awsome!and i love pipers hair!

Posted by Meagan:
Blue October rules above all others!!! They don't even one half way not good song!!! Justin makes my heart hurt and i love him.

Posted by norsegrl88:
I have NOT heard a more incredible, muscially talented bunch of guys since I first heard good ole dave matthews, the lyrics, the musical content, is actually insprirational. Us 30 somethings finally have a bit of a voice in this lame ass music industry. I tell every one I know that loves music about Blue October..and have had so many convert to this sound....and dont get me started on the LIVE show...for a tough music critic like myself, they brought me to tears, haha I didnt care who saw the tears...these guys have the gift of inspiratin,my mission is to let the world hear them. otherwise Im satisfied to listen to the cds every day.

Posted by
I didn't much care for "Calling You" but after seeing them open for the All American Rejects in OK cityand getting to meet them, I thought they were awesome! You can just feel how much Justin puts into his music when you watch them live. They have quickly become my favorite band and I own both Consent to Treatment and History for Sale but am looking for a copy of The Answers. If you have any info let me know! Just put Blue October in the subject line!

Posted by blueoctobergurl:
i think they are amazing. my uncle introduced me to their music andis such a groupie he follows them around texas and actually flew to maryland to take me to one of their shows. they are the most down to earth people and are aweomse enuf to stay after shows and talk with their fans ans sign autographs. they are by far my favorite band.

Posted by trinka:
i am so in love with Blue October and justin furstenfeld

Posted by blownaway:
i was at the dvd show too, truetoblue! totally amazing...he has a massive presence on stage

Posted by truetoblue :
this band is by far the best band ever!justin's lyrics are very moving and their live performance is amazing.I recently attended their live dvd taping and was blown away. i have seen them many times live but that night was a breath taker! all of their cd's show their talent- they are definetly going places!

Posted by ecapegoat:
its just my style

Posted by Russian Boy:
Blue october is "the bang," I have never listened to anything better than this. I have listened to it for 4 months straight not taking it out from my car Cd player.

Posted by shorty:
I think blue october was bad ass when i saw them in concert in san antonio. i had to buy their cd as soon as i found it. if anyone has a love for rock should get this album.

Posted by rotten fish:

Posted by the sloth:
the sloth says: i rode on a charter bus for 45 hours this past week and was listening to BO almost every minute of the ride. never got tired of them and never will. justin's voice and emotion give me goosebumps everytime i listen.

Posted by Pappy:
Awesome band! I have to admit I was not familiar with their fine work. I went to a summer festival in Dallas to see one of my old favorites, the B-52's and Blue October played first. I'm definitely hooked! Their strong, powerful performance absolutely BLEW ME AWAY! I expect big things for this band, hope they stay cool!

Posted by Vinxh:
Wow, alot of people from Texas. I would just like to say, that when it comes to music, I am super picky, like ridiculous. Blue October you just hit the right spot with originality and creativity. I love Amazing, a barber shop type harmony in the chorus line just makes this song the top of my list. I really love you guys work and hope to one day actually meet yall in person. Thanks for the music - Savanna -

Posted by haru:
Blue October is amazing....i've been to a few of their concerts and i can't find words to describe the emotions that rage through my soul seeing and hearing them....they are simply amazing!

Posted by Chloe:
yea they are so awesome and so sweet...the best thing to do when you go to a concert is be able to talk to the band...and they let you after EVERY concert almost!

Posted by Christy:

Posted by Carrie - Dallas, TX:
I love Blue October and never get tired of their music. I have all 3 of their CDs and can listen to them over and over. I've seen them in concert at least 20 times. I am also privledged enough to be going to their concert for the DVD filming. If you haven't listened to them, I suggest you pick up one of their CDs.

Posted by Nichole:
I think Blue October is like no other band in the world. I have seen them in concert over 15 times and I never get tired of any of their CD's. They totally rock and it shows in everything that they do. If you have ever met them, you know what I am talking about. They are not "FAKE". They are real and everything they do is for their music. They have a special bond with every single person that their music comes into contact with. If you have not bought this CD yet then you are truely missing an amazing experience!!! :)

Posted by Melody:
I have seen this great band many many many times. They are from our home HOUSTON! If you have never seen them at Numbers then you haven't seen them....ever! Just saw them at Shame and they were great. They had a crew filming and I just want to see what for. It really cool to see their fan base getting larger every day.

Posted by Jennie, Austin, TX:
Blue October is extremely talented and "let others fall apart to a new rhythm, just to feel better" - Sad Disfigured Clown. They take me to another dimension and make it possible for me to forget my problems for a while. If you've never seen them live, you really have to. Especially in a town, like Austin, where they love the people and the people love them. I have seen them three times this month alone. The two greatest shows were at La Zona Rosa and at Southlake. The last time was up in Southlake, where I promised Ryan I would let you all know how rockin' the concert was. My sister, along with many others we met at the show, actually missed their SENIOR PROMS just to be there. Guys, this is for you. You are my favorite band and I have never heard any other band that can make me feel the way you guys do. I'm always in the front row and I don't plan on relinquishing my place anytime soon. I love you guys. See you soon. : D

Posted by Denise:
Blue October is beyond words, AMAZING! I heared them and saw them for the first time in Austin for my friends birthday and they kept me screaming the whole time! Seriously, this band is so bad a** live. Their cd is awesome. The lead singer steals you away from everything while he's singing, the drums keeps your heart beating, The bass player is a talented hot babe!and they're violin player kicks a** too. If I'm missing anyone, everything was awesome. i don't think I could stop saying that!They've become my absolute favorite band.

Posted by Horse:
Puerile drivel from a bunch of overwrought clowns who can't even rip off other musicians very well. They should be taken out back of their next show and dealt with using a .45 and a shovel.

Posted by 2400 MCCUE:
Liz, Glad to see you guys doing so well! congrats - painter

Posted by sharron:
i think that blue october roxx!! they are one of my all time favorite bands!!

Posted by elizabeth:
Blue October rocks!!! I just saw your concert at TCU & I loved it! Liz, you were awosme-I just started playing bass & you inspired me to play more, I had never seen a female bass player.

Posted by elizabeth:
blue rocks.... they have helped me through more hard times than i ever thought was possible for music to do. me and my boyfriends song is balance beam, we even taught our daughter to sing calling you

Posted by Ashley:
I just saw them in concert tonight...they're awesome! They're so diverse in their music, and people from all different walks of life listen to them. its wonderful!

this is cool!!

Posted by Natco:
I think this is great because this article is about my most favorite band in the world so yeah!!! ROCK ON!!~Natalie~

Posted by jademart:
Blue October is life-changing!! If you love the CDs you should see them live. It's a like another spiritual baptism.

Posted by MiCHEllE:
I love history for sale and i absolutely love blue october. Theyre awesome on cds and even better live! =D

Posted by Gerts, Midland,Tx:
Awesome!! Read my other article below. Blue is comming in 10 days to my hometown and I can barely sleep, I'm so happy. Anyone who likes Blue should check out all '3' of their cds, it just keeps rollin. If you ever get a chance to see this band do not hesitate, get there and listen!!

Posted by SUZY Q:
i LOVE BLUE OCTOBER!! I drove to New Orleans to see them 2 months ago and they'll be here in TX in a few weeks. By far the best band since the Doors!!

Posted by Roco:
I have yet to be able to go to one of the blue october concertes but I deffinently want to i just got their history for sale cd and it is truely amaizing, it can totaly change your state of mind. they are seriously an awsome band.

Posted by Sarah:
Blue October is awesome. I saw them play at Mardi Gras, and they sound better live than they do on the album. They are an under appreciated band, and I'm glad there finally getting some recognition

Posted by Asa Guthrie :
Hey everyone Go! Buy tickets now they are goin really fast! I am goin to their concert in AZ this month!! 3/17/04

Posted by Asa Guthrie :
Because I want to be a rock star (and yes i am only 11) Blue October has really inspired me more than any other band I have ever met. I had had Their first album (The Answers) and their third album (History For Sale). But once I got Consent To Treatment, I felt as if my life were complete! I have been to almost every show and each time I move up the list to the "number 1 fan". I love the bands music and I consider myself a friend of the band. I mean if your like me wanting to be a rock star, knowing lots of bands is a good start! I just wanna say "THANK YOU BLUE OCTOBER". You guys rock. So to all you people out there checking out this site who haven't been to Blue Octber, GO! I promise you won't regret it!

Posted by sam:
I saw Blue October at Superbash in Houston on 1/31/04, and I was floored. They rock and I moshed like a freak.

Posted by Big D:
Blue October is the best band there and will always be the best

Posted by BlueGene:
Saw Blue Open for Vertical Horizon in Columbus, Oh in Aug 2003. And , had what can only be described as a religous experience! Being in my mid-30's I have been around and seen quite a few "Big" name acts. But, NEVER have I witnessed such an intense performance...So intense in fact, I can honestly say I was moved by the genius shown that evening. This Album should go down in History as one of the great ones...(It already has in MY household! LOL!) Pick it up if you don't own it already...And be PREPARED! Finally! Music that Doesn't REEK of Bubble-yum!!!!

Posted by Chris:
I, too, have seen Blue October live. It is a definite must for anyone. I will be seeing them 3 more times in the next 3 weeks. Everything everyone has said here is absolutely true. This is one moving band.

Posted by Chris:
I, too, have seen Blue October live. It is a definite must for anyone. I will be seeing them 3 more times in the next 3 weeks. Everything everyone has said here is absolutely true. This is one moving band.

Posted by Oklahoma State University:
I have seen Blue October Live, and I love them. My friends and I go everytime they come to town, and I have worn out my CD!!!!

Posted by Tam:
I've been following Blue October for the past year now. They are so unbelievably talented. I still remember the first time I saw them live. They left me speechless and wanting to hear more of there music. I have mad respect for this band.

Posted by Kate:
When I heard Justin's lyrics for the first time, it was the first time that I felt like I wasn't alone in this world. He is a brave and intense man...they all deserve to go to the's their time...

Posted by Kristie:
I just saw Blue October at the superbash this past weekend and they were AWESOME!! I have completely fallen in love with them, and all the guys are extremely nice.

Posted by dan p:
my name is dan and I need to obtain "THE ANSWERS" some how. If any one knows how or where I can get it, please email me with the info at I would be forever greatful. Thank you

Posted by Tripp:
The most awsome band in the history of music!

Posted by Morgan:
Amazing band, one of the best in history

Posted by kena:
this cd has a lot of emotion- a song for evry mood almost. it's great

Posted by Joey:
These guys are good!! Playing the drums I listen to all types of music. I have never had music affect me the way B.O. has. I have personally tried to spread the "word" about their genius and have not had much success. I have come to the conclusion that I am surrounded by idiots. Justins lyricks and arrangements are unpresidented. My name is Joey my address is

Posted by steve o:
first time i heard them was live, and i gotta tell u just the emotion u felt while watchin them perform got me hook then i realized they were like listening to several awesome bands at once!

Posted by Adam Munoz:
A saw this band live a couple of times and most certainly plan on seeing them again. A trip that will open you up and help reveal yourself to yourself. Defintely worth trying.

Posted by pam:
Blue October is great!! They have such meaningful songs and they are so creative. I would reccomend them to anybody.

Posted by Tanya:
Blue October is amazing! I have loved them for years and their music still inspires me. They Rock!

Posted by Julie:
I love Blue October...heard them a few years ago and am so pumped that they are finally getting the recognition they desreve. I know they are going to keep gaining fans because music they play has so much feelings and kicks ass!

Posted by Susan Brook,Melisa:
Hey Liz, I hope you are getting these letters!We are aloud to get on the internet until she starts class.anyway I want to go to your next concert.michelle can get free tickets!!!

Posted by Otis Holmes:
Hello can someone can talk to me

Posted by Susan melisa brook:
12/11/2003 I might move to new York to see Tiffany,she is married and she has a baby. Love melisa

Posted by Otis Holmes:
What up everybody i see everyday

Posted by Melisa susan and brook.:
Liz I know you are not in the band any more but is there a way that you could get in touch with me on your website or something? love melisa

Posted by melisa, susan, brook, :
my uncles name is joe mullally and you were married at one point. my other uncles name is robert. and my grandma name is yolonda (mana). I like your album. my favorite song is calling you. it was nice to talk to you. i hope you read this.

Posted by Crazy:
I love Blue October all of their music is so inspirational and beautiful!!! I have 3 of their cds and love all of them only 3 i have in my cd player!!! History for Sale was a very good cd!!!

Posted by Crazy:
I love Blue October all of their music is so inspirational and beautiful!!! I have 3 of their cds and love all of them only 3 i have in my cd player!!! History for Sale was a very good cd!!!

Posted by #1 Blue October Chick:
Ever since I heard Blue October's song, "Calling you" I fell in love with them. I waited and waited for "History For Sale" to come out and when it did, I bought it that day.The CD is awesome and you should go out and buy it but one thing will always stay the same, I AM Blue October's biggest fan and you can't change that. Hehe-I love Blue October!!! PS:I will meet them soon w/ my backstage passes!!!

Posted by Jessi:
I absolutely love blue october! i am NOT a fan of indie... i am mostly into emo and punk...but blu october definitly is on my top 5 list of best bands

Posted by Drew:
I met these guys and they are awesome. They put on a great show.

Posted by BlueOctoberFan:
I'm from the same city so i knew about them before they got popular. They are the best band I've ever heard live, and probably ever will hear live. Their concerts are a beautiful experience that everyone should have, and they have inspired me greatly as a musician. I just went to one of their concerts, and can't wait for the next one in December. I love the way they can put the violin, such a beautiful instrument, into a rock song, and make it so good. I don't think anyone can get better than this band, and I hope for them to soon see the credit they deserve. Everyone should try to see them live, it is worth a long trip just to see them.

Posted by Sarah:
I love Blue October and have been listening to them for years. They play here a lot and I go to all of their concerts, and they are actually better live than on the CD. They are definitely the best band ever, and i love their music, and hope to see them keep producing more.

Posted by Andy Rohan:
If you think the ablum is good you should check them out in concert. I've seen them over 30 times since "the Answeres"came out . They are the best band live, and all together for that matter

Posted by Kala:
I LOVE this album and I agree it definately deserves the five star rating. Many bands turn out good songs but on this album I love ALL the songs which is extremely rare for me.

Posted by Judda:
Such power and passion! My new favorite band...I can't wait to see them in concert next month!!!

Posted by Angie:
If anyone can fire up all of my chakras in a single live show, Blue October can. Thanks boys.

Posted by Sizzle:
Best live act I have ever-seen. (by far)its like being frozen, getting hit by a truck, shattered into a million peices and then somehow put back together better than you were to start! simply amazing

Posted by Stephanie:
Absolute amazing. I've seen them in concert 4 times and they get better and more intense every time. MY FAVORITE BAND!

Posted by Useggi:
I've only heard "Calling You;" it was on the pop radio station for a bit and one day it became lodged in my mind, so I went in search or the video. The song has a lot of power behind it; there's a passion in the lyrics, and the video, though confusing, tells a moving story. I like this group a lot and I hope they're around a while.

Posted by Jamie :
I have never been so impressed with a band as I was the first time I heard Blue October's music. The live shows sound just like their CD and that is something that is not found often.

Posted by k:
there live shows are frickin' awesome! justin is so talented (& hot). i have been listening to these guys for a couple years now but i cannot find their first cd anywhere- does anyone know where to find it?

Posted by ~*aNdReA*~:
OH MY GOSH!!!! If you have not heard of these guys, I absolutely, recommend that you go to the store right now and buy their CD!!!!(history for sale) I was introduced to their music just this year, and recently went to a concert of theirs at the 610 arena. Let me say, that was THE most greastest performance, and I had a blast. What's really cool is that I think everyone can relate to atleast one of their songs. And Ryan's is awesome on the violin!! I think that's one of the rare things that sets them apart and makes this band so unique. Oh, and C.B. is a total hottie if you haven't seen him. I'm addicted already, and I know these guys are headed for the top.

Posted by Joe:
I've been a fan of theirs before HFS came out, when they were local. If you like this CD then try to get your hands on there first (AND FRICKIN AWSOME) CD "The Answers".

Posted by Ray Rod:
Excellent concert, wish i could be like them imstead im teaching what i dont know. RAYTRON

Posted by Patino:
Blue October is amazing, i took my whole grocery crew to see them live. See them live, dont miss out. NOMBRE.....

Posted by Nik:
Just saw them live in Cleveland. They got me in the first 10 seconds. I was speechless and amazed. Rock is back. I hope they keep touring. I have to see them again and soon. After one show they are now in my top 10 bands. GO SEE THIS BAND!!!

Posted by alisha:
blue october is absolutely the most amazing live band in the world. ive lost count of how many times ive seen them but every single time seems to be even better. i saw them for the first time in nacogdoches texas a few years ago and ive been hooked since. you must must must check them out. its worth a long drive to go see them. trust me! and dont be afraid to say hi to them either. nicest guys you will ever meet i swear.

Posted by Sibel:
I saw Blue October open for Vertical Horizon, and they totally blew me away. Such energy and such conviction... i've never seen anything like it before. Blue October is now one of my favorite bands of all time. If you haven't seen them live, i suggest you do everything possible to see it... they're incredible. Such real talent.

Posted by Dr Fever:
i feel left out...i've never gotten to see Blue October live. I apparently live under a rock...

Posted by Lindsay:
I LOVE this band!!! I actually went to a concert to see the Burn Bros.but, when Blue October came on, it was all over for me! What an awesome show. I bought "History for Sale" the next day.. I've been a musician for 13 years and an ravinous music fanatic all my life. In my opinion Blue October's lyrics, Unique Influences, and Live Shows have definately won them a place or two on the soundtrack of my life.. The whole experience of absorbing such a talented band is a gift in itself.

Posted by C Man:
AMEN TO ALL OF YOU! Blue October is one of the best bands live i've i said before..and i've seen tons of HUGE name bands (Disturbed, Saliva, and so on)and they out do all of them. Most bands go through the concert and make it seem like they're there to be there..not to let their ideas and feelings be heard in public rather then just on a CD. I can't wait till they're back in my area!

Posted by jackiedawn:
Blue October is so intense and so entertaining live. If you haven't seen Blue October live you haven't lived. Blue's music is so emotional and touching it is hard to not become a fan. Blue October's sound is unique and mesmerizing and has a strong following of fans who attend every show they can and sing along to every song. If you don't own all of Blue's CDs and haven't seen them live What are you waiting for!?

Posted by crystal from corpus:
i first saw blue october three years ago at this small surf club. There couldnt have been more than fifty people there. I was sitting on this picnic bench right in front of Justin.....I remember hearing Sweet and Somber Pigeon Wing for the first time and crying. Now when they play at that same club, they have to move all of the benches back because there are so many people there. This just proves that Blue October is here to stay.

Posted by Barrett_Lubbock, TX:
The first time I saw Blue October was in Dallas two years ago. Ever since, I can honestly say that I have never and don't think I could ever see another show that could compete with what these guys do. They are simply the hardest working band in America, just listen to History for Sale, you'll see.

Posted by 2eerie:
The first time I saw Blue October Live they had this long pre-recorded intro, and after about 30 seconds I turned to my wife and said, "these guys better be good with an intro like that." When the band came out and started playing my jaw dropped and hit the floor. I didn't move for about two hours. When they were done and I put my jaw back in place, I had to go home. The next band was totally irrelevant to what I had just witnessed. That day I became a fan for life. Do yourself a favor and buy some great music!

Posted by C Man:
Blue October is the only band i know of that can use the violin to add to the already awesome sound they have. Justin's voice and lyrics have locked so many in and havn't let them go. With this new CD, History for Sale they show they can "rip" with the best. If you havn't checked this band out yet, DO IT! If you just listen to their lyrics you'll be hooked. If you get a chance to see them in concert you'll never regret it. They show more emotion on stage then any other band and have always been open to letting it all hang out. Real guts from a great band!

Posted by Gerts:
Well, what do I think? Blue October is the formost influencial band that has ever entered into my life. They have been my favorite band since their first album "The Answers" and continue to be. I have been to every concert , 5 times, that came into my city. Blue October speaks to the heart and mind of real life. Justins lyrics and voice peirce the silence of everyday life with brutal honesty and vague conseption. Their stickers, posters, and t-shirts array my niche at every glance. I have met the band a time or two before they became popular and when I asked Ryan what drove him, he said, "put an instrument in my hands and I'm the happiest person alive". I suggest to anyone that has a soul to listen and listen good to what this band is getting across. There music has carried me across the best and worst times of my life with nothing but a chin held high. -A damn good Fan, Garrett Greenhaw

Posted by Maggie:
I saw Blue October live with Vertical Horizon at the UNM Sub ballroom in Aug, and ever since I have been addicted to there CD History for Sale, I purchased it and I can't stop listening to it, I love it so much, They are so intense and there songs are so greatly written, I love them!

Posted by Punk Angel:
These guys touch a chord with this album! i haven't had a chance to check their older ones out but this is beautifully written and played....the emotion and feeling is genuine...check them out!

Posted by chrisb:
I have been following Blue October for several years. My attraction to their music is like no other. Now, I am not depressed, bothered, in search of , etc... I am simply amazed at how Justins ability to write songs, hasn't put them in the big spotlight yet.I don't believe they are being given respect, like they should. I've talked with the band before, and have seen the effort involved with "getting it out". History For Sale is a truely remarkable recording. There hasn't been one day in six months, that I havn't heard at least one song from that C.D. I hope that where ever the band ends up, that they always remember what got them there. If you are not familiar with Blue October, please check out their Self Titled, The Answers, Consent to treatment, and Their greatest achievment, History For Sale. Chris Baker

Posted by TrueBlueFan:
I don't do drugs nor do I have any other addictions, but I can proudly say Blue is mine. Their music sucks you in and and you can't help but come back for more. These guys are so talented and they are so tight. I have no doubt that they will take the country by a storm. Good luck guys. Your true blue fans will be there all the way.

Posted by Skandyl:
Blue October has got to be one of the best bands ever. Their live shows surround you with such emotion you can't help but smile or cry. But also, the guys are just wonderfully nice people as well.

Posted by Kathleen:
The band is amazing. The live performance is all to great. Justin's expressions give me goosebumps and show the bands devotion and meaning they put into their music. If you've only heard them on the radio, or heard their CDs, go see them live. Amazing!!

Posted by mr dude:
I normally hate texas, supposing only because I'm from here. But I've been to four blue october shows this summer (two in san antonio and the others in dallas and austin) and I have to say that when I tell everyone who I'm going to see on the weekend they by now say "Jesus, where the hell are these guys from playing so many shows in tx?" and I say, proudly mind you, that they are from texas! You really do have to see them live though. The first time I saw them I went deaf* (long story...but I'm sort of fine now) and as you can see that didn't really stop me three other times. This band is so f*cking amazing! HRSA!

Posted by Kat:
Blue October rocks and this CD rocks even harder. I agree with corpusdave. You HAVE to see them perform live. I can not even explain the experience. All I know to say is that it will leave you in awe, speachless. Justin and the rest of the band truely feel every word of every song they play, and it leaves you thinking about you, your emotions, your life. The only way to really KNOW what the songs mean is to really experience them live. A Blue October show really is like a therapy session. There is just no other way to put it.

Posted by corpusdave:
This band is amazing, but don't just buy the album. You have to see them live. I've been to over fifty concerts and they are the only band I've seen who will actually hypnotize an audience. It's something to see.

Posted by Brock:
Blue October has been my favorite band ever since they released their first album (The Answers), and I keep liking them more and more with every album.

Posted by elizabeth:
it rocks my freakin' world...

Posted by stephanie18_cleburne_tx:
Blue October is so amazings they are such a great band I think they are the best this happen to the music and my friends always lisen to it when we are driving and just chilling at the house or at danny's house...i am listening to amazing right now ...this song reminds me of a friend that i have a crush on..he is so amazing and calling you is a really good song too!!!

Posted by XenoWolf:
I have been a fan of Blue October for a few years now, and when I heard they were releasing a new album I was ecstatic. What surprised me even more was the fact that this album is even more varied, and even better than their last one. Actually this is one of the most (if not THE most) diverse albums I've ever heard. The songs range from upbeat and jamming, to slower and sad, to heavy rock, to mellow, and one that sounds like it could have come right off of a Peter Gabriel album. Not only that, but every last one is good. You know how there is always a song or two that isn't as good as the others? Not the case here. People who enjoy different kinds of music (like myself)will especially love this one. It's amazing. Blue October rules, in the studio and live as well.

Posted by Pandora:
We've had the benefit of directly working with these guys under our production company for West Texas...these guys are amazing and deserve all the wonderful exposure they get. Pick up this album, and hunt for Consent to Treatment as will NOT be disappointed. A must-catch live band too.

Posted by JenX From Omaha:
This Album is fantastick... Blue will totally make it and they know I will be there with them until the end of time to support them.. and so will half of omaha!!!

Posted by JenX From Omaha:
This Album is fantastick... Blue will totally make it and they know I will be there with them until the end of time to support them.. and so will half of omaha!!!

Posted by drup:
This album has a calming effect...its like free therapy....i believe i would go crazy without but seriously.....its my medication as it is a huge underground following, lets help these guys get super rich, they truly deserve it

Posted by Captain Nick:
Blue October is probably one of the best band I've heard in a long time. They seem to have a wisdom in their music that is very hard to find anymore in popular music. Hopefully, the rest of the world will find out what a select few of us have known for a while now. We need to get Blue October on the radio and the New Found Charlottes off.

Posted by annie :
The CD is absolutley amazing! I love it so much. I tell everyone about the band and how they ROCK live, too! thanks for making this music...i love it.



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